Ghost Stories

somebody watching over me? and some other stuff

Hi,I'm new..................but i have been reading the stories and forum's for ages and today i thought i will become a member or something.I have had a couple of things happen to me.I would like to have some1 tell me whats going on with the first and or second thing that i will say [there is a couple].

I don't remember if it was last year or the year before,I had a strange dream. But before i will tell you about it i would like to say that my grandfather died when i was 2 so................i don't remember him or what his voice sounds like.In my dream there was water coming out of the phone and the wires connected to the phone.First thing i thought was what is going on here. Then the phone rang and the guy on the phone said "tell your mother[i think he said mother if it wasn't mother then it would be family or something like that] i will be there soon". I said "ok,who is this?". The guy said "saba". We call my grandfather saba because in hebrew[i am jewish] grandfather is saba.Then he hanged up the phone.Now remember he has passed away and i do not remember his voice. Thats all i remember from the dream.

Last year or like earlier in this year i was in the bathroom and the only people home was my dad and me. Then all of a sudden i heard someone go...........hmmmmm........hmmmmmmmmmm..........hmmmmm.I know it wasn't my dad because he was in the lounge room watching tv and it sounded like an old man who was tired or sort of like oh god this is boring.Could it be my grandfather?.

I feel like sometimes i am being watched.........sometimes i am ok with it i feel safe other times i just want to run out of the house.

When no one else was home but me and i would be on the computer sometimes the dishes in the sink would make a bang noise. I would go up to see what it would be and i would see my rabbit just staring at the sink and then not taking his eyes off the sink for a couple of minutes.

In my house we used to have glass doors until my mum wanted sliding doors that only had a little bit of glass in them.................anyways back to when we had the glass doors. they were in the entrance of my house like right next door to the front door. I was sitting on the couch with my mum and i saw something white behind the glass door. I couldn't keep my eyes off it.Then i got my mobile took a couple of pics[some zoomed in]. The ones that are not zoomed in you can seesomething flaoting on air. There was 2 that were taken in zoomed in. The first 1 you can see half a face[male]. The second 1 there are couple of faces. There is a mother sort of holding her baby,another baby,old man,a man and a teenage girl. Now the 1 that really scared me was the mother holding her baby[i don't know why]. I didn't see anything else................but then.

A couple of weeks after my friend was sleeping over at my place and she saw the pictures on my mobile she saw a cross in the pic that has like a lot of faces in it. So then i saw the cross when she said there was a cross.Then i stared at it and i saw at the bottom of the cross 3 eye's. 2 normal eye's and then 1 in the middle. Like how Indian women have the dot. Thats how it looked like but it was an eye.

I was just like oh my god because my parents have been living in my house for over 20 years and we are Jewish.The people who lived at my place before us were Jewish as well, they lived here for a long time.

I know i should look up the history of the house to find out stuff.I know where to go but its the matter of getting there because it takes ages to drive there. I hope to find out the history soon. I will tell you about it when i find out.

Last night i went on a ghost tour with a couple of friend's. There was a lot of people there.Maybe around um..........20-30 people. So the tour was taking us places around Melbourne[ I live in Australia and 1 of the cities in oz is Melbourne, i live in Melbourne].Anyways.............we went in a building. When we first came in you could tell people were scared because the room was dark and the only way we could c was because of the city lights outside. The tour guide said what had happened to the building like there was an axe murderer and how they used 2 make stuff there and how some people were killed there[other stuff happened there as well]. Before he told us anything about the place i was staring at the balcony and a room behind the balcony. There was just something about that room and the balcony that i did not like. It scared me.I felt like someone was watching us from there.

The guide said that 1 by 1 we will walk through the back of the building.Once he said that i felt like i wasn't scared of the balcony and the room behind it. It was like the thing that was there was gone. I felt better.but then.....

He said that everyone should walk around the building[ walk around with no1 with you] but i was still scared so i went with 1 of my friend's. We were arm in arm because she said that she wasn't scared but to tell you the truth i think she was. So........then we went at the back of the building i wasn't scared until. We saw a garage door that was half open and to go back into the room where we were before we would have to walk under it. I didn't want to but i had to. I felt like something was going to put the garage door on my head. Something was there watching everyone go through the back of the building.I felt the same way as i felt like when we first came [some1 was watching us].

2 of my other friends walked underneath the garage door and one of them said that she felt someone touch her shoulder.

The guide told us how he had a couple of mediums on the ghost tour and before he had told them about the place they said that they are not going 2 be walking around the building and the guy asked why and they said because they can c a guy they an axe on the balcony staring at them.

That place scared me. There was other places as well but it didn't scare me, until our last stop.

When we went 2 our last stop, Queen Victoria market.[Here is some information on it] Before it was a market. It was Melbournes first cemetery. 10,000 bodies were burried there. When they decided to make it into a market or something like that they only took out about 900 bodies. That means about 9,100 bodies remain, Under the market and the car park.

When we first came i felt like i was being pulled somewhere not like someone was physically pulling me but it was a feeling that i was getting,emotionally. We first stopped in the car park and the guide told us about the cemetery and he told us how people were burried in different parts of the cemetery based on the religion. When he said it we were standing i think he said on the Anglicans[which is at a part of the car park]. I didn't feel safe,where we were standing but i still felt the pulling. I didn't know what was doing it. But i knew which part of the cemetery it was coming from. When we were walking around and the guide said we will go inside the market. He pointed it out where the Jew's were burried,until he pointed out where the jews were burried i didn't know jew's were even burried at Queen Victoria market.

Thats where the pulling was coming from, the jewish part of the cemetery. I was scared because i had never had this happen to me before. At the same time i felt safe, like some1 is watching over me.

It didn't end there...............When i was with my friend at the train station and we were waiting for my mum to come and pick us up. We were sitting down on 1 of those bench chair's and then i felt like some1 was poking my arm, but no1 was there.

I am so sorry because of how long it is thank you so much if you even tried to read it and thought long.......

anyways thank you and i would love to know what you would like to say about that stuff that has happened to me, specially about my grandfather.

Love from emily

P.S i have more things to tell you guy's but then it will make this thingy way to long. If you ask me what other stuff has happened i will tell you.:D