Ghost Stories


This is my first time posting here, so I figured I'd talk about one of my more memorable paranormal experiences.

It's not something I like talking about, and would honestly prefer ignoring it's existence from my memory...and..ignore paranormal things in general.
(My family has a long history of experiences and moments going back before my great grandmother to my knowledge. So I've been aware of things, but at the same time never expected anything to happen to me. And honestly took everything told to me with a healthy dose of skepticism.)

This particular experience was more memorable for me because it was the only time I've been around a 'perfume ghost'. (Not a term I was familiar with at the time, and in fact, I had never heard of anyone connecting smell with the paranormal)

It was a very normal day, I was in a grocery store and had just ventured into the bread section.

There was no one around, the freezer section was far far away. There were no vents overhead. I had been in this section MILLIONS of times before.

I was with my mother, but she was across the store. I suggested I could pick up a loaf of bread so I trotted over.

I walked right into a cold spot, freezing cold. Goosebumps and shivers occurred immediately.
I felt incredibly uncomfortable and uneasy right away. I moved to the side a bit further and it wasn't nearly as cold. When I moved to go back the way I had come..and the goosebumps came back again and then.. this smell came over me.

It was choking and disgusting, it was the foulest smelling thing I had smelled....probably still is. ...And I've smelled some pretty horrid things in my life. Sulfur? Nothing on this.

It smelled like severely rotting flesh. Like to a serious degree, I've been near rotting animals, such as rats and things before and even that wasn't nearly as revolting as this smell.

So together with the smell of death and a freezing cold I hightailed it to my mother and rambled quickly about how I very much needed to leave the store at that point.
She asked why, and I told her. She ventured over herself to the same spot. And felt nothing and smelled, she checked the bread loaves and looked under the aisles to make sure nothing had rotten. She looked to make sure there was no draft, there were no windows and the door was on the other side of the store. And this was not at a time of year when a draft would have been all that chilly anyway.
It took me about 2 years to work up the nerve to go anywhere near there again.

I don't want to just say 'oh my god it's a ghost' because deep down I am highly skeptical. But I could not find any plausible explanation for the cold spot, let alone the foul stench. I even checked in to make sure there had been no history of mental illness in my family.

So, it was abnormal and deeply disturbing to me. To the point where I think I do call it 'paranormal.'
(When I looked up the idea of ghosts and the paranormal in connection with scent, and saw people speaking of smelling flowers and perfume I just felt mildly envious. I still do, that experience has left such a mark on my memory it's still not something I enjoy speaking of or thinking about too deeply.)

Anyway, I'm asking for explanations or anything.
I just wanted to share one of my experiences. And maybe even ask if anyone has had similar experiences.

Thanks for your time
Thank you very much for welcoming me!

It was indeed a bit of a memorable experience in my life. Though I've had a few unpleasant ones haha. (One including waking up with someone screaming in my ear, twice. When I was home alone.)

My great grandmother I know was fairly sensitive to things and was fairly well known around her home town for it. She tried to help people too, without taking anything in payment for it either.
So who knows, maybe some of it is genetic.

haha, I can promise you I'd much rather prefer the soft odor of flowers and baked goods to what I smelled that day. Sounds almost nice in comparison!

I've been a bit embarrassed about the whole thing, but I think maybe I might ask someone working at the store if they know of any crimes or anything odd there. There's also a little local museum near by so i might, if I get the chance ask more about the history of the area.
Like I said in my other response to 'black_abyss_paranormal' I don't know much about the area. I do know in the general area there was a military issue with the local native Americans since I like in the pacific northwest (there's still a number of tribes close by)
Though, I've never heard of any murders in the store or the near by area, I doubt it's something they would be broadcasting too.

It's all still a mystery really, though I am curious about it (though not nearly curious enough to want to relive any of it)

Nothing happened directly after, but it was one of the first of a few not so happy moments of my life. Though I can't say it was directly because of that, as one of the things happen not too long after a Murder/Suicide a house or two down.
That was a few years back though, and nothing has happened much since. I'm not sure if getting older had anything to do with things mellowing down or not.

Though, more recently, a few months ago things kept falling off of shelves and decidedly smacking into my head or near my feet.

Thats not to say every paranormal thing in my life has been horrible either.
I've had some comforting moments as well.

In december 2010, I had to have my oldest kitty put to sleep at the age of near 19.
And after that, I didn't see her around the house...well I did, but I think that was more of a 'I expected to see her' kind of issue.
I had dreams with her in them, for a good 2 weeks. The dreams were always different but she was always there.
Maybe it wasn't anything unusual at all, but after a few nights it was more comforting than it was upsetting.