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Sorry I have been MIA.........

I have tried to piece together the whole story from beginning to now as there is yet no end. If you don't mind I am going to copy and paste my story from my MySpace Blog as writing about it over and over is very hard to do and I miss many important things. This is not 100% everything that has happened but the most i can remember for now.
Trying to piece this together from begining to end THE STORY OF OUR MAINE HAUNTINGS
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My story is a very confusing story but oh so real and it all started January 2006 when one of my best friends had moved into a new apartment.
This is from 1 year ago I may be off on some of this but if I am my friend can help correct me. I have not read this for a long time, If I had said I never touched the Ouija board I had been reminded I had while trying to communicate with my friend Todd. Also I learned that as far as the Ouija board is concerned it was allowed to be brought there as I had been told it had not been. I question either of my friends as I love them both dearly so when I get one saying one thing and another saying something else, I write it off as misunderstanding and 9 times out of ten I miss

My Best friend Alicia had just moved into a new apartment Dec 31,2005 with her 2 youngest children Brieanna 15 and Buddy13. The first night they spent the night Alicia and her two children all in separate bedrooms were awoken at exactly 4:21AM. They thought it was rather freaky that all of them were awakening at the same time but let it go. After 3 night's of this and being awoken at 4:21AM they all started hearing noise's. Light tap's, scratching sounds and the feeling of being watched.

Alicia's bedroom is next to Brieanna's room. Both bedroom's became very cold,cold enough they could slightly see their breath. Alicia and the kid's went into the living room to all sleep together and they noticed it was much warmer than the two bedroom's that were adjoined. This happened for another 3 night's but more and more started happening. The began seeing shadow's of a black figure near Alicia's and Brie's bedroom.

Alicia neglected telling myself and our other best friend Meredith as she thought we'd think she was loosing her mind. Meredith and I was very understanding and set up a night to do some investigating of our own.

Friday Jan 6, 2006 Meredith and I showed up at Alicia's home with our camera's an Ouija board had also been brought which the kids wanted to be the one's doing it as we asked it question's. The darn thing answered question's that there is no way those kids would know. It was friendly, said it was many of lost loved one's with us. I did pretty much my own thing, taking pictures inside the home and out side the home. It was unbelievable what I captured on my camera!. I have posted many of them on the photo site but I think you should read this first before looking at the pictures as it can easily confuse you.. I captured what appeared to be finger's coming out of Brie's bedroom ceiling with several orb's or what ever all over her ceiling. I also got a picture of a girl's face in the window as she was looking in at us. ..I was somewhat unclear of what I had captured as on my digital camera everything was so much smaller. I then walked around the house alone as they continued playing with the Ouija board. It was crazy out side as it was inside. Orbs very small and bright in color flying all over the place, some were large but most small like falling stars shooting all over, it was amazing for me to see but I could only see them through my digital camera. I walked the whole house out side. I then decided I wanted to go down in the basement to see if there was any activity there. What I caught was so little and probably dust orb's so I returned back inside.

Everyone was still playing with Ouija Board, they were freaking out thinking they were really talking to loved one's, maybe they were, or maybe it they were not, the spirit's could have been playing trick's on us all. At the time I believed they were good spirit's. I asked for some of my close friend's that passed if they were there, it said no to all my question's. I then asked if anyone I loved was with me, it went to yes, I said "WHO?". It spelled out Todd. It's a darn good thing I had gone to the bathroom first or I may have soiled my pants!.

I was in an abusive relationship, Spent lot's of time talking with Todd who tried and tried to get me out of the relationship. I finally did it. 1 month latter after turning Todd down to go back out He shot him self in the head. Before he did this he always told me he planned to kill him self but when he did it he was taking me with him. He even showed me the gun which I took from him until he convinced me he was only kidding so I gave it back. It was the last time I saw him alive other then when I saw him in the hospital moment's before they shut off his life support and I had to say my good byes.

The board who was supposed to be Todd talking said he loved me still, I asked if he was happy and with his mom, dad, grandmother, and aunt who passed after Todd. The board said No. Mind you the kids were using the board, it said he had not crossed over yet and will not until I am with him. He said lot's of stuff that really freaked me out.

