Ghost Stories

Some Good Ghost Stories!

I don't know anything about the house I've been living in for years. Only that it's pretty old. LOTS of things have happened over the years. I'll tell you some of them:

When I was younger i used to be afraid of everything, I'm still afraid of the dark so i leave the hall light on. Well i used to have this canopy above my bed and i used to wake up and hear someone/something running upstairs but the strange thing is that I'm on the top floor and to get into our attic is like impossible. I used to hear it run from the corner of my bed to where my head was at and i used to be able to see the canopy shake. But then as i got older it stopped. Also I remember waking up one night and I could see my closet door opening! So I said GO AWAY real loud and it just stopped. Then I woke up again that night and heard dishes crashing! So I get up and go to the kitchen and no one was there but all the cupboard doors are opened.

A Little while ago...last winter...our furnace thing, you know where you control the temperature and stuff (don't know what it's called) well it would always shut off in the middle of the night, like it would be turned to OFF and its one of those sliding ones. Well one day i was home alone and i looked at the furnace thing and it was normal, so i go and get a drink of water and walk past it put i notice that it's turned off! My mom kept blaming me and my brother for turning it off but it never was us so she got mad and put a piece of tape on it.

My basement is pretty creepy so every time I go down there I sing or hum or whistle...every time I'm down there it feels as if someone is watching my EVERY move from under the stairs where we keep suitcases and stuff but I can never see anything.

Another day i was home alone and decided to go into my mom and dads room down the hall and do sum homework and watch a movie so i lock the front door and shut my mum and dads door behind me. My dog jumps on the bed and is lying down facing the door. All of a sudden i hear someone shuffling down the hallway towards the door. It sounded like how my brother walks so i automatically thought that was him so i said Tyler? And it stopped...and then kept going. The whole time my dog had stood up, his hair was on end and his ears were pricked towards the sound but not once did he growl. I hear the shuffling come right up to the door and stop. Then my dog lies back down and goes to sleep.

Another time...a LONG time ago...i was sleeping with my mom in her bedroom. And at the end of the hall there's a closet so you can't walk right past my mom and dads room. And i remember waking up (the door is closed with only a sliver of light shining through, and the hall light is on) and i see a shadow of someone walking back and forth past the bedroom door...and that's impossible!

This is my story but my brother has told it to me. One night my brother was sleeping and he sleeps downstairs. He woke up because he heard someone breathing very oddly in his closet. So he got up and turned the light on and went rummaging through his closet thinking something was in their. By this time the breathing has stopped. Then he turns the light back off and goes to bed. Then he hears it in his closet and its getting louder and louder and then it stops at the end of the bed. So he just goes back to sleep! I don't know how he could go back to sleep after that but he did.

The other night my aunty and my cousin come over because me/my mom are going to baby-sit Paige (my 3yr old cousin). So Paige goes to bed in my bedroom while I end up falling asleep on the couch till 5:30 in the morning but then it got really really hot in the living room so i got up and moved to my room. Paige was sleeping on the edge of the bed so crept up beside her and started to fall asleep with my face facing the wall. So I'm kind of asleep but kind of not at the same time when i feel someone lay down behind my and fling their arm around my waist and i can feel them breathing down my neck so i thought my cousin just moved over. But then i feel real panicky and scared so i automatically wake up and roll over to find my little cousin not even close to where i felt that person. Anyone know what that was or who that was? 'Cause i was scared!

Any thoughts on what it could be? Comments anyone? lol Oh and i've talked to a dead girl before and i've heard ghosts. One said the name Jesse to me and my cousin who can see them told me that the soldier standing next to me was named jesse. This has happened numerous of times. Thoughts?[?]