Ghost Stories

Something(s)/spirits following me??

Hello everyone, I have been looking for someone to mabey give me some insite on my......lifelong confusion.

When I lived in Ontario(almost 10 years ago) strange things things started happening in my home.I was about 15 the first time noises (sounds like things falling, or banging, or footsteps) started. I (for as long as I can remember, have had a fasination with the paranormal) thought it was kinda neat. From there what or whoever it was started to mimic my voice. Eg. I was in my room with my best friend, who got up and went to the bathroom, when she returned she was REALLY confused. She told me, she was in the washroom when she herd a knock at the door and then MY voice tell her she had to go, that her mom was here and she had to leave. When she went downstairs my parents were just as confused with her claim. I kinda thought she was messing with me and dissmissed it.

Months later I had my boyfriend over, we were sitting on my bed and he started to use the phone, however, when I looked at him, he was looking at me and I sh#! you not he was WHITE. He hung up, told me he just heard MY voice on the phone telling him I wanted him to leave, GOHOME!......he then left.

I have since moved to Alberta and activity has kinda increased and decreased. We have happenings for up to a 3-4 day strech and then nothing for even months.
I have since had 3 children who I believe are being affected as well.

These happenings breifly consist of:
- I once put my 6 month old(at the time) in his exersause with some blocks. He was having a FIT and i needed to "walk away for a couple minuts" to cool down, he was screaming when I walked into my room, then he just stopped, it worried me and I rushed out to find him giggling with all 6 blocks stacked infront of him.(not something a 6 month old could do in a matter of seconds)
- My childrens noisy toys go off by themselves in such a way i do not believe it was a malfunction.
eg. me and my bo were sitting on the couch with his friend in the room, Topic of hauntings comes up and my sons button guitar starts playing, then stops, my bo says"ooooo its the ghosts" and it starts playing, my boyfriend says "jesus crist" my sons play phone goes off.
I start laughing and everything stops. My bo's friend says "you guys are fu#!ing with me" my sons piano goes off.I start laughing the guitar goes again. My boyfriend and his friend decide to go to the bar and get a drink, I laugh, toys stop.
-I was home alone with the kids one night, got everyone to sleep and layed down myself. Only to hear beneath me in the basement what sounded like up to 10 men talking....IN MY BASEMENT. So I go to the basement stairs open the door, and quiet. I go lay down again...VOICES, I get up go check out outside around the house inside and out QUIET, go lay down only to fall asleep to the sound of a male meeting in my basement.
-One day when we had my bo's bro staying with us in the basement, I woke up and started mopping the floor. running the water to rinse the mop every couple minuts when I hear a HUGE bang. I instantly assumed my bo's bro was in the shower and I blasted him causing him anger or to fall or something, so I do my little "oh crap dance" and wait for him to come upstairs, when he finally does about an hour and a half later, he has no idea what im talking about, he hasnt even had a shower today.
so then a day later, im sitting in the basement on the computer with my bo's mom, telling her about the bang and as soon as she say's it was probably a pipe, there is a knock at the backdoor. when I go up the stairs to see knowone is there and my motion light did not go on.??
-my voice has been heard hear and there by different people in the house, not telling them to leave, ussuallly they say its like im speaking from a distance and they can't make out what I say.

It all seems very harmless, however , lately by oldest son is petrified of his room and his toys. and the smoke detector for some reason(probably not related).

Has anyone else heard of mimicing voices??should I be worried??