Ghost Stories

Scary Dream!

Had a scary dream last night and I just can't get it out of my mind. I played the role of all three women. I was the mother, daughter, and the sister to the mother. Got that? Lol Well I am not sure of where I was living at, but it was a rural area. I lived next to my sister. The houses weren't real close, but close enough that if they had a light on in a room I could see what was going on. I remember that her house was not comfortable to me. There was something there that I did not like and I knew that it was trying to come into my house. I remember that I knew it was looking thru my windows and I would mentally tell it that it is not welcomed in my house. I don't care what it tried, it would have to get my permission first before entering. I also remember that it would get so mad when I would remind it of this. Sorta like it was testing me if I have forgotten of its presence.

I however would go to my sister's house to do things, but always made sure that I would cleanse myself before going back home. I never got the impression that it clung to my family, but I would cleanse them too before entering my house. They usually didnt know it tho. Now to tell you how the dream went. Just remember I am actually living, thinking, and seeing thru the eyes of each one of these women.

My sister came to my house, I was in the bathroom, she started talking to me thru the bathroom door. She was rattling on about something, when I started to feel really uncomfortable with her presence. Out of the blue she stated to me. Did you know that everyone one can see when you are taking a shower or a bath? I looked out the window knowing that they couldn't because I actually look into my garage, but low and behold my garage was not there. I knew right then and there that evil presence has come into my house. I just acted cool and kept talking to my sister as if nothing was wrong, knowing that if I was thinking of anything that pertained to the spirit, it would know. I switched over to being my sister.

I could feel the evilness in me and couldn't control what I was saying. I kept trying to scream to tell her that it wasn't me talking. I wanted her to run away fore I knew that this thing was planning something evil to do to her since she wouldn't allow it to be in her house. I could hear it laughing at me and it started to make my head hurt badly. I could see that it was trying to break into the bathroom. I made it as difficult for this presence as I could. It was trying to take control of all bodily functions, but I didn't give into it. I couldn't understand how my sister didn't know that something was different, especially when I said that everyone could see her. I could tell that the evilness was getting mad because I wasn't giving in and my sister didn't seem to be panicking at all the weird things it was saying. Oh crap it finally got the door open and it was trying so hard to be quiet while entering. I couldn't let this happen, so I tried with all my might to stumble in. Yes it worked, I fell against the door as it was being opened. Next thing I knew everything was dark.

I hit my sister over the head and I ran as fast as I could to get my cleansing material. I was not going to have this thing in my house. I was mad. Madder than I can even remember. I poured salt from my front door, around my sister and back to my front door. So there was one solid line. I started saying out loud i" This is my house, I told you, you were not welcomed in it and you HAVE TO get my permission. You may not come in here thru anybody either. I have drawn you a path of were you can exit. If you step over this path you will die immediately. NOW LEAVE! I had no clue to if this is true and if this would work, but I did know that this was my house, my rules, my way!

I saw something get up from my sister and looked very worried and mad. It tried to cross the salt line to come at me, but couldn't move my direction. As if some unseen force started to make this presence move out of my house. You could just tell that it was very upset about everything. The last thing that it had to say to me was that I would be sorry, for not everyone that I knew is as strong in mind and spirit. That scared me.

I tried to stay away from my sister's house and she understood why. My family was not allowed to go there either. Well you know family don't listen very well.

My daughter, I (mother), and sister were outside working in the garden. It was a beautiful day when it started to get dark and hazy. I looked up and saw that my sister was messing with something. I walked over and to see and there she was trying to kill some wasps. I froze at first and then ran to the shed to grab a can of killer. For some weird reason I had a crap load of this stuff and grabbed as many as I could. I started to spray and more and more kept coming to the surface.( These were the kind of wasps that burrow into the ground and live. So if anyone has ever dealt with them know that they are big and suck butt to deal with.) I could see that I was killing them but it just didn't seem that I was getting anywhere. Finally I had them killed and we were pouring gas on them to burn, when one started to come after me. I sprayed and sprayed, it took off flying at me and I kept spraying it. I couldn't kill it. I told my daughter to run and get into shelter.

I heard my mom yell at me to get into shelter and I did. I ran to my aunt's house and shut the door. That was all I remember.

I finally got the wasp killed.(I have now found out that I am more scared of wasps than spiders. At least you can run from the damn things, but wasps just stay up with you. This is going to haunt me forever. ) I tried looking for my daughter in our house and she wasn't there. It hit me finally that she was at my sister's house. I ran over there. I just had a nagging feeling that there was a problem.

I ran into the house and there was my daughter. I kept calling her name but she just wouldn't answer. I walked up to her to turn her and tell her to get out, but I just could tell that she wasn't really there. I reached out and she turned around to face me. I was correct. It was the evilness. Her face was all distorted. The only way that I can really explain it is this way. Have you ever seen the Joker's face, but more evil. I woke up.

When I woke up I had to go to the bathroom. I laid in my bed for awhile not wanting to go, but to no avail I couldn't convince my body to let me go back to sleep. I crap you not I saw a shadow person against my wall. I said out loud as I do to all spirits that I feel in my house i"Not Now I know that sounds funny, but I say cuss I usually think that it is me just trying to scare myself and I am basically trying to tell myself to quit it. This shadow person followed me until I turned on my hall light. I think a lot of this shadow person was in my head, but believe me it was hard to fall back to sleep. I kept feeling like it was there. I finally said mentally that if it was here was to harm me or any part of my family it was not welcomed in my house at all! After I said that I was back to sleep.