Ghost Stories

Seance III The final trip to the cemetary!

Well we couldn't leave well enough alone so you guessed it we went back to that graveyard for a third and final time.

The symbol on the van that was scratched into the paint was the rune symbol for evil, I found out when I got home that night. I knew I had seen it befor because at that time I was just staring to use the runes. But if anyone has ever watched Holloween I and all those that followed you will see this symbol on the wrist of Michael. Well back to the events of that third and final visit we made to the cemetary. We decided to go back at the cemetary at 2 am. Why I do not remember the reasoning behind it. But as we slowly drove through the graveyard it looked pretty quiet. We had brought a couple more friends with us this third time around. Strength in numbers I guess.

This time I wasn't the only guy in the group. We took the van towards the back of the cemetary right next to the mousolium. We all got out of the van and looked around. Still it was looking pretty quiet. I remember thinking this is going to be a bust. I should have known better I know. We found a place to sit in front of the mousolium. As we started to get settled and Becky got ot the candle things slowly started to get creepy. The air was feeling thick and heavy. Like when you are walking through a fog or lite mist. But there was no fog no mist.

Cindy still wanted to contact her father. So that was where we began. After about 10 minutes of calling out to Cindy's father without any responce. We all got up and wondered around looking in the windows of the mousolium. Yep. it was dark no strange lights no shadows just quiet. Then Becky called for us to come where she was standing. As we came to her side she said "Look at the glass here!" As we looked we saw the glass fogging up from the inside. One of the guy's tried to wipe it off from where we were standing and nothing it was on the inside. We noticed it wasn't just that glass door either.

The windows seemed to be doing the same. One of the guy's got cute and breathed on the glass and wrote HI. On the glass on the other side the word NO slowly was spelled out!! This time we all ran back to the van. As we got there we noticed something, something we really didn't want to see. All for tires on the van were flat. No slash marks no signs of any kind of puncture to them at all just no air! Great now we not only had something breathing on the glass in the mouslium, but we had to walk a good 100 yrds through the graveyard just to get to the dirt road to walk back to town and get something to haul back the van with. At 3 am in a small town the tow trucks just don't come that easy unless it's an emergency. So we started walking away from the van and toward the entrance to the cemetary.

Creepy just doesn't fit to discribe the feelings we were feeling that night. Of course the two guy's that were with us this night didn't see the things we saw a couple night back,so they wern't to scared yet. About halfway through the graveyard it started. A low growling behind us. As I looked back with the rest of the group I saw what they were seeing not one but two dark figures moving towards us.

Having seen what we saw the night befor we ran to the front of the graveyard. We made it to the dirt road infront of the graveyard. As we were standing ther a car was coming down the road. As it got closer we could tell it was a cop car from in town. The officer asked the usuall questions what were we doing out here and why were we running. We told him what had happened the previous night and what happened just minutes ago. He told us that they patrol this cemetary becaus people near by report seeing things moving throught the graveyard at night and that strange noises are also heard comming from the graveyard.

We were able to get a ride back in town and was told that we could leave the van there till we could get it towed. I remember him telling us that no amount of money could get him to go in there after it gets dark. And that no one he knew on the force would go in there either.

When I went back the next day with Becky to get her van, the tow truck wasn't needed all four tires had air in them and there were new marks on the side of the van. There were scratches like claw marks all along the side as if something or someone had attacked that side of the van. We never went back into that cemetary again in the dark.....