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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum. I sought out a place to tell my story because I wanted to see if I and my family are not the only ones who have had an experience like this. My mother, stepfather, and little sister moved into a house in 1993, the month after my sister was born.....The house was built in 1932 and had a total of 7 families who lived their before us....I have tried to contact any of the previous family members but all of the information I have been able to gather is no longer valid.

My first encounter happened 3 months after we moved in....I was 6 at the time and was in the living room watching tv......I had both the lamps on a long with the light coming from my kitchen....I had a great dane at the time named Samson (he was 3 at the time but lived to be 12 which is unusually long for a great dane).....Out of the corner of my eye in the kitchen I saw a very tall figure....It was more black than anything I had ever seen before (I could not tell if it was male or female at the time).....I never moved my had I was frozen right there just barely able to see it in my peripheral.....Then Samson came running in barking loudly (If you've never heard a full grown angry great dane bark trust me its LOUD) and it was gone.....I tried to tell my mom but she just brushed it of like it never happened and for a while I believed her.

After the first one happened Samson rarely left my side.....He'd randomly start growling and barking for no reason and put himself in front of me like he was trying to protect me.....The next one happened around 9 months later.....I was laying in my bed asleep with Samson at the foot of my bed.....I slowly woke up on my side staring straight at my alarm clock it was exactly 3:42....I rolled over on my back and that's when I saw it.....The light from the alarm clock was just bright enough to make out the man standing over me....I knew he was a man because I saw no hair it was just an outline of a head.....He was extremely tall at least 7 feet and he was standing over me.....I tried to scream but nothing came out so I kicked Samson to wake him up....He immediately started barking and the tall man was gone just as quick....I finally got my voice and screamed....My mom finally came in and I told her what happened....the only reason she believed me is because Samson wouldn't stop growling at the far corner of my room.

Next came my mother.....She was in the laundry room and she said she had a huge wave of dread fall over her.....she looked around and saw small shadow on her right.....My mother is only 5'1" and she said it was at least 2 feet shorter than her....she said it had arms and looked very round.....and was the blackest thing she'd ever seen.....she began to scream and the little one was gone.

I kept having sightings of the tall man but thank God I never met the little one as a child (this is what we called them, The Tall Man and The Little One). My stepfather and sister also had encounters with the little one but it seems I was the only one who saw the tall man. The strange thing is for 8 years I never saw the little one. Until the day after Samson passed away.

I was 14 and had pretty gotten used to seeing the tall man but for some reason I never felt the dreadful feeling from him. My family always saw him with the little one so they always had that feeling.....I was in my room playing video games like I always did on Sunday afternoons....I started to feel it....It's the worst feeling I could ever any bad feeling you could ever have all at once.....I looked over and there they wore both looking back at me.....I ran ran as fast as I could out the front door....I road my bike to my friends house and stayed the night.

They left the rest of my family alone for 2 years and only came to me.....I hate the little one, the feeling it brings is the worst thing I've ever felt in my life.......When I turned 16 my mother decided it was time for me to have a new dog (along with my first car) and I got a new great dane puppy I named him Zeus....For a while the little one still came and always scared Zeus terrified him until Zeus grew up (which didn't take long).

They came one day about 9 to 10 months after I got Zeus....We were out in the living room on the couch (Zeus thought he was a lap dog, He only lived to be 7)....And I got that feeling again and looked up and saw the tall man I looked around to find the little one and he had appeared in front of me....Zeus jumped up and began barking and they vanished.

I saw the tall man after that but the little one never came around anymore....My family stopped seeing any of them all together.....I saw the little one again 3 months ago after Zeus died.

I am now in college working on my masters in directing....I have my own apartment and was in the living room just last week.....I felt that feeling again and I knew what I was going to see, I closed my eyes and stopped outside to the balcony.....I turned around and looked back in the living room and there they were looking at me.....I shut the glass door and smoked a cigarette and didn't look back in until I'd smoked three of them.....when I looked up they weren't there anymore.....Needless to say I got a new great dane puppy the next day and named him Hobson.....Now I seriously doubt that them being great danes had anything to do with it.....I think they could have been any kind of dog and they would have vanished just the same.

I thought it was the house but it seems like they it never was the house.....They followed me to a school 900 miles away.....Please tell me that if any of you have had any kind of experience like this.....I've never done drugs of any kind....I drink occasionally but I saw them well before I ever started that.....I have no mental problems (Our whole family have been checked numerous times) nor health problems of any kind other than a ruptured disc and 2 slipped ones which I do take pain meds for but their is no chance of hallucinations....Thanks for any input you guys may have and I'm sorry this is so long....I tried leaving out a lot of stuff to make it shorter so please let me know if you have questions....Thanks to those who took the time to read this.