I had to go out side to get a good breath of air and decided to walk the house again taking pictures. I got no activity, actually I am wrong this was the second night, Jan 7,2006. That board was used until 4:00AM by the family after Meridith and I left. So it was night two that I supposedly talked to Todd. Anyway as I walked the house and got nothing on camera, I was begging Todd to let me know if he was really here, to show me some how. I then felt the need to take a picture of my car so I did, the very first picture I took I got what I think is called Ectoplasm?. It looked as if it was on my head looking into my camera lens. I gasped for air as it really startled me at first. I then took 2 more pictures of my car, I got nothing. I returned back inside and showed everyone, we all tried to come up with what it was out side of anything haunting. I was certain I did in fact take a picture of something paranormal...

By 9:00PM the Ouija Board went from talking friendly to evil. said it was in the hallway, we asked "who is in the hallway?" it replied back " All of us ". for over a 1/2 hour of it scaring the crap out of us we tried for the last 1/2 hour to get it to say good-bye. Once it said it wanted all of our bodies, Alicia freaked out, screamed that this is enough she has had it and turned on the light. Suddenly the Plancette ( ? ) it flew across the board saying good-bye and then onto the floor.

So much has happened since that night I really don't remember what happened after if anything. I do know Meridith decided to leave quick and refused to take the Ouija Board home with her stating she'd get it in the morning when it was day light because she had to return it to her sister in-law.

Alicia called her mom who has lived in a haunted house for year's, some what psychic. She came over and stayed the night. That evening before her mom Carol went to bed, she took the Ouija Board and dropped it into a dumpster behind a laundromat. When she returned back to Alicia's she went into Alicias bedroom to see if it was quiet in there, the door closed on her 4 time's but that was it.

The following day Meridith was very upset the Oujia Board had been thrown away. I wanted to keep peace between her and Alicia so I made a deal with Meridith that I would retrieve the board is she promised to get it the next day. She said yes. It never happened. I continued to call her to get it and she said she would but never did.

Our bedroom was always colder then the rest of our home but it got much colder once that Board was stored in my building. I decided one night to go out side and take some pictures towards the building, I got two with ectoplasm and many orbs. several night depending on weather condition's I continued to take pictures out side and every night I was finding several orb's in many of my photos and only out back where the storage building is.

As time went on things were only getting much worse at Alicia's home, so I decided to e-mail a Paranormal crew to see if they could come to Alicia's home. they set up a date for 3 weeks as they were so busy. The date was for Feb 18th 2006. I also mentioned to the team that the Ouija Board was in my storage building, I was told to one or two things, which ever was easier. Remove the plancette from the game board, paint the plastic piece black or put a coin in place of it. Me being a bit confused didn't follow the directions quite right, I didn't know I was to remove the plastic center piece which I did , painted it black and then placed it back, keeping the board and game piece separated.

The Paranormal team said by doing as I did, I only opened up my home to more spirits....LOL that would be me!. Nothing really happened other than catching a face in my back window, I take my pictures in set's of 3, always making sure the window is clean and my lens. In the 3 pictures I saw something getting larger and larger. Once I downloaded it to my computer and could really examine it, I too could make out a face forming much better from picture 1-3. it look like a devil to us but i had it examined by a few different Psychics, one said it was an Anti-Christ, another said it was a priest. I just found exactly what it was as it had been examined by over 10 Paranormal team's who all came back with the same answer, it is an Indian Spirit who is nice, I was told to invite him into my home as he will protect me. I have been inviting but I am not sure if he has taken me up on offer just yet any not sure how I will know if he did.

LOL thanks I have to laugh because I really felt like such a geek after watching it but I still wanted to post it because we did try about everything possible and lot's we didn't get on video, like we had Daren walk in and do the same as Meridith and the door did nothing, Daren swore it was some spot on the floor that made the door close but when he repeated it all the door did nothing, I weigh less that Meridith as she is taller and bigger boned than I but I figured if I jumped around by the door it would close but still nothing not even the extra weight of the heater.

