Ghost Stories


This is a true account of one of many nights out ghost hunting with my friends back home in Sidney NE. This night was like alot of the other nights. Gas up the car get our favorate tapes to listen to and roadtrip out in the countryside.......I only remember the direction we went and that was north of town. Turning on to dirt roads deeper into the countryside. After about an hour of driving around we came upon an abandoned house on the edge of a cornfield. We were all laughing and carring on, when one of the guy's noticed out in the middle of the field of corn was this creepy old and tattered looking scarecrow out in the middle of this cornfield. So we decided to go and investigate it. We all to off running towards the spot where we saw the scarecrow hanging. But by the time we located the post there was nothing on it. A few of us decided that maybe we had just been seeing things being night time and shadows do play tricks on the eyes. So we walked back to the car. One of the girls turned and asked "Does that look like a shadow?" When we all turned around there in the middle of the field was the scarecrow. I remember saying when does a shadow's hat blow in the breeze. Because you could see this old floppy sun hat blowing in the night breeze. We dissmissed this and decided to go exploring in the house. By this time we were getting along in the beer drinking department. So we could easily dismiss the scarecrow. But like alot of these old abandoned houses out in the country around Sidney this house was to be no exception. I remember the inside the first floor was strewn with alsorts of debre. Old chair with stuffing comming out of it, broken glass, old newspapers blowing around. We went from one room to the next no one leaving the group and staying close to each other. Wasn't much on the first floor so we saw a door off from what used to be a kitchen. "Basement" one of the girls said. Another girl said "You really are not thinking of going down there, are you?" Well of course we were going to go down the stairs to the basement. What better way to check out some thing scary. So like a pack of scared animals we huddled together, and walked down some really old steps. It is only now that I can see how stupid we where and what might of and could of happened to us if the steps would have given away. (Ah to be young again and foolish!!) Well we made it down the stairs and were looking around when one of the guy asked who left on the car stereo? We all at onced looked at him and said "What?!" The car stereo "who left it on?" We all listened and yes you could hear this music comming from somewhere up stairs. I said it couldn't be the car stereo because I have my keys right here and held them out for everyone to see.. We listened alittle more closely as we were headed up the stairs the closer we got to the door the more distinct the music. It was like an old phonogragh playing and it was comming from up above us on the second floor. We looked out the front door and only saw my car parked out front. Nobody else was here but us. So yes the next question were we going to go see what was up stairs? Of course! We started up a pretty bad staircase. In some places the steps were missing. The music still kept on playing, but it wasn't any louder nor was it any more distant. When we got to the second floor there were Three bedrooms and what looked like it used to be a bathroom. we searched the second floor and swept it with our flash lights. Nothing even remotly looking like a radio or phonogragh could be found. It was than the we noticed it was comming from what could only be the attic. We searched for a way to the attic and only after a good search we found in one of the bedrooms a door next to a closet that lead up to the attic now the music was louder. I remember me and the Guys told the girls it has to be some other kids trying to scare us so they can party here to.. So we started up the stairs. The roof had a few holes in it and let in some of the light from the night sky. The only thing we found was an old record player and it looked like one of those that you had as a kid like a box type. I'll never forget this for as long as I live because it is the truly first time I've ever been scared enough to almost pass out. When we got closer to the phonogragh it was playing and it wasn't plugged in. the thing was not getting any electricity and yet it was play this goofy song "Jimmy crackcorn" all scratchy and started playing faster and faster. I can't remember when me and my friends ran faster than that night. By the time we go to the car and turned around to get away from the house. One of the girls said stop the car look in the top window just below the peak of the roof..As I and everyone else looked you could see this small childlike shadow swaying in the light of the night moon. And looking out in the cornfield either the wind or something at that perticular time blew down the scarecrow. Because we all saw it fall to the ground. Just another roadtrip that got us all alittle keyed up. But I did love those kind of trips out to the country.....