Ghost Stories

Say What!?

It's been almost four years since I moved from California back home to Michigan. I wish I could say I'm loving it, but I suppose I'll leave that phrase to McDonald's.

To say it's been turbulent would be an understatement. The seasons and the winters make it exceedingly hard for me to appreciate this area. I get two weeks of wonderfully sunny, hot weather, and then it's just damn cold for the better part of the year.

As many of you know, I see and hear things of a supernatural origin often. And no worries, I've actually had my head examined and, turns out I'm sane. However, this doesn't prevent odd or otherwise unexplainable events from happening. I'm not one that's quick to blame it on ghosts, or other beings. I'm actually quite logical (almost Spock), but there are times when I know full well that even when I'm alone, I am NOT alone.

A little over a year ago, I was speaking with my sister on the phone. The kids were outside playing (the one good thing about this area? Safe neighborhoods, so I guess it's not all bad), and when my sister called, I was enjoying not having to say; "Hang on a second, sis, STOP FIGHTING WITH YOUR SISTER I'M ON THE PHONE FOR HEAVEN SAKE!"

At any rate, while me and my sister gabbed, I noticed that the room dropped in temperature. Not uncommon for Michigan. But, we were having our two weeks of summer, and the draft was more than a bit out of season. I even hugged myself because I'd broken out in goose pimples.

Granted, I have experiences often, but I was listening to some really juicy gossip from sis, and didn't even think twice about the draft. Then, just as I was about to reply to what my sister was talking about I was interrupted by a very loud voice speaking in a language I have NEVER heard in my life.

I am by no means a woman that's traveled the globe and visited other countries, but when you hear German, there are certain characteristics that tell you what language is being spoken. Same with Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, you name it. Also, I like to watch foreign movies with the subtitles, and I've caught on, over the years, to figure out what language is being spoken. This shouting voice, speaking in whatever it was, not only startled me, but I stopped abruptly and waited for my sister to ask me what was wrong.

It is not uncommon for me to be the only one that hears or sees what's taken place. So when my sister said, "What the hell was that!??" is a high pitched shriek, I was almost relieved. I always am when someone else sees or hears what I do....because it means that yep - that just happened!

When this happened, keep in mind no televisions or radios were on. (I checked) And it sounded like it was about six feet in front of me, as if some foreigner was standing there proclaiming...whatever, and once he'd (it was a male voice) had said his piece - that was it.

My sister and I stayed on a phone for a while longer. In fact, I asked her to stay on the phone with me until the kids came home, and I went and yelled for them to come home. It spooked me! No matter how many times I've dealt with this, it still scares the pisswidgets right outta me!

We never found out what or WHO it was. We've moved since then, and my mother still lives in the house where this took place. This house is over 100 years old. We've also had other instances happen there, but this one, was by far, the most jolting.

Gotta run back to work!
Talk to you soon!