Ghost Stories


This story happened in a town just north of Sidney Ne. called Dalton. It is much smaller than Sidney and if you were to blink yep you'd miss it. I dated a girl there and she loved going around with me and friends to check out old abandoned house and buildings out in the countryside. One night while we were alone in her house she asked if I'd ever been to the abandoned house 7-8 miles ne of Dalton? No I said. Whats it like? You 'll have to see for yourself. So I said let's go. On the drive down a couple of dirt roads she filled me in on what she knew of this place.

First it sits in a valley like area. You can see cars comming from both directions from the south and the north. It's one story high. And has two big trees near the house. I asked if there were any stories tied to the place. And she said plenty. By now we were coming down a steep hill and she pointed in the direction of the house. That's it right there.... I looked in the direction in which she pointed and it was defantly creepy. More erie than creepy. This place didn't even have a road to drive on to get to it. We had to park a good 100yrds from the house on the dirt road. I said we can't stay to long because a storm was comming up from the north. I could see the lightening in the clouds moving in our direction. We had a good hour or so at least. On get within half way to the house I noticed it was quiet really quiet. No crickets nothing, And the prairie grass was waist high going up to the house. When we finally made it to the house I noticed that it had a porch but the roof overlapping the porch had colasped. You couldn't see this from the road.

As we entered this dwelling you just get this erie feeling. Maybe because it's so quiet. But as Tammy flashes the flashlight around the first room I could just hear the thuinder way off in the background. Like most houses that are abandoned out in the boonies, there's not much left in them. Tammy flashed the light one more time across the room. Wait I said put the light on that wall again. She did and it revealed a definate out line of something hanging moving on the wall. Than a noise like the sqweeking of a porch swing was unmistakablly heard but there was no porch swing.

By now the wind was picking up out side. That was when Tammy brought it up .... what does that shadow on the wall look like to you?!! I looked a little closer. It looked just like a body of a woman in a very long dress. And every time the shadow moved the sqweeking sound went in sinc. I remember saying come on it's a trick of the light or something. Fine. Tammy said then what is casting it. She was right looking around the ceiling there was nothing to cause the reflection.

The ceiling was half caved in and you could see the night sky. Just than a very loud clap of thunder and a flash of lightening lite up the entire house and front of the house. We'd seen enough for one night and bolted out the front door and making our way to the car parked out on the dirt road. Just as we made it inside the car it started to down pour. And the lightening and thunder was wild. We had a hard time seeing out the windows of the car but once we got off the dirt road and back on pavement things got a little better.

Once back inside Tammy's house we talked a little bit about our experience. No porch swing on the porch or anywhere else for that matter. But the shadow on the wall swinging in time with the creeking noise. We decided to go back that weekend with our friends just to see what we saw would be what they would see and that trip I'll tell about this comming thursday night............