LOL you smelled Pizza? you very well could have this thing is capable of doing so much it is unreal. One night I was talking a paranormal investigator friend of mine on MySpace about all of this, after we shut down for the night and the next day came he said " Sheryl!!! ummmmmmmm I know I am not loosing my mind here but last night when I went to bed something nudged my shoulder, at first I thought it was my imagination and closed my eye's and then I was nudged again and harder so I looked around the room and there was nothing to be seen so I laid back down and closed my eye's again and sure enough I was nudged on my shoulder again and much harder and then it stopped." he went on to tell me his house is not haunted and he believed that our talking over the computer with it's energy that my guest decided to visit him for one night. I have talked on the phone with people about it and things would start to happen at their house, I think it was just a warning to them from this entity to stop talking about it with me. It became so bad I was scared to talk on the phone from my home to anyone about it with fear it may only get worse for me and them. What ever I am dealing with here is pretty shifty.

I am not 100% sure if I mentioned this here or possibly in another topic of mine but anyway if I did I am sorry for repeating myself. I do have a Paranormal research team coming but first the founder who I will call Chris until I can tell all is coming with the A&E channel and the first step is Chris will be interviewing us, all of us that have had any paranormal experiences in our house as well as Alicia since it started in her house and actually still is in her home too, which confuses me now because I am not sure what we are dealing with and how many but now when things start up bad here they start up at Alica's at the same time. To my knowledge Alicia is the only one who dose not want her face shown and I understand why since it was her home this all started at.

Just a few day's before my dad had his heart attack I called Chris and talked to him about how things were starting back up around here, we talked for some time about the A&E channel and how it would be happening in two different steps. Then we went talking about how these things, entities always seem to know when a paranormal team is showing up and how to tend to quiet down gaining energy waiting for them to arrive. All of a sudden there was this very loud bang from upstairs, I said " ahhhhhhhhh Chris there was this loud bang from upstairs and no one is home" Chris said " ahhhhh Sheryl, I heard it too ". Rocky barked just a little as it had awoken him. I decided to keep Chris on the phone with me as I went upstairs to look around thinking possibly one of my cat's knocked something over, I wanted to rule out Paranormal because it was so such a loud bang. I entered the first bedroom which is Amanda's, everything was fine, I then entered the guest bedroom, same there all fine nothing out of place, What I thought may have been knocked over is a very large cat house that stands tall in a corner in my hallway, it was still standing so my next room was the bathroom, as soon as I put my first foot in I started feeling my chest feeling very heavy but I walked in and the weight feeling on my chest became much heavier and my breathing much harder so I told Chris it was in the bathroom and explained how I knew. I walked out and the heavy feeling started to life from my chest and my breathing was a easier, I then looked in our bedroom and everything was fine so I never found anything knocked over upstairs.

I am not sure what day this was when Amanda had another experience as she continued to forget to write it down in the journal in her own words, I ask everyone who has any experiences to write it in the journal with time and date. I asked Amanda several time's if she had written this down and she said she forgot but would soon, well it still has nothing written in it so I am not sure if this was the same day as when i talked to Chris or not but i do know it was after talking to him possibly the next day or the same day. I was running errands and Amanda was home alone upstairs in the bathroom doing her hair and make-up after taking her shower, she heard the door the goes into our garage open and close and then to door from the garage to the house open and close, she then heard a male's voice and heard foot steps so she called for Jofie thinking maybe he came home early, there was no response, then she thought possibly Daren came home for something so she called Daren's name only to get no response. Then she heard a jingling sound like Rocky's dog tags and figured it was me who had returned back home so she came down stairs and no one was home, she then heard foot steps going down to our basement and to my knowledge that was the end of that one. I wish I knew what happened or what she did after I know she told me but my mind is on over load from all that happens and that is why I need them to write in the journal. I know Jofie had a similar experience to Amanda's the following day but again it was not written in the journal. As to my stand up wall mirrors I can not rule it as paranormal just yet but last about a week and a half ago while I was cleaning the bathroom the stand up wall mirror just fell off the wall and smashed, the glass looked like daggers. I figured possibly it was not mounted very well so I went out and bought a new one and mounted it much more securely and Last Saturday night Meridith and her husband came over to visit and as we sat down stairs in the living room we heard this smash, Meridith and I went up to take a look and sure enough the mirror had fallen off the wall and smashed, so today I am going to go buy a new mirror, I am hanging it by a hercules hook and putting new wall brackets around it, if it falls and breaks I will know for sure this time it is not due to poor hanging. Other than that nothing has happened other something little last night which was jiggling of our bedroom door knob it would start like someone was trying to open the door and then stop, then start again, it only happened a few time's and it really did not bother me, I guess I am getting use to this stuff, I'm much stronger now, I gain my strength back again after some mentioned to get out of here and I decided leaving would be what this thing wants and I am not going to feed into it but fight back as I have been doing, however when I let my guard down and it creeps up on me and dose make me week and sick and very angry with others, I just have to get back up off my feet and it is not easy to do once it has you down to get back up it's a battle so now hopefully my guard will stay up and I will remain strong.

