Ghost Stories

Some of My Experiences

Evening all..

While talking to Shamus, he directed me to this site to post some experiences I have had in the past, and present.

At 8 I was walking out of my class room (second grade in the Netherlands) and I wanted to go to the toilet. Instead of going to the right, where our toilets were, I went to the left. The toilets of the younger kids (3-5 years old). I had a splitting headache walking through the hallway, and I didn't quite know WHY I was walking there as the toilets were a bit too small for me. THen I heard a voice asking me:'What's wrong, little boy?' It was a tall, skinny man all dressed in white.
I told him I had a very bad headache. He put his hands on my head, and after about 5 minutes the headache had gone. The thought in my head was:'Reiki'. By that time I didn't know what that was exactly. Now, 22 years later I have Usui Reiki 1.

When I was 19 I was put in hospital for treatment of Meningitis Sepsis. I was comatose. I was also heavily sedated. Suddenly I saw myself hovering over my body, and mother and doctor at the head end and orderlies around me stopping me from shaking heavily. I saw a bright light, far away. the rest was pitchblack. But I could see the outside a little through the black. Kind of opaque if you will. the closer I came to the bright light, the brighter it got. Just as I was going through that bright light I saw an oak door, with a brass, slightly scratched but shiny handle. The door was opened. I saw my grandmother who had passed away *due to suicide* (don't know if I want that on the forum, but may be important anyway.) 7 yrs prior to that. She took my hand in hers and pulled me away, saying: 'It's not your time yet, wake up'

Many years later, 2003 on a dark stormy cloudy and rainy night I was waiting for a cab to get me home. As said it was dark and no lights were shining.
I was feeling depressed. All of a sudden I heard the voice of a very good friend of mine telling me:'It is going to be all right Roland!' To my left was a bright light in my eye. I couldn't see the light anywhere but it was there. Also I felt warmth. Next day I called that friend and told him what had happened. At that same time he had been thinking of me.

When I was sitting at my computer in the room it used to be in, now the guestroom I felt little children's hands in my side, playfully poking me. I heard laughter. Never knew what that was. But it was a lovely feeling.

I don't know when it was exactly but I was sleeping one night and heard a voice in my dreams.'It's a boy!' Next day I went to my aunt's exposition and on my way there I got a call. First one was that friend I was referring to earlier. I asked him if they had gotten a boy because she was due to deliver. The answer was no.
Then I called up a guy I knew, for no apparent reason. Turned out his then girlfriend was in the hospital after giving labour to a boy.

Basically around 2007 I started losing stuff, only to find the stuff I lost somewhere completely different from where I know I left them. Me and a friend (who I will cover too) decided on a test. I was smoking a rolled cigarette. After rolling it I placed my tobacco pouch, rolling papers and lighter in plain sight before me. Some time later I wanted to smoke again.
I got my tobacco pouch, my lighter. couldn't find my rolling papers. There was a light to the right of me and I went to reach for it to turn it on when my hand made a turn and grabbed something behind me that I had not felt laying there. It turned out to be my rolling papers.

When I was over at my friend's house (he lived at number 13) for the first time I was a little bit freaked out by the 'feel' of the house. Couldn't place it or explain really. Later we were watching a movie and we both felt a really threatening entity. He told me to think very positive thoughts, I instinctively did that already. The entity subsided. Some months later, in the summer I think. It was pretty warm anyway we were in his house and I needed to use the toilet. He had been telling me that there had been some weird stuff going on. Like plates being thrown around the kitchen. I entered the toilet, and it was seconds after that I got enveloped by this huge gust of icy cold wind. Almost like a blanket. I yelled at him that something was not right there and never went out of a toilet that fast. There were no open windows or doors, and insulation was very good.

At one point in time in 2007 I was on the computer, now in the living room. I felt someone being present in the living room and looked behind me through the corners of my eyes. I saw a shadow, 3D'ish and about 5'8 tall. As soon as I noticed that I felt two hands on my neck. I got up from my chair and faced the entity. I told him then to exit my house. He moved towards my backdoor leading to the balcony and stayed there. I told him to move it and after that he left. Although it took me a while to actually get rid of him. He lingered at the backdoor for a while. It did take 5-10 minutes. After this I cleansed my house with incense.

I occasionally ask people what they feel when they enter my house. Usually it is that is pretty inviting, or I feel have been here before kind of reactions. Apart from the dining room. Most people (including me) get a weird feeling there. Feeling of sorrow, sadness, death maybe.

More recently with my current girlfriend we were sitting at the diningtable when I felt something. This happened on Valentine's Day 2008. I asked her if she felt anything, and she answered:'Yes. I am feeling something around my legs at the moment.' It wasn't me as we were sitting opposite each other and there's a wooden plank between us. Totally different feeling.
I felt something around my shoulder/neck area. When suddenly I saw something in the corner of my eye, it was someone dressed in an uniform from the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. He was facing the window. His back not completely turned away from me. Napoleon and his men had been stationed here. That much I did know. What I did not know is that Napoleon's cousin guided his troops from Fortress Kijkduin in Den Helder, the Netherlands (my hometown) towards Paris, France practically along my house. The road they used lies some 300 feet from my house.

As said before when people enter my house, they perceive it as being in either a very relaxing atmosphere, or having visited earlier. The dining area is different as that raises feelings of distress, fights, sorrow, a fire (there's supposed to have been a fire a few years back but no one died then.

Does anyone have any ideas, worthwhile hopefully on how to get these apparitions clearer?

Thanks in advance