Ghost Stories

Shadow Walkers


I was Out a Couple of Nights ago walking my Dogs at the evening just before the sun was going down. And I noticed on the way I that there was a Large Cart Trail leading into the Feild via a open old rusty type gate.I never noticed it before because I hadnt walked that way across the feild walking trail to the river on the other side of the road . A popular place for people to walk their dogs you often see 2 -3 Other People going that way with their dogs in the Afternoon. I hdnt been before But my gardner Morris who lives near by told me the walking spot...As he takes his dog Ben down there. The path is old and Fairly beaten by years of people walking it. I had gathered by its ruts that it had once been a Cart Road or Lane. Because of the Distance between the ruts looked like the distance of Horse Sulky Wheels. Thinking wonder why they'd have a Cart Road out here , There is no farms or anything in this direction that I know of or other buildings... Maybe something had been here ages ago. But there was nothing there now... Maybe this old feild had once been part of a large farm or somthing in its past.

Just as I rounded the Second Bend between a grove of trees. I noticed quickly what looked like a Old Church and a Hall. When looking at it I noticed a few odd looking Shadow People sized shapes moving back and Forth between the church and the hall. As I got closer I could make out the People better.. It was like in a Film .... The closer I got the Better I could see of them... There were a group of about 10 people. Mostly Adults and about 5-6 Children. And They were talking (Couldnt make it out properly) sounded like Dutch or something similar (The Dutch founded alot of the Farms around where I live in the early days). The people were all dressed in old fashioned outfits. So I gathered right away they werent just your ordinary Dog Walkers ... They were clearly Spirits. They were going about their usual Church Routine as If they were still alive. As I got closer The people shuffled inside the church and while a Stayed for a while to see what would happen . I heard organ music playing and saw flickering lights like candles in the windows and voices singing Hymns. After A Few minutes of them doing that and not much else I turned around and started walking home. My Fiancee is a Avid Ghost Hunter too and I wanted to tell Sylvie what I saw. Knowing she would be interested. As would my daughter Jazmine.

I sat down for dinner and explained to Sylvie and Jazz what I had seen on the walk that evening . And the both of them said WOW they wanted to see this. After all It could be a Part of Our Area's History going on there. And we decided to go during the day to see if we could get a proper look at the Church and Hall . And then come back later in the Day to see if their ghosts were back. All of us by now excited that we had seen more spirits in our area.


After wallking along the Ruts again with our dogs so not to raise suspicions of anyone around there. And Armed with our Video Camera and Other Normal Camera. Sylvie, Jazz and I went on a Ghost hunt. As we rounded the bend to where I had seen the church the night before. I was shocked and Suprised... There was nothing much left of either the church or the Hall... Mostly Foundadtion Stones only and 2 walls of the old hall. And some steps... I was equally suprised as I explained to a Dumb Struck Sylvie and Jazz that this wasnt the way I had seen the Church and hall the night before It was whole and all the Buildings were in one peice, And looked almost new. Sylvie suggested we had a look around and we agreed. Part of the Back of the Church you could see what was left of a rised Platform and Stage obvioudly a area the organ had once been but there was nothing there but scraps of Wood and weeds pocking through the Floor. I couldnt make sence of it I was sure I had heared OrganMusic the Night Before and Singing.... Then again I had seen the building whole too. Maybe I had been in a Time Loop. For a Short while . After looking around for a Bit and Taking some Photo;s We decided to head back home as the dogs were acting up big time... And they are usually well behaved .. But it was as If they wanted no thought of the place and wanted to run away. So we left filimg the Foundations as we walked away. We hadnt seen anything unusual during that visit... Maybe they only come out at night. So we made sure we came back that evening as Planned. with More Film and Video.


Local Curator of the Greenwich Historial Society who gave us permission to us his name as he is a avid ghost hunter himself... Mr Samuel Havgan.Who is a direct decendant of the Orgional Dutch settlers in the area gave us some interesting information on the Land title of which the Church and Hall was built on.