Thanks for the very warm welcome back, things have been rather hard this summer, the worst is I had to make a big decision for my dog Maggie that is was her time to be laid to rest, she gave up on eating and trying to get her blood glucose level normal was impossible and poor Maggie was so tired of the vet's drawing her blood to be tested 4 times a week. She was really looking so sad her eye's were so watery all the time and in my heart I felt this is what she wanted and she basically told me when she stopped eating. I had two last day video's of her, we took her in the pool for her last swim and she did good but I held her all the time other letting her try by her self for a couple paddles. Latter I held her and played the song the rose, I slowly danced with her singing it to her which was also video taped. We all cried, it was such a hard last night and the next morning for her 8:00AM regular vet visit and they came out to get her I asked if I could see the vet before the drew any blood. When the vet came in I was crying and Daren was standing up in the corner with his eyes watery. The vet knew it was her time when they saw us and gave her a quick exam, after the exam he also agreed this was best for Maggie. What is so hard is I thought i had myself prepared for this but guess no matter how hard yah try it your never really prepared. I held her wrapped in a sheet with her all cuddled up in my arm's, Daren and I was given our time to say our good bye's to her and Daren broke out crying, he tried so hard to hold it back, I sat there crying and rocking her and making her head all wet from my tears and kissing her head and telling her repeatedly how much I love her. I then asked for the vet to come back in to give her the sedative to relax her before her last shot. I had not seen her so relaxed and pain free in months, she would close her little eye's and start her oh so cute little Maggie snore, then she would open her dreary eye's and look up at me crying, I felt she was saying to me "mommy please don't cry, I love and you gave me 14 1/2 years of pure love and remember I will always be with you in your heart and soul as well as the 14 1/2 beautiful memories". I then asked for the vet to come back in and said Maggie is ready, I held her during it all,I held her until I knew she was in god's hands, I just could not let her go out of my arm's until I felt her journey had been made. After I could let her go into the vet's hands, the arrangements were made the she was to have a private cremation, I wanted only her ashes and if it is not requested for a private one then there are always left over ashes from other animals and I only wanted my dog's. Daren and I then looked through the book of Urn's and Daren chose the most expensive, he said she is worth it and that she was. Maggie's last day was July 31st and she will gone 3 weeks this Tuesday. I know Maggie wants me to show everyone these pictures.UGH I can not get them to attach????
Life is so hard with out her and poor Rocky is so depressed which is making it even harder for me. Then Amanda who just turned 18 is making bad choices in her life and I fear for her with her new boyfriend. Then the doctors have been playing with my anxiety med's and now is not a good time with all I have been going through leaving this entity having full power of my sadness. The past 4 night's I have felt safe in my room as the paranormal team that is supposed to be coming gave me a strong prayer to say when I got to bed but 3 night's before I received this prayer never in my life have I had this strong feeling and it has been in my room and was in there for 3 night's, each night the feeling of it's presence was much stronger leaving me scared to close my eye's, I would be so tired and when I could not keep them open any longer and they close I felt wide awake and then scared to open them afraid of what I might see but I'd open after awhile and saw nothing just felt that strong presence. I had 3 sleepless night's and did doze on and off but when I awoke I felt and thought i had not even fallen asleep. I am not sure which night it was if it was during when i felt that presence so strong or if it was after I said that prayer but i had a night mare about Maggie's Urn, I do not recall where I was or who I was with but some dark evil force was trying to take it from me and managed to get the screw's out of the bottom of her wooden Urn and I was fighting to keep her Urn closed loosing a few ashes and I can remember the color of her ashes, they were a light red color. I do not remember the ending of the dream if I won or the evil won. It sure was not what I wanted of my first dream of my dog.

