Ghost Stories

Smith Farm

I am brutally honest about what has happened to me and other members of my family concerning the supernatural. I have contemplated a book about this farm where there was much activity and sightings but the owners really refuse to cooperate and claim they saw nothing. I have had too many experiences to mention but I will start with my introduction to this as a child. My father's family worked on a farm that had been established in the mid 1800's, they began working there in about 1948. Not too long after my first family members had settled there, many of these workers (90% of which were my family) began to see a figure wearing an all black coat, and a hat, you could never see his face. The gave him a nickname in Spanish which translated into The Shadow. Basically because you never knew when it was going to be lurking about. This farm was made over an Indian burial ground in Southeastern, Michigan. It is very much still there today, even the houses they all lived in, including myself as a baby and toddler. My great-grandfather was very fascinated by the Occult and he was the only human to have ever made contact with this ghost. He told all of the people who lived there to not be afraid, that he was indeed dead and could and would not harm them. After my great-grandfather died this spirit was known to be more antagonistic. The sightings of him were reported up until the late 70's when the last inhabitants of the farm left, which was my grandmother and her family. If you went to this place you could sense that something there was not right. The oddest thing was that when we left, in the early 70's my parents found a house less than a mile from that farm, which we would go on to live at for 20 years or so, which would also turn out to be haunted. My father's other uncles found houses in the area as well, by the time it was all said and done we were all living in a triangle of this area. Two of my father's uncles bought homes exactly within a 4 mile radius of eachother, they had all lived on that farm as well. How the same family members could find homes for sale in the same area, at almost the same time is a bit odd. If you took a map of that area, you could see the farm as the major point, my parents house was another point, my father's uncle's home made the last point of the triangle and the other uncle had a house in the middle of that triangle. All those homes would turn out to be major areas of paranormal activity. I feel that what happened on this farm and in these homes had a major influence on me and my uncle, there are 5 years between us. He was one of the last ones to leave that farm with my grandmother. Being a very young child who had a lot of insight, I knew something was going on there that the adults where trying to keep from us. They tried to shelter us from it but before too long there was nothing they could do. We weren't allowed to be outside after dusk, things of that nature. My first experience with him, I must have been about 7 or 8 . We had already moved away from the farm to the other home and I would hang out with my uncle he was 12, and one of my major influences, my idol really. It would be Summer time and my grandmothers house had thick wool blankets on the windows, to stop him from being able to see in... I don't even think that could have helped anything. If it is a true spirit, which I feel it was, nothing could stop it from knowing right where you are. On this particular evening I was getting ready for bed with my uncle and there was a lighted fish tank in this back room where we slept and we were watching television in the bed and I was overwhelmed with a feeling of intense fear. I called to my uncle but he was fast asleep.

I knew that something was about to take place so I turned off the television quickly so I would be able to be more aware of where he was. As I laid in the bed I began to hear scratching at the window, this window was at the furthest end of the room, then it was like a menacing tap at the window closer to me, right above my head basically, that seemed to go on forever. I laid still and covered my head. I knew who it was. I was extremely frightened but I was also too scared to move. That was my first experience with the shadow, but not the last. I am looking forward to hearing some of your experiences. I feel my family has been shaped by this situation but it was not the first time they had crossed paths with the otherside. I have learned to accept this and I wouldn't change a thing about it. It really just proves to me there is more to life after we die. This thing did things that no human could do, so that is not an option. He got quite naughty at some point as I mentioned and he tried to get into my father's car. Luckily, his doors were locked and he was not alone so he had witnesses. It was around 3 a.m in the morning and the road was extremely dark, and my father said he saw him on the side of the road and they began to slow the car down and taunt it. My father said he then grabbed at the door handle and tried to get in, my father said he looked at his face and there was nothing there, just blackness. They managed to get away from him and drove to the farm to my grandmothers and told her what had happened. She told them to shut off all of the lights because he could indeed be looking in, and he was. He was already there. My father said that he would have had to run a mile through the thick woods in complete darkness and outrun a car going about 70 miles an hour in less then 3 minutes, that's impossible.