* Prior to Becoming Church Land a Farmer by the Name of Juleus Payat or Poyat (Depending on the paper work you read) was said to have run cattle on the properly and still owned part of the land and kept cattle on it while the church was there. It was said his wife Rose or Rosa was said to have been a part Indian Wicker . Locals said they had often seen her out in the frilds naked dancing around large Fires. She also wa said to have cursed a farmer who livd near by who lost his legs in a Farming accident after he yelled at her for being on his land without his permission. When she wasnt.

His wife dissapeared mysteriously around 1851-1853 (Again depending on the papers you read) and her or her body was never found but it was said that some of the local Farmers got revenge on her for her curse and killed her and buried her in a unmarked grave in the church yard. Juleus died in 1860 alone and almost broke... The rest of his land was bought off my Bridgeland Builders Society. Who wanted to Build Houses on Part of it... But that never happened and they realised that the soil wasnt right for building houses on. The Payat or Poyat Farm House was Burnt down as a Act of Defiance by local townsfolk after Juleus death sometime around 1865. Today there is nothing left of the farm house these days not even foundations or a celler hole.

* After The Bridgeland Builders sold the Land their were a group of share croppers who owned the land together and farmed various crops over a period of 10 years. For quiet some time the land produced some good crops but the last two seasons the ground produced little to no crops and the last year it ventured no crops at all dispite alot of rain fall that year. Plenty to yeild good crops as other farms in the area show they had good crops the same year. The land was then sold to another building company who had plans to build a Slaughter House on the Land.

* From the time of 1875 - 1900 a full time Meat works and slaughter house was on the far back part of the land the other side of the small river right next to where they built a railway siding to take the meat and meat products by train to various places. In the space of the 25yrs the Slaughter House was open alot of strange theings happened. 5 workers were killed when a Steam Driven Belt Saw used to carve up Cow Carcasses the Belt snapped be-heading two of them instantly and giving the three others Fatal Injuries. Another time a Work man was killed by a Rampaging Bull when he opened the pen to take the bull out to the slaughter area the bull gored him in the stomach and legs... He died 2 days later in alot of pain. 2 Mem were killed when the part of second floor of the factory gave way where they were working setting and tanning hides (Which is what they did upsatirs at that time) after wood rot set in and they fell to their deaths onto the killing floor. They probbly would have lived if the tanning bath full of chemicals and poop hadnt fallen down after them crushing them both. In 1900 the Main Owner of the Slaughter House a Mr Merville Lindsey passed on at the old age 84. And his son's spilt up the land 5 ways and sold it off. The Slaughter Plant was Turned into a Cattle and Sheep Sales Yards and worked at that upto 1910. When the Factory got so bad in repair it had to be torn down. Little is left of any evidence that is was even there these days besides a Few old metal Pipe Fences that were one cattle Yard and a Cattle Loading Dock. The Railway siding was put into disuse after the Sales Yards shut down and if you are lucky you can still find parts of the tracks between the weeds leading to the main line. (We went to check it out and sure enough the line was still there all in one peice just weeds growing up all around it..... You have to watch out to for the Slaughter house has a Old Celler Hold which isnt covered well and is very deep.)

* After the Slaughter House was Torn down a Farmer by the Name of Mr Jefford (First name not listed) built a house on the far western edge of the Second part of the land virtually across the Sulky tracks where the Church and Hall Were. He ran cattle , goats and Horses on the Land. And was well known as a good Horse Breaker. He and his Family had a well profited time on the land until Mr Jefford died age 59 in 1940. His wife Margaret stayed on till the early 50's (1952-1953) raising there children there ..... She sold up and moved to warmer climates further south when the last of their 4 chilren had left home and got married ..... The Jefford Farm House was abandoned and was used as a hunting cabin for some time in summer. Mostly homeless people stayed there as long as they could before the police in the area ran them off. Somewhere around 1966 or So the house was either torn down or it fell down . Most Likely fell down as it was in a terrible state at the time. Only bits of Wood from the Walls and a Small Scattering of roof tiles and somefoundation is all that remain of the Jefford House.... The land was then Abandoned and hasnt been lived on since.