I do not know what is happening to me any more and I have to get strong because this thing, this entity is playing in my head bad, I cry a lot, I feel evil when someone ticks me off and more so those who I don't know the day I laid Maggie to rest I was on my way to the doctors for my appointment, it was only an hour after I laid her down to RIP when someone drove right out in front me and thank god there was double lanes because I had no time for braking my truck would have skid right into her car so I quickly swung over to the other lane and that made her so mad and she rolled down her window and was cursing and calling me all these name's like it was my fault and she was driving so close another inch she may have been on my bumper so I pulled over fast to let her know I did nothing wrong she is the one who never looked when pulling out of the plaza. As I pulled over I looked into my side view mirror to see her get out of her car and she was stomping her feet and screaming so I got out and started right back screaming at her but screaming that she had no reason to be screaming and trying to get her to chill out, she pushed me into the back of my truck and spit in my face, I did the sin I have not wanted to do because when I was younger I took no one's crap and I smashed her right in the mouth. Car's pulled over to watch this one and some came to break it up and I just drove off and still made it to my doctor's appointment in time but very upset. I now have this strong feeling if anyone screws with me they may not live to regret it. That could be caused from the hurt I have been going through and my own stupid way of dealing with it but that was the old Sheryl from years ago, Another part of wonders could this evil be making me do stupid stuff and feeds off it?. rather it is or not I have placed my self in the caring faith in god and hurting another human no matter what they do to me I never strike back and for the past 3 years hitting is violence which I do not believe in especially after fighting so hard for the rights of men and against Domestic Abuse towards Men, my harming another soul would make me out to not believe that violence is ok no matter what type of violence. I also have had feeling of wanting to drink more, I have thought of how I wish I was dead, and I still have these feelings that continue to get harder to fight each day and it is happening to Meridith again now too and that is the obsession of wanting to go back into that basement of Alicia's. Talk about stupid! I know how bad that can make things, heck we may not even make it out alive if we go back there prying into what ever is under those rocks and boulders. I am scared to death of what we could be up against if we ever entered that basement again. I did it so good the last time really screwed things up big time and drove my daughter out of my home and into her boyfriends hands further. Did I want this to happen no not one bit, I was warned and I took all the warnings to heat knowing that those warning were sincere warnings from everyone's heart's and I knew everyone was right but I still went back. Call me crazy but I swear this entity is doing something to both me and Meridith and pulling us back but it pulls me more. So now once again I sit and fight the obsession of wanting to go back there and pray this Paranormal team comes before I get pulled back there because I am scared out of my wit's!, Heck I am scared of my own home why would I want to go back?. Right now it feels like gods hands are pulling me in one direction and this evil entity is pulling at my feet against god and I do not like this feeling.:(

Anyway Meridith caught lot's on her camcorder, I only caught one good picture and that was a cluster of small orbs that looked like they had come out of her ceiling, and then a few on the wall...

About 1/2 hour latter the paranormal team shows up, I first show them the cluster of orb's I got on camera, and we also told them about the bedroom door shutting on us 2 time's. We then went into the living room and talked to two of the 3 psychics, we had to be interviewed. As we was in the living room we heard a loud crash and smash in the kitchen, then we heard one of the men setting up the equipment say, " Here we go guy's!". It was his voice recorder ripped from his hands by an angry spirit, it flew across the kitchen smashed into the wall and broke into piece's. Other's were walking around the house. Then they had a quick team meeting. We heard them say " This house is not good, there is evil here, I don't want any of this team to be alone at any time during this investigation, you all have to stay in pairs. Alicia, Meridith and I looked at each other with our eye's bugging out. Meridith's Husband Tim was there also, he's a non believer so he says.

From time to time we would go into the kitchen with one of the crew, we could watch the monitor and see the team, one member of the team stayed with us all evening. I never saw so much activity on a monitor like that other than on television. Very large Orb's were flying in and out of Alicia's I Brie's bedroom, up and down the hallway, they were going so fast. We also could see the two kitten's I had given to Alicia's children trying to catch the orbs as they flew by. Alicia said she knew that is what the kitten's had been chasing all along but the proof was now clear.

