Ghost Stories

Some of My Many Stories

I have had many experiances with spirts and so has my father through out his life. I'm going to start by telling you some of the experiances my father has had. When my father was sixteen years old he lived in a small town in New Jersey and nearby where he lived there was an old crematory. It was near a wooded area and a large hill. My father was always interested in the parinormal so he would visit the crematory every now and then because there was word that it was haunted. One night my father went up to the crematory with two other friends of his.They parked the car in the area and started to chat. They sat there for about fifteen minutes when my father noticed something red at the corner of his eye. He turned his head and there was a red cloud shaped man standing righ next to the cars door. He was floating and where his eyes should have been there were only black holes. The red cloud man floated to the front of the car, stoped, turned his head towards my father and his friends and floated on, disappearing into the woods. My father quickly drove off frightened.

Another experiance my father had at the crematory was when he was with one other friend, They had deicied to take a hike up into the woods. It was evening, the sun was just going down. Everything was just fine until they heard the sound of footsteps literally right behind them. They heard the crackling sound of the fallen branches being steped on. They stoped and spung around. Right when they stoped so did the walking and there was no one in sight. So they precied on. The walking started up again, they tried to ignore it and pick up there pace. Suddenly they heard someone yell,"Hello," and it felt as if the person yelled it right into my fathers ear. My father decied to yell 'hello' back. When he did he heard a horrible scream. My father describes it as nails on a chalk board. The scream didn't sound like it was coming from far away, actually it sound as if the person was standing beside them. They began to run because they were extremly scared. As they ran the sound of someone running with them kept going on until they reached the end of the woods.

If your curious if this crematory is still around the answer is no. About 5 years ago they cleared the entire woods and built expensive new house on the property. It kind of makes me wonder if those people who now live on the land are now haunted by the many spirts.

My next story is one of the experiances I've had. Since I could remeber I have seen ghosts. Most of the time I keep this fact and my stories to myself and only share my stories with my father because he has also had many experiances. No one else would believe me anyway. Well when I was 3 years old me and my parents moved to this small town in Pennsylvania. It was a quiet lovely house and also it was over 100 years old. As my parents have told me, once we moved in I became terrified with a certain room in the house. My parents were going to make it into my bedroom and when they set up the furniture I refused to sleep in it. So they put me in the other room which I had no problem in and found it very peaceful. One of the first things I rember was, I was sitting in the kitchen playing with some toys. The bedroom that I feared was right next to the kitchen, so my mother kept the door closed. My mom went to the bathroom and I was left alone. I kept playing, when I had this strange feeling that someone was standing next to the door of the scary bedroom. I looked up and a little girl with blonde hair, that was pulled up into a bun. She was wearing a 1920's kinda dress. She looked a little older then me and she had a big smile on her face. I wasn't afraid because she seemed so peaceful. She turned around and went throught the door. I lived in that house until I was seven years old. The entire time I would repeatly see this girl about five, six times a week. Sometimes she was smiling and happy and other times she was crying. Most of the time I would see her in the same blue dress but there were times I would see her in a long white night gown. Most of the times I saw her in the night gown she was crying. I would mostly see her near the scary bedroom but sometimes I would catch her staring out the bay window in the living room. The only times I felt scared of her was when she was crying. There was an uneasy feeling in the room.

One time I was playing outside, digging in the dirt. I happened to look up and see a man standing inside my house looking out my big bay window, he was see-through, had black looking hair, it was fairly long. He was dressed in a grey suite and he was hold a cup of coffee. He looked angry. He didn't look at me, he just kept looking stright foward. Yet I felt extremly scared, like I was in danger, its very hard to explain. I looked away hopping when I looked back that he would be gone. He was. I sat outside for a very long time until my mother came to bring me in because I was afraid to go inside my house. That was the first and last time I saw that man.

I had many experiances in that house which I will probably share with you's in the near future, but right now I would like to tell you about what happened last night.

Well the house I live in now is also very old. So old that it was one of the first houses ever built in my town. My basement is made out of rock walls and dirt floor. Anyway there's a room next to mine that I call Dora's room because inside the cloest in that room there is Dora written on the wall with the numbers 4387 below it. I don't go in that room much because I get a horrible feeling about it and I've seen some pretty creppy things in that room. Well anyway, last night I was shuting out the hall light and getting ready to hope into bed when I saw something run out of my room into Dora's room. I was frightened so I quickly ran into my room but in order to go into my room you can't help but see into Dora's room. Now bare with me, I know this sounds a little crazy and I wouldn't doubt if you didn't believe me, but in Dora's room I saw two of my porcilin dolls floating in the air spinning around. I shut my door and locked it. I proceded to bed but i couldn't sleep because I continually heard a little girl humming a song. This isn't the first time I heard it, and I also usually hear knocking on the wall, people talking, saying,"Can you hear me?" and "Are you okay?" A few times I even hear conversations but I can't understand the words.

Well I'll post latter with more stories if everyone would like to hear somemore :)