Ghost Stories

should we continue?

Recently me and a friend, lets call him bob, have been going to the cemetery at 2 in the morning and walking around, not expecting to see anything, but hoping to get scared jist for the adreneline rush. Last night me and the same friend asked another person, lets call her sue, to join us. She agreed but was kinda scared. we started by going to an old abandoned house that has old mining shafts and tunnels that go under the city, and then also became a whore house in the early 1900's. Sue wouldn't leave the car saying it didnt feel right, and that she felt lots of negative energies. me and bob laughed and continues to snoop around. we saw nothing so we left. We went to the local cemetery and this time Sue came along. as soon as we stepped foot on the cemetery grounds Sue began crying. I tried not to laugh and tried to comfort her because i thought she was scared. she said she wasnt scared, but she was sad..and felt everyones sadness there. my crazy friend bob (who was the least scared) read off one of the headstones..."Adeline Zimmerman 1908-1914" and so on. she was 6 when she dies. He then layed on top of her grave and me and sue told him not to and we had to leave. he got up..and said.."come on adeline, your comming with us" we all got in the car and let Sue catch her breath from crying. she said she felt the girl died lonly, and that she wasnt alowed to play with friends and her death was sudden. we decided to go to another cemetery close by, but we couldn't find it. We got lost and saw a few rabbits in the night and Sue kept warning us not to hit it everytime we drove by one. then she complained that she didnt like Bobs music (metal). then Sue complained that she didnt like the scary dirt road we were driving on, so we got ona main road. so then we decided to go to an old Theatre called the Mary Miller theatre. it was haunted, but i didnt know the story of why. bob began telling me the story while Sue (who had shotgun) slept against the window. The Mary Miller theatre used to be a church. there was a man (I forget the name) who was a serial killer and crucified bodies and drained the blood and hung them in the church." JUST THEN...Sue sat up with her hands on her ears and eyes closed and starts screaming off teh top of her lungs. "STOP THE STORY, NO MORE...I JUST WANT TO PLAY I JUST WANT TO SEE THE SHOW, DONT TELL ME THESE THINGS" and she keeps repeating things like that while crying and breathing heavily and thrashing around, and she even tried opening the door but luckily we locked it. we stopped the car. bob held her head and told her to look into his eyes. and kept saying.."your name is Sue..come back Sue" she would open her eyes and look at him, but then her eyes would soon roll back into her head. i tried holding her eyelids open but it didnt work. then all of a sudden she stopped..and looked at us and was like..."what r u guys doing?..why'd we stop"..with a confused smile on her face. me and bob looked at eachother and said.."holy ****"..she had no idea what happened. we stopped at a gas station and told her what happened, she didnt believe us so we decided to call it a night. as we are driving home she yells.."go to teh cemetery!!!" we say no..she says.."go to the cemetery!! SHE NEEDS TO GO BACK!!!" we pull up to the cemetery and i asked if i needed to open the door. Sue said..."no, she told me she's a big girl" we wait for 10 seconds and she says..."ok we can go"..we start to pull away and she says to stop...we stop, she puts her hand on the window, and says.."she just blew us kisses."

We go to Denny's to recolect what just happened. Sue tells us that Adeline was with us, and she was the one that didnt want to hit the rabbits, she was the one that didnt liek the msuic, and she was the one who was afraid on the dirt roads. and when Bob was telling the story, she tried being brave, but as he got towards the end, she got scared, and told us to stop. Sue assured us she wanted to play, and wasting a negative energy. she saw how bob playfully layed on top of her grave and invited her so she came.

Next weekend we plan on going to her grave, and appologizing for scaring her, and bringing her a toy rabbit.

We want to invite her to come with us again. we want to get a ouija board and try talking to her. we realize she is a little girl and we wouldnt ask about her death, jist if she likes her stuffed rabbit. this time we'll try not to scare her. would it be a good idea? i think it's okay as long as were respectful. im just afraid another spirit might try to come with her. OH!..the serial killer, is buried in the same cemetery as she was, but not near her resting spot. im free to all comments, this is my first post, pretty much because this is my first encounter.