Ghost Stories

Satanic Cult

Time to tell the 2 story that scared me to the point of numbness! This happened on Holloween a few years back. This was the first time I ever truely saw evil! Evil up close a just alittle to personal for my tastes! I was with a couple of friends for the evening just driving around. We were bored bored bored literally all dressed up and nowhere to go. (Why is it that that is when trouble always come calling?) My friend Kathy had heard a story that a satanic cult uses an out of the way wooded area to practice the dark arts not far from town, and wanted to go check it out. To see if the stories were true or not of course! "Bad idea." I said. "Let's find something else to get in to." Kathy than started to do this little pout thing she does. I looked at her friend April and was getting the same look thrown at me. "OK! OK! OK! But the rules are anything and I mean anything strange or even slightly weird starts happening we leave no questions asked!" I said. Well of course their moods were back up and running into overdrive. I knew of this place before because I had a friend tell me all about it. And while out there at that time in the daylight I still felt edgie and a sense of this is not a place I want to be type of feelings came over me at that time. I remember thinking as I was driving to this place at night with the night sky as dark as it could possibly get," What in the hell am I doing." Well as we turned off onto the second dirt road that would lead us to this place, I could see what looked like a fire flickering off in the distance. Half way there I turned off the lights on the car. Drove about half a mile and turned off onto a road that lead into a corn field. Parked the car just far off the road so it couldnt be seen from the main dirt road. I told Kathy and April that this grove of trees would be on the other side of this corn field and that we should walk through it to the trees on the other side. So here we were dreesed in our holloween costumes...Kathy as Elvira Misstress of the Dark....April dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz...and me as a ninja (Not a stretch because I studied a certain style of ninjutsu for four years) But I wished I would had brought along at least one of my weapons. Well here we were trepsin through this corn field on our way to find a satanic cult. The closer we came to getting out of the corn field the more creeped out I was getting. As we came to the edge of the last row of corn stalks not more than 50 yrds in front of us was the fire I had seen from back on the road. I grabbed both Kathy and April and sshhhhhst them and point in the direction of the fire. We had found what they had wanted to see. A fire was burning and around the fire were these robed figures. But the robes were of a color I didn't expect. By the light of the fire the robes looked like they were blue. They were all blue except for one and it was a purple colored robe. The person in purple was holding something in his hands. Everyone had thier heads bowed and chanting. (This still gives me the creeps just thinking about it now and typing it all down!) They started to slowly move around the fire chanting louder. A tall stand was just of a ways from the fire. I could see it had a few items sitting on it. A bowl, A chalice and something else. The chanting stoped as they stopped moving around. They raised their hands up towards the night sky. It was then that the figure in the purple robe placed a skull on the stand. Chills went threw me. But it was the next thing that almost caused me to get sick. A knife was being passed around and the figures in the circle were cutting their hands and letting the blood drip into a bowl. Than what was ever in the chalice was slowly poured into the bowl. They then passed this bowl around and drank from it! It was than that Kathy said she had seen enough and wanted to go back to the car and leave. I was not going to argue one bit about leaving. If it was up to me we would have left as soon as I noticed the fire. But as April was getting up to come with us she twisted her ankle and fell against the corn stalks. That was it! That was all it took to give us away! As I turned back to look at the figures around the fire they were already heading towards us. I told Kathy to run to the car as hard and as fast as she could and don't look back. I'll help April. As April held onto my shoulders, I looked to see these figures now just reaching the irrigation ditch that was just a few yards away and then they would have to cross another to get to us. I don't think Kathy had ever ran that fast in her life. And with me and April in tow, I know that I never felt like I had ever ran so fast and so hard before. I was practicly carrying April now and heading for the car. As soon as April and I made it to the car door Kathy was already in the passenger seat waiting and screaming for us to hurry. As I climbed in behind April who just sat down in the back seat, I turn the key in the ignition looked up and comming out of the corn stalks were these people. And they didn't look happy. I was able to get us on the main dirt road heading back to town. I couldn't see if we were being followed because the dust and dirt I was stirring up cloaded the view. When we got back into town That was all Kathy and April could talk about. How we almost got caught by a satanic cult. When I pulled into a gas station to get some gas. A guy at the pump next to us asked me.."Where did you get those kind of scratches?" He pointed at the back of the car. I didn't hear anything hit the car and neither did the girls. But their on the back fender across the trunk over to the other fender were what appeared to be scratch marks taken right down to the metal and what looked like blood all over the back bumper. I can't remember the word written on the back of the truck, but there had been something written there. After getting the gas put in the car I also took it through the car wash. Needless to say this was a night that scared the living tar out of me. I know that we were in more than just a little danger that night. I don't think the girls tho fully understood just what kind of danger we were really in that night. To them it was just fun and thrills, but for me I don't ever want to come that close to evil like that ever again. Back at the corn field I could not just sense the evil but could feel it as well. So to this day when I here about a cult being in one direction I head in the other direction and fast..........