Ghost Stories

Sir Willy, our poltergeist. A real encounter.

Good Afternoon All,

Thought I'd share a little tidbit. It's unexplainable and a little creepy.

I want to tell you about Sir Willy, the poltergeist in my theater, and although I've never seen him, I have two students who actually have. I teach Drama and English in a 4A (2000 students) high school, so over the years there have been several students who could corroborate my story. The students named our ghost Sir Willy (Shakespeare, of course) about 7 years ago.

The evidence of an otherworldly visitor happens often, usually at least once or twice a week. Usually it's just moved items. You have to know how anal I am about things so that you'll understand how I know when something is missing or moved. Some of the bigger incidents include coming in in the morning to find costumes on the stage or laying across an auditorium seat. I have come in to find my set rearranged. The lights on the stage will come on by themselves (without the board key, which I have), or the sound system will start humming, or the computer mysteriosly comes on (I check the log off time so I know I am turning it off. If I'm working alone late, I hear noises. For example, the unexplained sound of footfall on the stairway leading to the light booth, when the only stairway entrance is directly in front of my desk. or the squeaking of auditorium seats in an empty theater.
One night (March 1996) I was in my office, which is in green room, and a student, Kate, was working in the dressing room, directly across the stage from me. She was going through the make-up kits and taking inventory, cleaning... She was bringing some items to me for a decision when she saw "someone" walk into my office. She asked who had just come in and I told her no one, only her. She was adament that someone else had just stepped into my office seconds before her. Of course, a thorough search turned up nothing.

Another student's encounter was a little more frightening. It was about 11:00 at night after a show, November 2001). The theater was almost empty of kids and I was just doing some last minute checking in the auditorium when I heard one of my male students, Jon, scream from the light booth. Two other kids in my office went running up the stairway as Jon was running down and they literally collided on the stairs. I had barely gotten to the stairway when Jon and the other students came back through the door. He was shaking like a leaf and white as a sheet. I thought he was injured and asked him if he was o.k., was he bleeding... He took a deep breath and looked directly at me and said, "There was a strange man in the light booth. I saw his reflection in the glass (a communication window that closes out sound from the booth to the auditorium). He was standing right behind me. Nobody came in the door. I was alone."

The two students who rushed up to Jon said no one had gone up or down the stairs for the 15 minutes or so that they'd been in the green room picking up.
We called security, and the whole building was given the once over, but the "man" was not found.

Even though I leave a ghost light burning on the stage at night, it doesn't seem to keep away our Willy. Our school TV station had a crew set up a camera and sound equipment a couple of years ago to capture Willy on tape. No pictures were recorded, but there were some unusual sounds. Nothing distinct, and most people who listened chalked the noise up to "building settling" sounds. So, the kids used their pictures and sound in a cute little advertisement for the Halloween dance.

Incidently, my custodian says that he too has heard unusal things when in the theater cleaning.