Ghost Stories

Something has attached itself to me

I'll keep the backstory minimal, I've always had lots of activity around me, seen shadow people, attracted electrical phenomena etc. pretty much constantly until I was 18 (two things happened the week I stopped having frequent activity, I was hospitalised for depression and put on medication, and I met my fiance-to-be who was a firm non-believer). Mum always said that because I have Asperger's Syndrome, the part of a child's brain that allows it to see ghosts never properly grew up, that I held onto my sight for longer than most children. I pinpoint that week as the point I 'grew up' and stopped seeing the things that had attached to my child-like autistic brain. Since then I've had a few odd things but never anything outright or direct, with the exception of very strange dreams in the weeks following my niece's death. Backstory over.

A few nights ago my solar powered lights turned on at 3am. They charge through the day, display from about 9pm-12am, but the only way you can turn them on when they've gone off is to cover the sensor. They stayed on for a few minutes, as though someone had stood in front of the sensor, then turned back off, and I went back to sleep. Odd but not very strange.

Two nights ago, I saw a large shadow move past my bed, I live on the 9th floor so nothing could have passed my window. Again, I dismissed it and went back to sleep. It was late, I was overly tired, probably a trick of the light.

Then yesterday it all went haywire. I left my flat to go downstairs to grab the takeaway food and when I returned every single light in my flat was off. I was sure I'd left them on (I only went downstairs!), but thought I could have turned them off out of instinct, so wrote it off. I mean - there was a huge thunderstorm going on so maybe I'd had a power cut... Except they came back on when I flicked the switches so there hadn't been a power cut (after a power cut I usually have to flick the switches in the mains box). They'd been switched off. The takeaway left a lot of boxes, so when I'd finished eating I took the containers to the rubbish chute, which is on my floor, next door to my flat. I made a firm mental note that I had definitely left the lights on as I locked the door. Sure enough, when I returned two minutes later, they were all off again. It was about this time I started to get a really weird feeling. It wasn't threatening but it was very uncomfortable, unwelcoming. I felt like I was trespassing in my own flat!

A little while later I walked through my living room and passed through a cold spot. It was as though someone had poured icy water over me, it passed very quickly but it made me jump. The hallway is sometimes a little draughty, but the living room is all internal and never has a draught. The feeling of not being welcome had escalated so I posted the happenings to Facebook and was advised to light a candle and nicely ask the entity to leave. Seemed fair enough.

I stood in the middle of the living room and lit a candle, the flame caught but before I so much as uttered one word, the flame blew out. It didn't flicker or crackle, or sway like there was a breeze, it blew out suddenly, as though someone had blown sharply on it. I've never really practised spells but my mum does, and the one thing I know for certain is that if a spell goes wrong - abandon ship. If something doesn't want you to finish a spell, it either needs to be there or does not want to go. So... At nearly midnight I decided staying at the flat felt like a bad idea. In the middle of a heavy storm, in the middle of the night I pretty much ran to my Mum's house (she only lives a few streets away). The minute I stepped out of the building I felt a huge sense of relief - shaken and uncomfortable, but I no longer felt like something was shooing me.

I approached my Mum's house and all the lights were off, nobody was awake so that's pretty standard. I came in through the kitchen and turned that light on, took off my wet coat, put the kettle on, and when I went into the hallway I saw that the living room light was on. I presumed mum had heard me arrive and woken up, except when I went into the living room nobody was there. Both cats were fast asleep on the opposite side of the room, so it definitely wasn't them (I don't THINK either of them can turn on the light anyway). Still, I didn't feel as uneasy anymore, I certainly felt a little uncomfortable, but it was only a mild thing.

The baby woke, howling, shortly after, so I didn't get to sleep. She'd just settled off again when I heard a crash outside. I looked out of the window to find one of my Mum's garden lanterns appeared to have fallen from the shed roof and shattered. There was still a fairly high wind so I chose to ignore it. Several hours later when the baby woke again (and I'd had a few hours sleep), I went outside for a cigarette and realised the lanterns are attached to the roof by a loop, not a hook, wind could have knocked it sideways off of a hook, but not lift it up and then move it in a full circle off of the loop.

The weirdest thing however, happened this morning, about an hour ago. The baby was playing on her mat, babbling away and as she looked so cute I decided to take a picture. Except every time the camera pointed at her the screen went her black, as though someone had put their thumb over the lens. Hoping it was just light from the window behind her causing it, I moved around the room. The same thing happened no matter how high or low I held the camera, no matter which direction I attempted to take the shot from (even with the light source behind me), the camera went black as soon as she was in frame. My dad witnessed this. A minute or so later it returned to normal - I took several pictures of her and nothing odd showed up. It made me feel very nervous. The 8 month old baby is in perfect health, but we have a family history of cot death and I worried it might have been an omen, or a warning of some sort. Especially as she learned a new word, whilst all this was going on.
"Bye!" Accompanied with waving enthusiastically at me. Up until this, her only other word has been "daddy!"

I'm looking at her right now, and she's happy, healthy and fine, she's stopped saying "bye!" Over and over and has switched back to "Daddy!" I don't feel anything negative around her. But I feel it around me. Again it's not threatening, not bone-chillingly terrifying... Just a sort of discomfort. An uneasy sort of feeling.

Three days ago when all this started happening, was the day I restarted my contraceptive pill, so there are hormonal changes going on. Last night was also the super moon, and a meteor shower is going on over the next few days as well so there are big goings on celestially. There are also MAJOR renovations going on in my building, where most of this activity has occurred and where it started. (There have been two deaths in my building, to my knowledge, an elderly woman who died of natural causes and a young woman who was murdered) I don't know if any of these facts are linked, but I certainly feel like something is attached to me, whatever it was followed me to my Mum's and I'm not sure whether it's here to help, to warn me of something, or cause trouble. Normally activity like lights playing up, strange shadows or temperature changes don't bother me, it happened often enough in my youth that I suppose I'm just used to it. However, I can't shake this weird feeling that's come with it and I'd like it to stop!

Any suggestions or advice?