Ghost Stories

Second intense encounter/s

I have posted another story about my very first encounter and this would have to be the second memorable encounter.

When my hubby and I became a little more serious into our relationship, we both decided to move in together and find our own little flat. We found a quiet little street, that ran off a busy main road in Mt. Wellington, MacDonalds crescent, Auckland, New Zealand. It was 2 units. We took the back one and our neighbours moved in to the front a week after we did. All was good for at least a month, until strange things started happening. Not just in our side of the flats, but our neighbours did too, which they eventually told us after a few months later.

Well I've been reading a lot of articles about people whom are sensitives (?) and I maybe one of those. Maybe.... A month after we moved my hubby is a good man, but we argued and fought like crazy, about nothing really and I started to feel run down, tired, maybe slightly depressive at one stage. I knew I was causing some of the arguments though because of my feeling of being uncomfortable in that flat. I hated to be alone in that flat. When I come home from work just after 3pm, I knew me hubby wouldn't be at home till 6pm, so I go off to my cousins job or to her house, until I know hubby was coming home. Even hubs hated coming home when no one was there. But each time I set foot in that flat, I just wanna pack my gears and get out of there.

I must also add, that our neighbours would constantly fight aswell and they had a 3 year old boy who would be there to see how his parents fought and swore and yelled at each other. The boy will be crying his heart out every time his parents fought. I would feel so sad for that little boy. One night they were yelling, swearing and throwing things around, with their boy screaming and crying at his parents, I nudged hubs and said, I'm marching in to get that boy, but everytime, hubs would hold me back and tell me not to interfere. But sometimes we will hear that boy crying, late in the night and the parents waking up and stomping around to calm the boy down.

One night, hubs and I went to a family birthday party, had nothing to drink, but very full bellies ;o) we come back to the miserable flat. I unlocked the door and walked in first. Everything was in darkness and very cold. But the air seemed heavy. I walked in to feel for the switched to turn the front porch light and the living room lights on. We were shocked to see our little flat was heavily condensated. The windows were all steamed up, the sills were wet with condensation and also the ceiling. The curtains were damp to touch, like someone have left hotwater running or a heater on, but the weird thing was, it was really cold. Cold to the point where you can see your breath. Where did all this condensation come from?

I went into the bathroom to check if we had left a tap on or left water in the bathtub. Nothing. I checked the taps to see if they were running hot water, the taps were off and cold. The window and the mirror were steamed up. I grabbed a flannel and wiped down, the windows and the mirror. For some reason, I felt like someone was watching me, I tried not to think too much on it and kept wiping, really fast so I could get the hell out of there. I dared not to look too hard in the mirror either! I was feeling quite scared in our bathroom. But couldn't figure out if I was dreaming this uneasy feeling up or I was actually feeling like this. Minds were kinda playing tricks on me or it could be due to the stress I was feeling, strangely in this flat. Who knows!

I finished wiping it down and run out of there like a bullet. Hubs turns to look at me and frowns. Saying, 'Whats up?' I shook my head. He went into our kitchen and checked the stove/oven, taps and piping. Nothing. Then we followed each other around the flat, checking every room. Every window was steamed, sills were wet and the ceiling was condensated. Hubs checked the hot water cylinder, even popped outside with a torch to see if we had an overflow from the hot water cylinder piping on the roof. Nothing. I checked the washing machine and tub, empty. We couldn't explain the steam, condensation and cold air in the flat.

The thought stayed in our minds about our flat being like that as we lay in bed. I cuddled up to hubby and slowly brang up the idea of hauntings. He grunted and said, 'Naaaah.... I doubt it. This place doesn't have ghosts.' I then told him about the feeling of being watched in the bathroom. He gave me the half expected comment and said, 'It's all in your head.' Well, that put me off, major and I turned over and lay on my side, quite upset with his comment. He asked, 'What's wrong?' Knowing he had just missed out on something nice :( I told him straight out, that I hate this place. We said nothing else after and went to sleep.

Lots of other stuff was happening. I would accuse hubby of taking my hairbrush. But he had no hair to brush! lol Even a pair of my earrings then I would find them in the weirdest of places like a shelf in the hotwater cylinder cupboard and even hooked up in the nettings, over the windows, in the living room. My hairbrush would be found on the floor in the end room or under our bed. The cat we had, (This cat belonged to previous tenants, who evetually came to pick the cat up) would go mental. He would dart up from the end bedroom, through the hallway then charge straight under our dining table. I would hear light knocking or shuffling in the ceiling. We had no attic. Well none that I knew of. The lights would flicker on and off in the hallway. Shifting cold air or cold spots in certain places in the flat. Also the feeling of being watched and followed around inside the flat.

The constant bickering from hubs and I and also our neighbours. I'm sure the neighbours around us would get annoyed at our rowdy address! I actually thought, I was loosing my mind. I seemed to notice more things and try and tell hubs, but I felt like everytime I brang something up, hubs would shoot me down. There were times when him and I would get so tired of this, I would just walk out, but with him tailing after me out the door.

Anyway, hubs came home early from work and was there to greet me when I came home. I was really happy to see him home. So I started cooking up an early dinner for us at just after 4pm. Hubs said he was feeling a little tired and went up into the bedroom for a nap. I was sweet with that. I told him I will wake him when our Stir-fry on rice was cooked.

