Ghost Stories

Some Experiences!

Well I"m at work so I thought why don't I write about my experiences since I have read all of yours!!

When I was about 10 years old I watched the exorcist it scard the living daylights outta me! Ever since then I seen and heard things. I remember after watching that movie I would go to sleep at night and see someone pacing back and forth in my room it would scare me so much. I would also hear things in the bathroom moving around. I use to tell my step-mother that I would see someone and she told me no one could get into the house, but I knew it wasn't something alive. That went one since for a while we finally moved from there. My dad bought a house which he still lives in, I don't live there anymore because I'm too old now lol!! I had to grow up. [V] Anywho, when we moved into that house things didn't happen right off the bat. I remember I had an anmore and when I was getting my clothes out from it I would see someone walk into my room, but the door was closed. Then one night I woke up out of no where and seen this little thing standing there I swung at it but nothing was there. A couple of months latery niece ( who is older than me) was pregnant moved in with us she was always hot at night so we had a fan running constantly in my room at night over the loud fan I would hear my name being called "Angelica" over and over again I swear it was coming from the vents, but I always told myself I was crazy. Til after that happen more months and months of something calling my name my sister happen to move in with us because she was having a house built. I always told her and she thought I was crazy. One night she said she was sleeping and she awoke because she heard "Angelica" , but I switched room and she was in my old room. Then she said she listened close and hear it again "Angelica" she said she instantly thought "that little girl is trying to sneek out" &someone was coming to pick me up (LOL) she said she got up quietly went out the door opened the fron door quiet and ran as fast as she could to my window to see if someone was there and no one was so she said she looked down the street nobody insight. She want back inside and sat on the bed think where in the hell could they have gone then she heard "Angelica" she said the hair on her arms stood up and she laid down quick cause she realized the voice wasn't coming from outside the window. The noise was coming from inside the room then she said something said out loud right into her ear "ANGELICA" she said she wanted to say "she is in the other room" (LOL) , but whatever it was she didn't want it to come after me. (she has dealed with her share of ghost too our house when I was 4 was horribly haunted) The next morning she told and and she said she was sorry for thinking I was a liar and that I wasn't crazy at all. Time passed she moved I still hated that room just something about it creeps me the hell out!!! I swear in my mind I would see images of the face from the Exorcist you know the seen when the mom comes home and the lights are going on and off well in the left had corner of the screen a face pops up for a second or two but that face something about it I don't know what it is, but I would see that face in my mind in my closet. Well anyways then I started hearing stuff in the attic one night I was the only one up I was on the computer playing a game and I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed and I hear clear something running in th attic I was going pee ( sorry if TMI ha ha) but I went as fast as i could wiped and got the hell out of there I was so scared I ran to my room and when I turned the hall way light on i could see into my room the blaket flew across the room and my cat came running down the hall way. Another night I was suppose to be sleeping but I was on the phone (wasn't suppose to be) well I heard my dad coming out of his room so I hung up the phone and ran and put it on the charger and ran to my room and was laying there while he was in the bathroom well he got done went back into his room then I started to hear papers moving around in the corner of my room where my mirror was I was like thats weird theres no papers there the mirror is there. Then I hear some girl say "Watch she is gonna turn on the Light" but me and my dad were the only ones who lived there at the time. I jumped up immeditaly and turn on the light and nothing no one was there no papers I was so freaked out. Well I became bestfriends with this girl she would come over all the time spend the night I would always tell her my stories and things that would go on she didn't believe so one night she was on the phone in our computer room I was in my room when i walked out of my room I turned off the light from the ceiling fan walked out and went to where she was she got up and went to my room with the phone she said she got the the door way of my room and something whispered into her ear "Don't go" she tried hitting on the light to my room all frantic but it wouldn't turn on lol cause I shut it off my the ceiling string but she came running all out of breath telling me what happen and that she believed me. LOL I guess I make a believe out of everyone who denies me. Whatever it is who ever it is follows me to every house I live in. I have more stories I will tell later I'm tired of typing :D Byeee..........

I'm CooL!!