Ghost Stories

Skeptic Turning believer ( My Real Experiences. )

Skeptic Corner. My experiences.
Ok here are some of my experiences I had since I became a ghost hunter.

The State Hospital Experience 1.

I Asked my folks if we go there to get a few pictures. and they said sure. nothing happened that night but a lot of maxtring an cool looking buildings.

The State Hospital Experience 2.
I've asked the folks to go with me again, since my car was in the shoppe for repairs. and what not. they once again said sure. but nothing happened again but a lot more maxtring.

The State Hospital Experience 3.
By then I was talking to a few new friends from the Traverse City area ( I will not reveal their names. ) and we went to the hospital during the day. and went in to building 50 the notorious building for hauntings. and all we came out with was a few feelings, but we had a good time chatting about ghosts. So ends my Traverse city Hospital Trips for now.

The State Hospital Experience 4.
The last trip I took there was like 2 weeks ago after I met my friends. but this time again I went with the folks. and I had one experience I could not debunk or recreate. Ok we went up there after 11:30 pm and I saw a building I want to take a photo of. so we pulled up to the building in an unsafe manner since there was no traffic. I got out of the car grabbed my cam. and I turned it on but as soon as the cam turned on the area got really dark. I then turned to my moms car and see if she turned the brights on for me, but in fact she didn't. and then I just said hmmmm. I went back to the car asked her if she turned on the lights to bright. and she said no. and she asked why. I said well the building was light up like it was the day time with a "blue glow to it" and she said yes I saw that I thought it was your flash but I took no pictures when it happened. then she it looked like it was on for 4-5 seconds ( and my flash is only for 2 seconds, BUT whats strange is the light covered the whole building from the center of the building. and we tried to debunk it. Like going to tot he night lights they had there an try to make the sensor go on and so on. but no go. We then tried to shine our flash lights, car lights, flood light even on the building but it didn't light the whole building up. I even used my flash and it did not light the building up. So it's still not debunked till this day an it was very cool to see.

Pere Cheney Experience 1.

Now I wanted More after experiencing the stuff at the state hospital. I was reading accounts of things that was happening at a ghost town called Pere Cheney which is in Grayling like a 4 hour drive, but it was worth it.

Ok lets skip tot he Pere Cheney trip. Ok as soon as we set the tires of our car on to the dirt road where there is the entrance to Pc. Her cell phone blue tooth unit died. and she said My head set unit died I am getting this strange beep every 2 seconds. I said you sure mom? she then said yes here listen to it and she put it up to my ear and she was right it was beeping. So we got lost "not really bad though" and asked for directions from the mom and daughter planting in they're garden. and we we're on our way We got there and it was Very calm out. and yet the tree's were shaking as if like a cherry shaker was attached to them. they were also whistling pretty good. but yet no wind was blowing in the graveyard. so a few minuets of walking around and my cam flashed a batt indicator light telling me my batt was dead. but it was on a full charge and I showed my mom. ( by the way I did not tell her what she should except I didn't want her to agree with me if she saw something and I did ) so lets get back to the cam. the cam's batt light was flashing red and not white. and I said cool because I charge them before I go anywhere. anyways we left Pere Cheney and left for home. IT was a nice trip and I hope I get to go back there SOON VERY SOON.

Now I am not a skeptic any more but I am not a full believer yet. How ever I am coming around slowly but surly. by the way here is the thread for the Pere Cheney if you want to take a look at the photo's