Ghost Stories

Shadowman and Monkeyman (true story)

It all started when my youngest daughter had a couple of friends over. There were three young girls in her bedroom, being awfully quiet. Now normally, this is not a bad thing; but at ages 11, 11, and 9; it's quite abnormal to be quiet for such a long spell. I decided to check on them. I proceeded to my daughter's room and found them sitting on the floor playing a "game". Unfortunately, it was not a "game" at all. Rather, it was a "Ouija Board". I was horrified. Being raised Christian, this was not the kind of thing to have in your household, not even for a visit! I started firing a barrage of questions at the girls....Where did you get that? How did it get in here? Who's is it? Why did you bring it here? Don't you realize this is NOT a GAME?!?! I was upset to say the least. The girls said they were trying to talk to Tupak!!! He had recently been shot and killed. At that time, I didn't even know who he was. Anyway, I made them take the thing back, it belonged to the girls that were visiting. I told them to never bring it over again. All was well, for about a day after that. Then things started to happen.

For starters, several of us would have nightmares at the same time, in the same house. My fiance and I started having major fights. Just little things, that you wouldn't really pay any attention to, you know. Sometimes, actually, alot of times at night, I would be awake by myself watching television or reading, and I started seeing little shadows, about the size of a small dog, darting from room to room. Since we had two small dogs, I kept telling myself it was the dogs, but it wasn't. My son said he heard huge footsteps on the ceiling, like something was coming for him. I figured it was just childish nightmares, and tried to comfort him as best I could. Later, I would hear them myself.
Well, all these things went on for months. Nothing really abnormal here so far, right? Just normal family stuff.

The neighbors across the street decided to have a BBQ and invited us. My fiance had a migraine and didn't go, but the kids and I did. I had a few beers, stayed for a while and they invited my kids to spend the night with their kids. So we go across the street to get them some clothes and toothbrushes for the night.

Now we had one of those front doors with the big oval window in it and a sheer curtain in the window, so that you could kind of see through it. Also, we had the kind of dead-bolt that had a double lock, you had to use a key inside it as well as outside. Since I'd already had a few beers, I didn't feel like digging for my keys and we could see my fiance (I'll call him James) sitting in the big green rocking chair, watching TV in the living room when we got to the door. I knocked on the door and called his name. At this point, he looked up at the door, mind you, it was dark outside and inside, he was watching TV in the dark, and I'm standing at the door outside with 4 children. Two were mine, two from across the street. After James look at us, he stood up and somehow he'd grown about a foot! Anyway, he stood up, faced the hallway, squatted down like a monkey, and using arms and legs, went to the hallway, ape fashion and disappeared. I looked at the kids.... "Did you see that?" Wanting to make sure I was not the only one who had just seen James act like a monkey! "Now I wonder why he's messin' with me?" Of course all the kids saw the same thing I did, I made them describe what they saw. They all saw the same thing. I knocked again on the door, but he wouldn't come open the door. So I dug my keys out of my purse and unlocked the door.

We go inside and the TV had never been on, but we had all seen the glow coming from it! It wasn't warm, it was cold. Strange I thought....So we go to wake James. He had taken some medicine for his migraine and was sound asleep. Got mad at me and thought I was accusing him of lying about being asleep. I told him maybe he needed to check the house then, because me and all 4 children had just seen someone in the living room watching TV and if it wasn't him, someone else had to be in the house. He searched the house and of course found nothing.

No one was in the house. The night went on as normal. And so did the next few months, but....we were still having nightmares, still fighting, and I was still seeing the little shadow things darting from room to room at night, thinking it was my two small dogs. At least that's what I kept telling myself, but sometimes, when I would see them out of the corner of my eye, the hair on my arms would stand up, and I would get a chill.