As we was all back in the living room one of the Psychic team member's came out and asked if Tim had just spoken loud, Tim replied back " no, I haven't said a word " and he hadn't. The woman said well we just heard a man's voice and we needed to be sure it was not you.

A little latter they needed to go to the basement, the only way in was out side and I took them down. i had to lift the old squeaky hatch, then lead them down the stairs and opened the two door's at the bottom. I showed them were we had found some badly charred timbers which were right under Alicia's and Brie's room's. I stayed with them as there were 3 men and two woman. They we quite fascinated by the pile of big rocks, big enough to call them blouders. I heard Bill the owner of the Paranormal crew ask if there was any presence here to please show it self to him. To my knowledge nothing happened but then again they are not allowed to tell us everything until it has been examined fully. I did notice the temp meeter did go high to hot pointing at the rocks. Above the rocks the charred timber's were very cold, ranging in the 40's but I couldn't clearly hear 40 what?.

The home was cleansed from the spirits from the Ouija board, it had been used by Brie and her brother Buddy at the end of her bed, The team said that they sensed this and then Alicia remembered that had in fact used it there. They did tell us that the spirit's came through Brie's body to come out of the board. We now why on night two when the board became evil Bries face was white as a ghost, she had no energy as she was drained from the spirit's using her energy to pass through her, she also felt very sick to her stomach.

About 1:10AM The team started packing up, the owners talked to us and stated that they had to come back this coming Saturday, he said he'd be back tomorrow if he could but it was not possible. he let us know the house was cleaned from the Ouija Board spirits but the house is on the border line of severe evil, he actually used another word but I can't remember the correct term he used. He then took Alicia to her bedroom and asked her to sit on her bed to see how she felt, she told him it is not gone, I can feel it and I am not comfortable.

After everyone left I stayed with Alicia, it was just the two of us. we heard sounds like someone dragging their feet down the hallway, Alicia's claims she saw a black figure, I did not but I did hear it. I was not really scared through any of this, I still to this day will walk into Alicia's bedroom alone in the dark waiting for the door to close on me. I'd say it startles me if anything and yes my anxiety goes up high. Finally after more different sounds Alicia agreed to my pleading with her to come stay at my home she decided to.

Sunday morning she went home at 10:00AM, picked up her children and her 3 year old granddaughter. They went home, Dashia, the 3 year old came out screaming to Alicia, " Grammie a man was whispering in my ear and breathing loud and mad my ear hot!". She said " I screamed at him and told him to stop breathing in my ear!". Latter Meridith, myself and Boyfriend stopped by Alicia's. we arrived just after Brie had walked out of the kitchen and a pen came flying across the kitchen at Brie. Then as we sat and talked about everyday stuff, we smelled burning coming from the kitchen, Alicia and the rest of us ran out to see what it was. her small front burner on her stove was turned on high and was bright red. What is strange is Alicia turned off the back burned because that is the knob that was set to high and the front burner never worked since she had lived there. A little while after that Alicia had cleaned up a bit in the kitchen a bit, none of noticed her fridge door was opened until she went to hang up her dish towel on the door handle of the fridge. She then said, " What on earth? this door can't stay open, it always closes on it's own!". She repeatedly showed us how it always closed on it's own. All we can do is assume one of the many spirits was holding it open. Much more has happened but like I said it has been so much I simply can not remember it all, my body is very drained, I have been very irritable from lack of sound sleep as well as the very late night's, and who knows, maybe the spirits drained some energy from me too?.

I have written a novel here this evening. The team is coming back this Saturday night, we are not allowed to discuss anything about this in her home, take pictures, or video tape, we did not hear that it couldn't be discussed and no one said we couldn't watch Meridiths video of the evening before. I wrote the team who told us by Meridth bringing the video into the home she has opened up all the cleansing they did and they will now have to start all over. We was only told to let things rest of a day. The activity started back up before the video was brought into the home.

