Ghost Stories

Some Experiences I've Had

ok well to start off the only history of my house that i know is that it was built sometime in the 1800s and that there used to be a barn where the house is now. me and my mom had planned on going to try to find out more but it keeps getting put off. since the day we started getting the place ready to move into, ive gotten weird/uncomfortable vibes from it. im thinking "oh great yet another house i get creeped out in." ive always been a bit sensitive to this kind of stuff. little did i know i was going to be a lot more than just "creeped out." i found out a little while after we moved in that a lot of people around town thought this place was haunted. the family that lived here before us only stayed a few months (they say because they missed living out in the country, but weve always thought that there was more to it than that).

the first thing that sticks out in my mind that happened to me is a few months after we moved in. i didnt have a stand for my stereo nor a big case for my cds so they were often scattered over my floor in front of the stereo (about 30 or so). one night i went downstairs to get something to drink. i was gone less than 2 minutes. when i walked back in my room the first thing i saw was that all my cds were perfectly stacked on top of each other on the floor. i ran downstairs and asked if anyone had been in my room. there hadnt been. i was a tad freaked but honestly didnt think too much of it.

the next significant thing that happened (i have no clue how much time had past since the last) was when i was home alone while my parents and brother were at a christmas party. i was downstairs watching tv when i started hearing footsteps coming from the room above me (which just happened to be my room). "just f**king lovely" i thought to myself. stuck all alone scared out of my mind for another hour or so. i called a friend and tried to ignore it until my family got home.

at one point when i was in school i went to bed every night around 11. it takes me forever to fall asleep so i was usually laying there for at least an hour wide awake. at 1136 exactly every night for about a month i would here a sound like someone scratching the wall from the inside by my bed, same spot every time. the first few times i didnt think anything of it because we had mice. after awhile im thinking what mouse has perfect timing like that? i dreaded hearing it. it gave me major goosebumps.

it gets more interesting. one night, me, my mom, and my then bf were in the living room watching tv. everyone else was asleep. we started hearing bass, like from a car that had their system blaring. we figured it was just someone sitting at the stop sign right outside. didnt give it anymore thought than that. 5 minutes later its still going on. we are like ok why is a car still sitting there after all this time. look out the window and theres no one there. we all gave each other puzzled looks. then it hits me. its coming from inside the house. its coming from my room! none of us wanted to go investigate but we finally talked my bf into goin up. sure enough it was my stereo playing one of the cds i had in, really loud. he turned it off and came back downstairs. about 5 minutes later we start hearing it again. this time when checked it was playing a different cd. again it was turned off. another 5 minutes pass and we start hearing something again. this time it was more quiet. we were getting quite freaked out at this point. my bf didnt wanna go up anymore but we made him anyway. this time it was on some oldies music channel turned down almost all the way. he turns it off this time and also unplugs it. he said if it happens again theres no way hes goin back up. it didnt come back on luckly. needless to say i was too scared to sleep in my room that night.

my final story for the night is the one that scared me the most. i desperately wanted to switch rooms with someone after it happened. i was even willing to take the room with the door to the attic (which if you knew me that would be a huge surprise. i have a phobia of creepy looking attics and basements). i had just laid down to go to sleep one night, hadnt even closed my eyes yet. just laying there thinking about random things. i start hearing whispering coming from the far corner of my room. gave me chills and i was already ready to run downstairs. then just as the thought crossed my mind to sit up and turn on the light, my blankets were pulled off of me in the direction of the end of the bed. i almost screamed. i jumped out of my bed and flew down the stairs (alsmost falling in the process). my mom saw the look on my face and shes like "damn what happened this time?" i told her and she offered to sleep downstairs in the living room with me. there was no way in hell i was gonna go back in that room for awhile.

i have always had a feeling that someone hung themselves in my room or possibly from a rafter in the barn that used to be there, near the area of my room. one of these days ill get around to finding out more about the history of the place. my mom had a ghost hunter from the state who was supposedly psychic come in and check out the house a few years ago. we were really anxious to hear what he had to say about the place. we were slightly disappointed though. he said he sensed nothing. completely nothing. he explained that he could normaly at least sense past people who lived there. could tell you if someones grandma lived there once for example. but in our house, nothing. so either something was blocking him or he was a fake. i have a few more stories (about this house and another) and i still have to look for the rest of the pics i have. hopefully i still have the pics.