Ghost Stories

Something That Looked Like My Mother

I'm not completely closed off to the idea of spirits, or life after death, but I'm not a big believer either, and before this episode I'm about to describe I had no reason to. What I'm about to describe really scared the hell out of me, but I've always been sure that there is some rational explanation for it, and the few I came up with have never convinced me. Anyway, it's been about a year, and I just wanted to see if anybody else had something similar happen, or had any thoughts.

OK, this happened a year ago in June, I was at my house and it was just me and my dog. It was around 10pm, and like I do every night I took my dog into the back yard to make sure he relieved himself before we went to bed. I was sitting in a chair on the porch, and I kept hearing movement in the yard, but I couldn't see very far past the area the porch light was illuminating. I knew it wasn't my dog because for some reason he was laying on the porch instead of making his usual rounds in the yard. Then I saw my mother come out of the darkness into the edge of the light where it was kind of dim. I thought this was kind of strange, since my parents live about an hour away from me, and even if she did pop by for a visit, she wouldn't be in the back yard. Since it looked like my mother I didn't freak out, even though looking back the whole idea of her being there makes no sense I just said hello and asked her why she dropped by.

I should have known something was wrong already, but I didn't become alarmed until my "mother" just stood there and didn't reply to me at all. She didn't even seem to be looking at me but above me, then kept turning her head and looking behind her. Then this thing started acting strange, it went from having no expression at all, to suddenly having this huge grin on it's face and started kind of wobbling, it basically looked drunk. Then my fear subsided a little bit, because the strange behavior of my "mother" no longer seemed scary, I simply thought my mother had showed up at my house drunk. That had never happened before, and I had only seen her drink on a few occasions, but I just assumed she had been out to eat with some friends, and maybe had a few margaritas and showed up for a drunken visit. While this wasn't normal at all for her, I shrugged it off, got up, then started walking toward her saying something like "come on mom", thinking I would fix her up with some coffee, or a bed to sleep it off in, then call my dad to let him know where she was. But as I was walking toward her she started stumbling backward into the darkness, so that I couldn't see her anymore.

At this point the alarm bells started ringing again, while I wasn't yet thinking that something I wouldn't be able to later explain was happening, I was beginning to realize that this scenario wasn't right, and starting to believe this wasn't my mother. I started walking backward toward the porch when my "mother" started forward again out of the darkness, still grinning and stumbling. And I know this sounds kind of cheesy, but she started giving me hand motions to come toward her, it kind of reminded me of that scene from the Shining where that nasty old lady was coming after Jack Nicholson, except this thing didn't look scary at all, it just looked like a drunken, grinning version of my mother. I don't know why, but I started walking back toward her, as I did so she started walking backward again out of the illumated area. While I was fairly sure this wasn't my mother it still looked like her so I said "Mom, what are you doing? Come here." She just smiled more and kept backing away. I turned around and walked to the back door of my house, then told my dog (who didn't seem to notice any of this going down) to get back in the house. As I was about to go back inside this thing had come closer to the house than it had previously, and being further in the light I could see it in more detail. I was sure this wasn't my mother now, the eyes looked wrong, way too dark, and the figure seemed to have a bit of transparency to it. But it was still stumbling foward, motioning for me, and grinning like an idiot. At this point I stepped inside, shut the door and locked it.

I was completely freaked out, but I didn't want to call anybody and tell them that the ghost of my mother, who wasn't dead, was prowling around in my back yard. I did call my parents however but nobody answered at their home, I managed to get them on the cell and they were on their way home from a movie. After watching this thing through the glass door which now seemed to just be aimlessly wandering around the yard, and talking to my mother on the phone at the same time, I was positive it wasn't her, or part of some prank she might be playing on me. I didn't tell them about any of this, I made up some excuse for my call, hung up, then closed the blinds on the back door so I wouldn't have to see this thing, and so it couldn't see me.

