Ghost Stories


Since I'm new, I thought it would be a good idea to start sharing some of my experiences.

I've grown up in a small, conservative town where there was never much to do. In fact, the biggest excitement in 6 years was having a bowling alley built. Before that, it was getting a Walmart, and that was the biggest thing since the multi-screen movie theatre, which had been built 6 or 7 years before. Like I said: not much to do.

I met my best friend in seventh grade. Pretty quickly, we discovered that we'd shared a lot of things as younger children. Seeing things that other people said weren't there, hearing things, feeling things. We were incredibly happy to have found another person that didn't think we were crazy. For now, I'll spare other details and get into one thing that we experienced together.

After we graduated high school, I went off to college while she got engaged. When I came home on the weekends, we'd spend a lot of time at her fiance's house. Now, he lived quite literally in the middle of nowhere. About a half mile from his house, there was an abandoned old farm, which was creepy enough for us. When you drove by at night, there would be a glow, not really a light, in the upstairs window. We blew it off as being a reflection of our headlights until we decided to turn them off once. It was still there. What's more? Someone was standing up there. There was nothing nearby that could have been making the window glow, and therefore no way that we could explain what we were seeing. That same year, we met our third Musketeer, and I had left my state university in favor of the community college. One day, bored, Mei-Mei (my best friend) and Fyffe (the third Musketeer) decided we should all go check out the house in daylight. I didn't want to go, but we had my car, and we were halfway there. When we got there, I begged and pleaded with them to not go inside. I don't know why, but that house just made me feel horrid. I was crying, sobbing, for absolutely no reason and continually begging them to get back in the car and go home. They wouldn't. I climbed back in the car, refusing to go into a place that made me that sad and physically sick-feeling. They made it in through a back window (as I said, broad daylight). About five minutes later, they waved to me from the upstairs window just before I heard Mei-Mei scream, and saw her fall. Soon enough, they were bolting out from behind the house, white as sheets. They jumped in the car and we were off. At this point, Mei-Mei was crying and Fyffe was shaking like crazy. Turns out, they felt nothing downstairs. They said it was just like walking into any other house. When they went upstairs, they were fine until they got to the window, but when they turned around from waving to me, there was something standing there, not totally definable, but it made them feel like everything in the world was wrong. Fyffe got his senses back first, grabbed Mei-Mei, and they ran all the way back out.

Being the, well, little idiots that we were, Mei-Mei and I chose to drive by the house that night as we went to her fiance's house. We turned off our headlights, but the glow was gone. However, the front door opened, closed, and we could see something...someone...standing on the front porch. Clearly, it was a man. From our vantage point in the car, he looked to be of average height and rail-thin, but we couldn't distinguish any other features.

We were never able to find out what happened at that house. We couldn't find anything at the library, and the Records office wouldn't grant us access to anything they might've had. (As far as they were concerned, we were meddling'd have been better had we kept our noses cleaner in high school, I'd wager.) The house burnt down about a year ago, so we'll probably never really know, but...we had a pretty eye-opening experience there.