Then roughly 20 minutes into preparing and cooking our meal, feeling quite good about being home for once, a weird feeling slowly overcame me. I kept trying to shrug the feeling off and kept saying to myself, all is good, just relax and ejoy the moment of being happy in this place for once. A cold chill came over the back of my neck, making my hair stand up and goosebumps running down my arms. I got startled by this quick quiver of chilly air.
Our open kitchen door was directly behind me while I'm standing over the stove. The pantry was on my left, of the kitchen door and the back door on my rightside, next to the stove. I firstly looked up through the windows directly above the stove and benches, then spun my body around to face the kitchen door. I saw a small Asian looking boy walk straight past the kitchen door and heading in the direction of the hallway. I can almost describe this boy in full detail. But not his face. His hair was dark and straight longish, but cut around the ears and collar. His jacket was red and had tannish off white coloured cargo pants. He must of have had a coloured shirt underneath his jacket. This boy looked like he was about 10 years old at the most. This boy looked liked he waltzed on into our flat straight from school. He was as plain to see tot he eye, aprt from the face. It was slightly blurred with faded facial features... kinda hard to explain. The boy never acknowledge me in anyway, that I was standing there watching him walk down the hallway. I took the Wok off the element and quickly went down the hallway to see where the boy went. The end room was closed and I didn't hear the door opening or shutting (The end room was a spare room for visitors). Hubs was sleeping in our bedroom, which is directly in front of the bathroom. So I thought this boy went into the room that hubs was sleeping in or into the bathroom.

So, I checked bathroom, he wasn't in there, opened end room door, he definitely wasn't in there then went into where hubs was sleeping, he wasn't there either. I began to realise that I may have seen a ghost. I know he didn't go back outside, because I watched him walked down our hallway. I was just standing there looking down at hubs. Hubs woke up and sat up, like he was in one of those blardy movies. I felt all cold with fear really and just stood there speechless. Hubs said 'What the f...? Whats the matter?' I startled him just standing there over him staring down at him. He joked saying, 'You look like you've seen a ghost!' I didn't laugh at that one. I actually jumped into bed with him and snuggled up to him. I explained everything in full detail to hubs and surprisingly he was quiet and listening. Never made a rude remark at all. Then I remembered that I left the element on, so we both got up and went into the kitchen to finish the meal.

Later down the track, maybe a month and a bit later after that encounter, neighbours in the front flat invited us over just for a chat couple of beers and what not. So we sat down with them and just made general conversation. The boy was playing with a couple of cousins outside. They had family over for their sons birthday. So we eating cake drinking wine and beer (ewww.. I just shudder to the mixed concoctions we were consuming), then started bringing up the uneasy vibes we've been getting in our flats.

Our neighbours too, were having encounters. Especially the boy and the mum. The mum has seen shadows walking through their hallway and practically disappearing at the end of the hallway or into their sons room if the door was open. She described many different forms or shapes of shadows she was seeing. They also told us about their son waking up in the middle of the night crying, and when they go and see what is wrong with him, he would just cry and beg for them to take him to their bed to sleep. They thought he was having nightmares, but the boy later told mum that the shadow standing at the foot of his bed and it was scaring him. Because it wouldn't move or do anything. Just stand there staring at him. But I believe that their encounters were maybe more intense than ours. Maybe especially stronger on their side of the property. So after listening to their experiences, we told ours.

It was so relieving to hear that someone else was also experiencing something similar to me and that I wasn't going crazy at all and it wasn't in my mind at all. These things were actually happening and it did give me justice personally, for the sake of my hubs lack of support towards me for all this.

But I fell pregnant and ended up in hospital with complications in my last trimester. Being stressed out in that flat wouldn't of helped with my pregnancy either. I had major placenta previa and couldn't give birth naturally, so needed a C Section and was to spend most of the last trimester in hospital, being under close supervision.

Which was leaving hubs by himself in the flat. He began working nightshifts, because the pay was better and it got him out of that flat at night. He would actually come into hospital, eat my breakfast and the other ladies left overs and go to sleep on the floor next to my bed!:D lmao Everytime the doctors did their rounds in the morning, they became used to the hubs sprawled out on the floor snoring and eventually got him a mattress and a pillow. Even the blardy midwives would have a little giggle and a joke with me every morning about the hubs snoring on the floor next to my bed!!! They found it quite adorable, me, I found it to be a nuisance! Him especially eating my breakfast. But in the afternoon I would force him to buy us lunch at the hospitals cafeteria. HA!

But as soon as he was settled into the nightshift and wages, he moved us out of that flat. Into another place, which was more relaxing and comfortable. We stayed there till our daughter (turning 7 in September now), was born then moved by my parents to help with Baby since I was still very ill. It took me just over 3 months to get over my C Section. I lost alot of blood and my daughter and I nearly lost our lives. So that was the reason to get out of Auckland to help me to relax and concentrate on getting better. That is another total different story.....

But thanks guys for reading this or as much as you could!!!! It looks like I just wrote a biography about my hubs and I! Sorry! Now and then hubs and I still talk about that flat and always wondered what happened to our neighbours and if they experienced more activity with the paranormal. I also wonder, if that boy still remembers his encounters with the shadow standing over the foot of his bed staring at him. I find that terribly creepy and disturbing. Even to all our and the neighbours arguing and fighting in that flat my have been a Haven for all those bad spirits to linger. Lets hope that they have moved on and found some peace.

Thank you all for letting me share my story with you! I still have another to tell you, maybe later on. I'll give ya a rest first! lol :)