Ghost Stories

Scary S*** in Jackson

Just a day like any other .Me and my girlfriend went to the gold country in california,ya know sutter creek,sonora. I wanted to visit some old friends that live in jackson,so we took a ride and that evening wound up there. It was late so we decided to spend the night in a lodge the (Jackson gold lodge on hwy 49)they gave us one of the old cabins as april brought her dog amber. We were full from dinner and decided to go to bed,at about 1:30 april said wake up 'what is it' I said, your snoring she said. So after a little grumbling I went out to sleep on the couch in the front room while she slept in the bed alone. At about 3 am the door opens to bedroom april wakes me to tell me she's letting the dog out 'thanks I say sarcasticly. She then tells me that the bedroom smells like a dead animal or something, and she can't sleep and its cold in there too. Jeeeeezzz can I get some sleep to do you think its not enough to have the room to yourself,but because you can't sleep I don't get to. She took this and the tone of my voice as a sign.A sign to go back to sleep and leave me alone. The rest of this story gets a little weird but its true . At about 4am I start to hear april in the kitchen at least I thought it was her anyway? She's in this drawer that drawer,the other drawer then she starts slamming cabinet doors, first one then another then its as if they are all slamming . Man she is ****ed I think to myself the whole time I am under this blanket on the couch,I seemed to be freezing.Thats when I smell it a smell so bad putrid would be an improvement. Then I notice the slamming doors stoped,but now she was in the room with me but I can hear her walking around the room in the middle of the room walking in a circle I could hear her feet brushing through the thick pile carpeting,slowly then a little faster . Every time she walked between the coffee table and the couch as I had been awakened yet again I was slightly irritated the walking turned almost to running to the point where I was ****ed now, and just as I am so angry I mean really mad I dont normaly get so mad still don't know why I was so angry Just as I was about to say something the noise and activity stopped and I swear she stopped right next to me I could hear her lean down and her breath was so loud and right in my ear.. At that moment I had enough I threw the blanket off and at the top of my voice yelled " WHAT THE F#### ARE YOU DOING" the next thing I know is I am pulling the blanket back over my head repeating the frase :this isn't happening this isn't real" over and over and over untill I must have fallen asleep. The next morning we both woke up said goodmorning to each other and prepaired to leave nothing from the night before could I remember.As I was brushing my teeth she said to me from the bedroom :what was with you last night you were so ****ed off I thought you were gonna break everything in the house are you ok " it all came flooding back to my memory" the thing that I didn't see or couldn't see or my brain refused to see it was real. When I told her the story of what happened , she told me the real reason she got up was she was smelling that awfull oder, and she said she felt like someone was on the bed with her! She said it was as though when she opened the door to let the dog out the feeling left her.When she went back in the room the smell was gone along with the bad feeling she was having and she fell right to sleep. I told her that after she went back to bed it got really cold in the room I was in. Anyway as we were talking about the previous night her medallion fell on the floor and april looked down and immediatly grabbed for her throat :my necklace:she cried but much to her astonishment her necklace was still on. she picked up the medallion and we inspected it. It had one solid gold loop that the chain fit through the loop was soldered and was perfect! The only way to get the charm off the necklace is to take it off!!! Thats when I said to her:LETS GET THE F#### OUT OF DODGE: so we quickly gathered our things I then noticed my cell phone that had a full charge the night before was dead. I was having a real uneasy feeling in my gut and wanted to leave in a hurry, as we loaded in my truck I could feel what I can only say what apeared to be someone or something biteing my ribs and quite hard . my truck could not go fast enough..What happened was real to me real to her,and what I would like to add is how I felt when I was on that couch in room "cabin" 123 at the jackson gold lodge in jackson ca. whatever evil thing it was it wanted me to fear it I meen the feeling of dread was overwhelming. I was so afraid I blocked whatever it was out of my mind at that moment when it was right in my face and I threw off my blanket . This happened in 2003 I tried not to think about it all this time truthfully I wonder about the brief lost time and what I saw.While I wrote this the hair on my neck stood up a dozen times.I will never step foot in that place again. Lastly on the charm on aprils necklace it was a cherished object of hers a religious picture of mary and baby jesus , this charm was worn by aprils nana when she was a child when her parents hired this woman to take care of her weekdays.They got along famously and while she was very old developed a tight bond with her, after three or so years her nana became i'll and sadly died. Nana wore that charm every day they never saw her without it . Well about four months after her demise april who was about eight at the tim found a little black purse under her den table where it apeared from no one new inside the purse was the charm and only the charm. She has worn it ever since because she has always thought nana wanted her to have it.Maybe this thing needed it off her to do whatever it does I guess??? Evil does exhist but remember so does good.Later...................