Ghost Stories

School Haunting?

ok i've been reading over the forum for about a week now.

im a strong skeptic. i have been in several situations where paranormal could have been involved but i have mostly come up with a reason why it could have happened.

this story im about to tell happened a year ago on a trip to France.

ok the trip was for about 50 people from our year and some from younger years to go Paris (I only went for Disney land I had never been :p ) ok so we were all stood outside the main school

our school is an extremely old building built in 1918. it has around 1500 pupils. we had been stood outside for about 2 hours stupid coach hadn't turned up.

me and two of my mates asked if we could go inside to use toilets, our school isnt alarmed but all doors in and out of building are protected by a button system and can be opened by fobs (little electronic keyrings) so teacher agreed and gave us his fob & a torch we entered the building by now it was around 1.30 am we was the only ones in the building and that actually felt strange on its own. our school is a maze of corridors and class rooms. us being the idiots we are, we forgot to ask for key for the staff toilets, so we walked around to all the toilets and all were locked so we decided to try staff room. the staff room is on the longest corridor in school 2 windows 1 at each end and half way is the clock tower. this is the base of all the "ghost Stories" that go round school, about how staff have hanged there self there, you know the proper school children ones. so it felt weird walking past that in pitch black

.As soon as we opened door to go onto the corridor all three of us felt really un even. but we all put it down to the corridor being pitch black, almost instantly jordan & Robert (two friends who were with me) got there phones out and used the flash on there phone as a light so it didn't seem as bad. so we started to walk and we closed the door behind us. we must have got 10 feet away from the door when we heard a bang. all the doors have a plastic window and it sounded like a tennis ball had been thrown at the plastic. near the door is a large plastic window (one of the 2 on the corridor) and in the past dumb birds have been known to fly into that window so instantly we laughed thinking it was a bird. (we still don't know what it was). so we got to staff room and it was open thank god finally so we used the toilets in there (i don't think i need to go into details do i)

So we exited the staff room and we headed towards the door at the end of the corridor the opposite one to the one we came in via, when rob remembered he had left his back in staff room (full of food and drinks :P) so we walked back to the staff room door and it was locked. we tbh scared the s**t out of us because we know the lock on the door is flimsy and even if you push the door when its locked it opens. so we pushed it nothing happened. so jordan who is quite a big lad play's rugby probably one of the biggest lads in the school. so he backed away from the door and told us to move and with a size 12 shoe kicked the door it flung open and as quick as it opened it shut. with the amount of power he put into it, it should have easily shattered the wooden frame but it didn't but (i thought newtons law equal and opposite reactions) but the door has a metal frame thing on the top to stop it slamming and when its closing quickly about 3 inch's before it shuts this frame thing kicks in and slows it down almost like what some fire doors have. so we all thought different things but it scared the s**t out of us again!.

we decided we had, had enough and thought it was time to leave. we left the door and headed towards the door, we decided to take a detour via ICT, dont have a clue why, we just did :(. the schools power and lights are on a system they only working during certain times. (we want to save the world dont we :D ) there is around 10 it rooms with 20 - 30 computers in each room. we got near the room of rooms when in a room about 10 yards away a red glow was coming from the window in the door. which is weird as the computers have a blue background when they are on. and the power is off so how the hell? and just like that it switched off. and everyone in our school knows you can have aged 15 years waiting for these computers to turn on and off. so that was when we really decided it was time to go we even ended up jumping over a stairway railing just to get out of the building.

i dont think i have ever run so fast in my entire life!

we tried to explain it to others but nobody believed us. most blamed it on it being 2am and we were just seeing things.

but even now we all feel un even going into the room where the red light was seen and walking past the staff room. which still doesn't lock properly.

anyone have any opinions on this?