A few months later, James brings home a couple of doors for the bedrooms for our bedroom and the one for the girls. I have two daughters and a son, by the way. The girls shared a room. Now there was nothing really exceptional about these doors, except for the fact that they had full length mirrors on them. He thought we might like that, being females. We put the doors in the girls room for the time being, until he could find the time to put them up. They are propped against the wall, mirrors facing Kim's bed, one door on top of the other. Then one night, my oldest daughter (Kim) has a nightmare, she's about thirteen at the time. No biggie...she's a very perky, preppie, kind of teen. She doesn't usually scare too easily. Well, she wakes from this nightmare and decides she wants to get a drink. As she starts to get up from the bed, she see's the shadow of a man standing in front of the mirror. He's sillouette. Wearing a hat, maybe 50's style and a trenchcoat. Just standing there, not moving, not saying anything, just standing out in front of the mirror. She says to herself "I'm dreaming. I'm going to close my eyes, count to three, and when I open my eyes, you will be gone. Well, that's what she did, unfortunately, when she opened her eyes, he was still there. Kim says she pulled the covers over her head and went back to sleep. Now this went on for a few months before she finally said anything to me about it. She called him "Shadowman", because he was sillouette. Every time she had a bad dream and woke from it, Shadowman would be standing in front of that mirror facing her bed.

I of course asked the silliest question, "Honey, you want me to move the doors out of your room?" I give you one guess what she said! So we move the doors. At first, I was going to put them in the hallway, between their room and ours....but I got to thinking, if I wake up in the middle of the night and have to use the bathroom, and that Shadowman's standing in front of the damn door, I'll have a friggin heart attack!!! So I did not put them in the hallway. Instead, we moved them down the hallway into the living room, past the door to the kitchen, on the other side of the bookcase we had. Now, the doors are facing the front door, instead of her bed. Once again, she wakes from a bad dream. Gets up to go to the kitchen to get a drink of water. Guess who's in front of the mirror again!! This time he moved!!! He's facing her bed, but the mirrors are facing the front door. She stares at him for a minute...Decides screw it I'm thirsty, I'm getting a drink. She scoots past him to get a drink. While she's drinking, she decides she wants to know what he's doing here!!! So my child decides to try to talk to this ghost. "Shadowman", she says, "Why are you here?" No answer, no movement. So then...."Are you here to hurt us?" answer, no movement. Last question..."Are you here to protect us?" He nodded his head YES!!!!

You can imagine my dismay at the thought of my teenager trying to talk to a ghost and thinking he's answering her. So I decided right then and there the doors had to be out of the house! She says, "But mom!!!! He's protecting us!!" "I don't care what he's here for, no spirits are living in this house but us! He's got to go!" So we pick up the doors and start to move them towards the front door, the whole time I'm thinking this sucker's going to pop right out of that mirror and grab me. And I'm telling him in the Christian way that he must leave and he can never come back to this house, In the Name of Jesus! And we take the doors outside. Now we go back to the front door, and Kim looks at me and says, "Mom, you know we still have a "critter" in the house. I say critter, what do you mean critter? She says "Monkeyman"! So I said, loud and clear too, and a bit angrily, I might add, "Ok Monkeyman, that's it!! In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you must leave this house and never return!" I kid you soon as I said, from the side of the house(outside), we both heard the loudest rumbling thunder I have ever heard in my life! Then....BOOM!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!! Ours eyes are huge, we're both looking at each other, confused as hell. "What is that?" We asked each other.... BOOM!!!! It's getting closer. BOOM!!!! Now it was the time of year we all know as fall, so there were plenty of leaves on the ground. But it was a calm night, there was no wind. As monkeyman comes from the side of the house, the booms were his footsteps, you could see the leaves move with each step he took. BOOM!!!! Leaves flying where his foot hit the ground!!! BOOM!!! Another step, more leaves, this suckers huge and ****ed!!! We could not see him, but we could see and hear, each step he took.

"Quick, mom, close the door!!!" Slam. After we watched him cross the yard at an angle, I looked for my keys to lock the door. Like it would do any good against a ghost! But Shadowman and Monkeyman left our house, and were not seen or heard from by us again. If you choose not to believe this story, that's fine. Me ... I was there. I saw it and I believe it!!! And the footsteps my son heard on the ceiling, that was Monkeyman. Just for the record. And I might note, that the whole time I'm trying to lock the door, my whole body is shaking like all get out!! I was scared to death and we didn't sleep that night. Also, Kim and I were the only ones in the house who heard or saw anything that night. Everyone else slept through it all!!! I slammed that door hard, it was really loud. Anyway, that's my story. There are more of them....But that's for another time.