I never saw the thing again, I never worked up the courage to peek out, I just sat on the couch the rest of the night scared out of my mind and trying to explain it to myself, wondering if I should just leave, but getting to my car would have meant going outside, and I was too afraid to do that. Ten minutes or so after coming inside the porch light went out, since it was on a sensor and would come on only if there was movement within a certain radius of the house. As I sat there the rest of the night it kept coming back on though, this could have been caused by a neighborhood cat or other animal running through my yard, or even a large bug flying by the sensor, but I had never seen it come on as many times as it did that night, however most nights I wouldn't have been so jumpy and just not realized it happening, but I have noted in the year since then that it hasn't acted up as much as that. Also I kept hearing the door make noise as if somebody were kind of pushing on it. The door makes that noise sometimes when the wind is blowing, but to the best of my knowledge there was little or no breeze that night. I didn't sleep at all, and I was never so happy to see the sun rise!

Nothing like that has ever happened to me before or since. The explanation I came up with, though I'm not convinced, is that it was an acid flashback. I didn't rule out the idea that I was crazy, but I've never had an episode like that, or been diagnosed with any type of mental disorder. But in my late teen years and first few years of college I did party pretty hard, and had been known to take LSD from time to time, which is why I decided on acid flashback. The only thing that bothered me is that I never had a hallucination that vivid or realistic while the LSD was actually coursing through me, so it seemed unrealistic that an aftershock from it would be stronger than the actual event. I'm sorry this story is so long, but I did leave quite a bit out. Even reading this I realize I failed to capture how frightening the event actually was, and left some parts out, but I'm not writing a novel here. I just wanted to see if anybody has any thoughts on this, or if you just want to comment on my mental health, which I assure you is at least somewhat normal.
No, I'm not sick now. And everything turned out to be fine after I did get sick, athough it was very scary at the time, and may have had nothing to do with this thing, but it was very strange. The truth is I wasn't feeling well right after this happened. Since I didn't sleep at all that night, and really didn't sleep well in the weeks following, I was feeling pretty down. A couple of weeks after the incident I became physically ill, I was achy, tired, and vomiting. I went to my doctor, and he said it might be the flu, even though it wasn't flu season, and he took some blood (he does that even if I come in for an ear ache). Then the next day he called me and said that he wanted to put me in the hospital so he could get some fluids in me, my blood work didn't look good to him I guess. I think he said it looked like I was dehydrated (I don't know why, I drink plenty of water) and there was some other stuff I needed, including potassium, and he said low potassium could mean there was something wrong with my kidneys.

So I checked into the hospital, they put me in a room, hooked me up to an IV, monitored my diet, and took more blood, and ran a few other tests, I forget what exactly, because I was sleeping a lot, I guess I slept better there because I felt safe. Anyway, my doctor came and told me my kidneys were OK, but he wanted to give me a sonogram (which I thought was just for pregnant ladies). After the sonogram he told me that my gallbladder was filled with gallstones and it would have to be removed. I was in surgery the next day, and when I woke up in the recovery room the surgeon came and told me that he couldn't remove my gallbladder because my liver was so swollen that he couldn't get to it, so they had taken a little chunk of it off for a liver biopsy. But this is what scared the hell out of me, he said that it looked like liver disease, either cirrhosis (even though I don't drink much) or hepatitis and looked so bad that I was probably going to need a liver transplant. That scared me, and they even sent a counselor to my room to talk to me about it (I guess that's hospital policy). But what had me confused was that if they saw my gallbadder was full of stones on the sonogram, why couldn't they see my liver was swollen, since the two are connected, and could have saved me the pain of surgery. They couldn't give me an answer, but one doctor said it wasn't swollen on the sonogram, and I asked if it was normal for the liver to just swell up like that overnight, and he said no.

