Ghost Stories

Satan sitting, there he's smiling.

Satan sitting there he's smiling-

This happened a few years back, and was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced. Even though at the time I was not afraid at all-

The incident happened when I was around 20 years old. My parents were going to Yellowstone for 3 weeks on vacation and asked if I would house sit for them... Heck yeah I thought! I could have some AWESOME parties at the "old" pad!

Well, I was planning immediately; they were to leave on Friday. I couldn't wait to stretch out at the house again as my apartment was tiny in comparison. I was totally stoked when Friday came around. I was acting like a kid on Christmas Eve. Nothing could dampen my spirit (so I thought). Toward the end of the shift a co worker came up and just started casually chatting about religion. She was asking all sorts of questions about different religions and such which truthfully was making me a bit on edge, as people get very sensitive about religion when the don't get the answer they want. Anyhow, she told me she was thinking of changing religions to Jehovah Witness, and asked what I though about it.....Well, I thought for a minute, then reflected back on my best friend since 9th grade who was a Jehovah and saw all the pain and suffering he went through growing up without birthdays, holidays etc.... So I just blurted out that in MY OPINION, it was a cult. She thought for a minute and kind of agreed, but I think it was to shut me up as I was ready to roll with what I said. She quickly changed the subject. Upon ending the conversation she asked me if I ever heard that if one should ever sell their soul to the devil, they would become rich or famous or both. I said yeah, I heard that before. She then asked me point blank if I would ever consider it. I answered too quick, not really thinking and said well; it was something certainly worth thinking about, and walked off-

I didn't think anything else about that conversation as work was over. On my way home I was cranking the car stereo and checking out the babe's. I was on cloud nine! I ended up changing and hooking up with some buddies. Funny how I had the folk's place for three weeks and here I am sitting with some buddies at their apartment. We ended up going to Santa Cruz for the evening to hook up with yet some more friends. All in all it was a fun evening and I wasn't overly wasted, and definitely NO hallucinate drugs. I mention this for the fact the very few people I tell this to always think I was on some mind altering drug.... And you too may think so also, but NOPE, nada, none!-

I ended up dragging back to the house a little after 12:00 AM- I was going surfing in the morning with a girlfriend so I had to get up relatively early so off to bed I went. There I was in my old bedroom. Boy how much it changed I thought. All those heavy metal and punk posters off the walls sure made it bland. Anyhow, I just lie down and turn off the light and settled in. I'm almost asleep when BAM- I'm being pressed hard into the bed. Something is pressing into my chest so hard I couldn't even move. My eyes are open and there is nothing but darkness. I struggle to move using my arms and legs for leverage to sit up, but even with every bit of strength I just could not sit up. Finally the pressure eases and I'm sitting up. I quickly turn on the light but the room is empty. I get up and open the bedroom door and to my amazement the lights in the hallway are on. As a matter of fact, every light in the entire house was on! Okay I thought, some of my friends got in the house and are messing with me! So as I'm walking through the house turning off lights I'm looking in closets, under beds every cubby hole I could think of. I'm also checking windows which self lock. As I'm still walking through the sleeping area down the long hall and turning off every, and I mean every light I hear this strange laughing coming from the living room. I tell you it was strange, un-human if you know what I mean. So I go running around the corner thinking I'd catch my buddies in there laughing. But all I witnessed was the color swirl of the TV as it shut off. The older TV's used to do that for those of you too young to know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I was stumped and positive my friends were in there somewhere. So again as I'm turning off lights I'm still checking doors, windows cabinets. EVERYTHING. I even went in the garage and all those lights were on also? Okay, on like my third check everything was locked down and ALL lights were off. I made my way back to my bedroom, shut the door and settled back in bed. I turned off the light and once again was just drifting off when it happened again! Something was on my chest again. I tried grabbing at it, but nothing was there that I could feel. After struggling I sat up again and turned on the light. Again, nothing was in the room that I could see. I opened the door and damn if all the lights were on again! This time I was running like a mad-man at the windows and doors to verify they were still locked, which they all were. I know someone's in the house now, getting a big kick out of this. Once again I'm going through the house shutting off lights when I hear the TV on again in the living room. This time it sounded like someone was watching a comedy as I must have heard about 6 different laughs. All the laughing un-human sounding again, but my friends were very convincing. I headed straight for the living room at a run. Rounded the corner and once again there was the color swirl as the TV went off and a completely empty room. I'm thinking at this point "where in the hell are they hiding". So again as I'm shutting off lights checking doors, all were locked up tight as a drum. And yes even the garage lights were on again.

Alright I thought, I looked everywhere, even called out my friends names who would actually try to pull off a stunt like this, but all I got was silence. After re-assuring myself that all was secure (again) I made my way back to my room. Settled in and shut off the light. I remember laying there listening for the slightest noise where I could finally bust my friends. When the familiar weight on my chest happened yet again. This time upon my struggling to sit up, I heard this banging coming from the den, which was right next to my room. It sounded like the door was slamming shut, opening and slamming repeatedly. I finally sat up and shot out the bedroom door only to see the friggin lights on again, but this time I saw the den door slowly closing as if someone where gently pushing it. I stopped it in mid swing and darted into the den when it hit me like a ton of bricks. This wasn't a prank from my friends, but Satan or several of his minions confronting me to see if I was seriously contemplating selling my soul. At that moment of realizing this I said very loudly that I would never do such a thing, that I didn't mean what I said and for them to leave. I then broke out a bible and read a bit out loud. After about 20 minutes of reading I went through the house once again shutting off lights, checking doors etc. But this time the TV was not on, nor was there any laughter.

The funny thing about this is I'm a very jittery person. The slightest thing spooks me. But this time I was not afraid in the least. I talked about this to someone once, and they told me that that was because Satan did not want me to be afraid? Food for thought on that one!

Needless to say nothing has ever happened to me like that since that night, nor has anything ever happened in that house since then. So I'm fully convinced that the reason none of you have ever heard of me... (I'm not famous) or am I rich, is that fact that I did not sell my soul that night-

Now I do not consider myself a religious person by any means, but there is one thing I firmly believe in. And that is good and evil-

Oh, I never did tell that girl I worked with about this incident; in fact I do not believe I ever talked to her again with the exception of the polite hello here and there.