Ghost Stories


On Saturday, I stayed overnight at my friend's flat, which is very haunted and contains many spirits and energies - none of which appear to be malicious. I have always felt safe and secure when in this flat, and have never before experienced what I did that night...

After watching a film, my friend and I decided to go to bed. We were to sleep in her mother's double bed, as it is only a small flat and her room is tiny. So, we put of Pjs on, got into bed and talked for a while, spoke of spirit guides and experiences, then turned the lamp off to sleep. We were both lying on our backs in the dark, when my friend (who is used to spirits and is very psychic) let out a small noise and grabbed me.

"What?" I whispered, hardly daring to open my mouth.
"Look... over by the window"
Her voice was shaking and I looked with anticipation, then laughed out loud as I saw what she was afraid of.
"It's just the curtain" I laughed, pushing her off. She giggled and settled down again, and I did the same. But before we had a chance to even begin to doze, a strange noise came from inside the room - like a woman moaning, or a door creaking.

"What was that?" My friend whispered, taking hold of my arm again.

Before I had a chance to reply, a sudden tapping noise was heard behind us, on the wall and bedhead. We both looked up, and then across the room as the tapping noise began by the door.

We both tried to get up but found we were paralysed - neither of us could move. All of a sudden, the room became freezing cold (it was a hot night) and the air became thick, and a dark shadow crept above us, leaning down on us.

I couldn't move, couldn't even scream. It was as though all power had been taken away from me. The dark mass became more human shaped and I could almost see eyes peering out at me fron the darkness. The shape seemed to be looking straight at me, leaning over me and pushing me down into the mattress.

"Turn the light on" My friend whispered urgently.
"I can't" I managed to croak, "I can't move"
"Yes you can"
"I can't"
"Just reach for the lamp, there's nothing beside you, you'll be safe"

I was almost crying as I reached out my hand, expecting at any moment to touch something cold and dark. My hand fumbled for the lamp in the unfamiliar room, as my friend tried to guide me. Finally, I found the button and switched it on, and the room instantly filled with light.

There was nothing above us, nothing in the room. We both looked at each other, eyes wide and fearful.

"What the f**k was that?" I said, scanning my eyes around the room.
My friend looked at me. "I don't know"
She looked around the room, towards the door. "I honeslty don't know... I've never seen him before"

She then went onto tell me what she had seen standing over me.

'A man, about 7 feet tall, with dark hair and eyes, he was looking at you, trying to work something out, like he wanted something from you'

"What did he want?"
"I don't know"

We decided to sleep with the light on, and after talking for a while the fear dissapated and we settled down again. My eyes were drawn to the TV screen next to the bed, and now and again Id see shadows moving, dark patches in the air, figures standing behind us. I was terrified, and tried my best to push it out of my mind and forget it.
Suddenly, my friend sat bolt upright.

"GET OUT!" She screamed, and pushed with her hands. All of a sudden, I felt the same paralysis and somebody standing over me, I could feel a million eyes on me. "She's not going to hurt me, get out of this room NOW!"

The tapping started up again, strange noises were coming from all around us, and it felt as though someone was sitting on my feet. My friend was pushing her hands out, trying to force the spirits out of the room, then suddenly the whole atmosphere changed - the air became lighter, less choking, and she sat back.

"Grandma's here to sort them out"

I could almost feel a female in the room, and before long everything felt normal again. My friend turned to me.

"I've never seen activity like this"
"So it's me? It's my fault?"
"I don't know... someone here doesn't like you, but you're safe now, Grandma will look after you"

Sure enough, as I slept that night, I imagined I could feel a woman stroking my hair, removing all the fear from me, willing me into deep, safe sleep.