I was released from the hospital and set up to see a liver specialist, but I had to go stay with my parents because I couldn't get out of bed by myself due to the pain of my incisions and the chunk of my liver they cut off. When I went to the liver specialist he said there didn't appear to be anything wrong with the tissue sample from my liver they had sent him. He then set me up for another sonogram. I went back to see him in a week to get the results, and he told me my liver wasn't swollen, and that I had no gallstones. He told me I never had gallstones, because they wouldn't go away by themselves like that, not in such a short time. Naturally I was relieved, I went from thinking I had a gallbladder full of gallstones, and a liver that was going to have to be replaced, to having nothing wrong with me at all. I couldn't really get a straight answer from my original doctor, or the hospital because I'm sure they were worried about a malpractice suit, since they did unnecessary surgery on me and had told me that I was going to need a liver transplant.

This may have been in no way related, and can maybe be chalked up to incompetent doctors, but it was so strange, and happened so soon after my incident that I can't help but think it might be related. And I can see one doctor messing up, but for them to mess up on my bloodwork, a sonogram, and for the surgeon who had me cut open to abort the surgery because my liver was supposedly swollen, it seems like too many things to just be coincidence. I got a different doctor after this whole debaucle and he couldn't believe this story when I told it to him (not about the weird mother thing, but the medical thing). Anyway, long story short, I'm fine, not sick at all.
I had something else happen to me tonight, I'm not sure if it's in any way related, but it was nothing like happened that night, as I didn't actually see anything. And while the other episode took place in my back yard, this happened inside the house.

Anyway, I was just sitting on the couch watching television and playing around with my guitar that I had hooked up to a little amp that was sitting on the coffee table. I heard a weird noise coming from the kitchen, kind of a muted ringing sound, which I identified as the wall phone in the kitchen before I even got up. I had the wireless handset with me on the couch, and it wasn't ringing, but I tried to answer it anyway, and there was just dial tone, all the while the other phone was still ringing. Like I said it sounded kind of muted, like there was something wrong with the bell, or whatever is inside of those old school phones. The sound kind of reminded me of when I was in school and we would mess around and tape something around one of the bells in the classroom or hallway, so they would either not ring, or sound like it was broken. Don't ask me why we did that.

So I get up, set the guitar against the back of the couch and go to check out the phone. It was still ringing when I got there, and I picked it up, and was still ringing as I listened to the dial tone. I pulled it off the wall to examine it better, and as I did so it stopped, but I couldn't figure out what the deal was because I didn't want to crack it open to inspect what was inside, because I wouldn't know what would have been wrong with it anyway. But I did dial it with my cell phone and it rang normally. There may be some explanation for that, I'm not a phone repairman, so I put it down and left it alone. I went back to the couch and picked up my guitar and there was a strong humming from the amp as if it were turned up very loudly, which it had not been, but sure enough as soon as I hit a note, it blasted out. I know I didn't have it turned up that loud, and when I looked at the amp the volume and countour knobs were turned all the way up, only the gain was set where it had been previously. The knobs are on pretty tight, and it would definatly take somebody turning them to get them to that position. I tried messing with it to see if something else could make them move. I shook the amp, tried walking by and purposly brushing the knobs with my leg, and I couldn't make anything happen. Plus the amp was sitting pretty far back on the table, so I couldn't have brushed it with my leg, but I was trying anything.

I've had some things in my house happen that I can't explain, but I kind of assumed there might be an explanation. I'm not an electrician, so I can't explain lights and stuff going off and on, or stuff like that, but I thought that if I did call an electrician he could probably find a reason for it. And there might be a reason for the phone, but the situation with the knobs is pretty straight forward, and for the life of me I can't figure out a rational explanation for it.

I'm trying not to worry though, I didn't get any creepy feeling, or "bad vibes", or out right frightened like I was with my encounter a year ago. I just tried to laugh it off and tell my self that if it was something paranormal, that the bell was just it trying to play along with me, and then after I got up it cranked my amp up because it thought I should be rocking out harder. I know that's goofy, but if I start thinking it was something sinister I'll just end up creeping myself out too much.