Ghost Stories

Sexual Spirits

I don't expect anyone to believe this is happening to me, but it is. I've always known there is a spirit of a man living in our home. It isn't an evil spirit. On one occasion while resting in my son's room, it made its presence known to me. I know that it has been here because when I spoke, it's reply was, "Yes, mam." The voice was that of a man. Currently, I'm becoming freaked and a bit teary-eyed while typing. In any event, my children, I have two had sometimes heard sounds. About four years ago, my daughter noticed our old Cocker Spaniel, nearly blind and always seeking out food, was standing on its hind legs, looking upward as if she was being played with. My daughter called my attention to it. I was stunned. It was as if someone was telling her what to do. We called to her but she ignored us. I got some food to coax her away. Still she paid no attention. I went to retrieve the camera. Our dog was in the middle of the livingroom floor on her hind legs obeying something or someone. The moment I got my video camera focused, our dog dropped down on all fours and walked away as if nothing had happened. My daughter and I knew it was a spirit that was commanding our dog. I'm here to share something that's been happening to me for the last few weeks, but I'm sort of freaked out right now and it's late. I will continue my experiences started below in the light of day.

When I was in my mid twenties, living with my aunt, one morning this wonderful perfume filled my nostrils. I thought to myself, "Aunt Mary must be going somewhere." It was about 7 a.m. I decided to get up. When I opened my door, I didn't see nor hear her. I walked toward her room and looked inside only to find her fast asleep and found her fast asleep. I went inside and woke her up, asking if she'd gotten back in the bed within the last five-to-ten minutes, she hadn't been out of bed nor awake. Once while in this same bedroom of mine, I had some items on my dresser. They sat in a position whereas nothing could fall off unless it was pushed forward about a foot. While speaking with a male friend of mine, a rubberband dropped and fell into the shape of a heart. I smiled and said to him, "This must be a good omen." Immediately after completing that sentence, there was a crash. I walked to the other side of the room to inspect. A glass item that was sitting far back on my dresser had fallen off. I kept staring at the dresser and the item that had fallen wondering how it could have happened. Neither he nor I was touching anything that could hit the dresser to make the item fall.

My first encounter with this spirit or maybe this spirit has been following me, I don't know, was about two years ago, as usual, I was up late into the night. It was winter and very cold. There never seemed to be enough heat in our bedroom. My husband was asleep and had been in bed for a few hours. I got in bed and my husband's body was very warm. I snuggled very molding the front of my body to the back of his. Now comfortable, I lay there for a while. Suddenly, I felt something behind me. It was a type of energy. I'd felt this energy before when I lived with my aunt. It would seemingly hold me to the bed. I'd scream out for my aunt, but she could never hear me. I recall thinking, I must have been sleeping when this incident occurred. However, once I'd come home and hadn't been in my room more than five minutes. I felt the energy in the room when I entered the door. But I dismissed it. My aunt was in the livingroom watching TV. I layed down and not five minutes later, it penned me down like a magnet. I screamed out for my aunt to help me. A few moments later, it released me and I popped up like a Jack-in-the-box. I hurried out of my room and asked my aunt if she heard me call out to her for help. She said, "No". I'd told her about this happening to me before. I said to her, "You know I just came in and went into the room, didn't I. She agreed. I told her what had happened to me and asked her if I could sleep in her bed with her that night. Thank God she allowed me to. Thank God she didn't think I was nuts. I could tell you much more but, I'm going to stay on the subject that brought me here. Because I was searching for answers to what's currently happening to me. Now getting back to my reason for being here.

Glued to my husband getting warm, I felt something against my body sexually, and I became frightened. I jumped and it caused my husband to wake up a little but not enough to say anything. I laid back down thinking maybe I was mistaken, but it happened again a few minutes later. I shook my husband. He seemed dazed. I sat up in the bed then got out and went to the bathroom still shook. When I came back my husband was awake. I told him there was something in the room but he dismissed it as nothing. I stayed close to him, almost afraid to go to sleep. But nothing happened further occurred after that.

As a rule, I stay up late working on lessons, sometimes going to sleep at about 2 or 3 in the morning. I'd find myself dreaming of having sexual experiences. It was as if I was in control of everything that would happen in my dreams. It had gotten to the point I'd look forward to going to sleep because I knew in the first few moments of dozing off, I'd have a dream of this type. I was just hoping I wasn't talking in my sleep. About a month or so ago. I'd finished a lesson at about 3 a.m. and decided to lay down on the couch and sleep. I got a pillow and some cover. I turned the TV off and laid down. Not moments after hitting pillow, something was on top of me. I sat up a bit, but was forced back down. Just as I was about to scream out, I felt some energy on my mouth and something simulating a tongue inside my mouth. For some reason, I became calm and responded. I know this sounds crazy but albeit it was an energy source, there was what felt like the form of a body atop mine. I didn't feel threatened. He was gentle but I was not able to stop what was happening. I was wearing a gown and underwear, but he penetrated everything and it was very pleasurable. After it was over, it was as if nothing had ever happened. I didn't know whether or not to feel guilty. I thought about it all day. I started looking on the web in search of answers and found a site on succubus and incubuses. This frightened me and I think I was even more frightened because it was late. And I felt as if the presence might have been watching what I was doing and even listening as I'd called a friend and found myself unintentionally sharing the experience with her while directing her to the site I was reviewing. It hadn't happened again until about a week ago.

I was in our guest room. Our dog had puppies and I moved them in there for warmth and to keep an eye on their mother. While laying in bed, I felt this energy again on my back, the next thing I know, he was going at it. After it was over, I thought again, I must have fallen asleep and let it go. The next night, it happened again. The third night, I knew I wasn't asleep. Laying on my stomach, I felt it. I don't know what was happening, but I was wearing underwear and somehow he couldn't get it right and I said to him, "You don't know what you are doing." He fumbled for a few more moments and was gone and I fell asleep. I know, you're saying, "She's making this up." Nope. I'm not. Night before last, I got myself together, thinking, it was like a date. I went to bed and not soon after, he was there. Aside from the first kiss, I'd never felt his head or neck or whatever, but this time, I could feel the energy from his face against the side of mine. I didn't turn my head toward him, but I did say, I want you to enjoy this as much as I do. I felt him pull at the covers, but for some reason I was afraid for the covers to be pulled off as if the covers somehow protects me. He left the bed spread alone and the energy tugged at my panties, I removed them and he loved me. Now, I don't know but somehow, I think it might be the man I often think about, my first love. That it might be his spirit and that he still loves me as much as I still love him and he's found a way to connect with me. I don't know, but it's happening. Am I ashamed, I don't feel like I should be. I was asked by my friend whether there was something lacking in my personal sexual life with my husband. Yes, however, I've never cheated on him. I know, I know, you're saying,, "You are cheating now," I think God compensates for our needs in various ways. I know it sounds crazy and maybe I'm crazy, but I don't have any other explanation for it. He's not evil and I'm not afraid and at this point, I don't know if I should be. I'll let you know if it happens tonight. But it's a fact, I'm not dreaming.