For some reason the paranormal team never came back, never allowing us to view their findings, each weekend they scheduled to return back they had a different excuse until it came we could not find them any longer so I searched for several months on end only to finally find them working for Orion Paranormal in PA I was extremely upset as it was such a bad feeling of abandonment and not knowing what they did with their findings So I spoke to the head president of Orion and explained what took place and who they handled the situation which was told to me it had been very unprofessional and they are a highly respected organization and they did not want people like them working for their team so they let the Washell's go. After deciding to figure it out and deciding to do my own investigating I had purchased everything any paranormal investigator would need and started conducting my own investigation which left me knowing why the Washell's never returned back. Evil, pure Evil possibly Demonic.

After doing some background research On the house the information was very limited and I could never find out who had the house built but I did get the name of the second owner which was Exavier Whinchenbaugh and the 3rd owner to be Oliver W Holmes and that was all I could find and the date's they owned the house which I currently can not remember the date's. Some how a Psychic friend of mine Shelly was able to get into contact with some old lady who refused to give her name but had loads of information for Shelly. Shelly had learned that a family of 7 had moved into the home ( no dates given and not sure which family ). When they moved in the home was already haunted by poltergeist and it was bad , the 5 children would be thrown from a sound sleep into the wall's, possibly the whole family I am not 100% sure however I learned the mother was loosing her mind over this so she started playing Christian music every day all day long from 6:00Am until all hours of the night in hopes to ward off all evil . The music worked backwards and soon after the father became possessed. The father decided to kill all 5 of his children locking the two oldest in the one very large bedroom and the 3 youngest children in the basement right below the upstairs bedroom then setting fire only in the front end of the house which is where the 3 children were in the basement and 2 oldest in the bedroom. I learned not much more other than one of the oldest of the 5 children in the bedroom escaped who was female. Shortly after the fire and the death of 4 of the children the mother had been placed in an insane institution to spend the rest of her day's. Shortly after the fire a strange man dressed in brown pants, jacket and hat would be seen daily walking around the house for several months and when anyone would go to ask his name he would disappear to only one day never return.

From the beginning I have had this very strong fascination with some boulders and rocks piled up in the basement and just above them were charred beams from a fire ...., I believe it to be more of a strong obsession that I could not get from my mind, there was a big mystery that lies below those boulders and rocks and I had to get to the bottom of it. I started digging through the rocks on my 3rd visit however in my first two investigations my EVP recorder came up with lot's to hear such as it telling me to "Beware". Repeating my name over and over, lot's of growling and hissing, swearing, you name it all in a males voice. I can say I was shocked but seemed to love it and grew more obsessed. Some of what I captured on my monitor was truly unreal !!!!. Fire in the basement that would suddenly show up in the upper left hand side of the Monitor shoot out towards the area where the fire had once been, Orbs all over so much my mind is still absorbing and today watching those videos I dare not do and my story will explain latter.

Once I started investigating with my equipment I only did 3 investigations before being forced out of any further investigating reason being was the first investigation Jan 2007 activity started happening at my new home, each time I investigated the more drained of energy I became and the more irritable I became which is not my nature. The last night of investigating I had to get those rocks moved off the boulders so I set up my equipment facing the area of the rocks & boulders Meredith stayed just about 10ft behind me, I started tossing off rocks and the bulk head doors slammed down, Alicia tried to open the doors with no luck, she requested help and the doors opened. Back to the rocks I am still tossing away and notice some sort of white material, figured it could be something interesting so I moved a big rock and flipped it over, then tossed the material in Meredith's direction to look at after I got to the bottom of the pile, then Meredith screams startling me a bit, I said " What!" she replies "A Hand!!!!!" I said " Meredith what are you talking about?" I was not in a good mood and thought she was being the silly Meredith as usual. Meredith says " Sheryl!!! Look at the bottom of the rock a hand print!!! And it's looks like a bloody one!". I shined my flashlight to see Meredith was not joking around so I started taking photos of it ..This rock still remains untouched since I flipped it, I also may have stumbled upon something that appeared to be some sort of joint. Possibly a knee or elbow which I first thought was a rock, it still remains on the work bench in the basement never to be examined as to what it could be as I was more interested in the material I found as it turned out to be that of a young girls possibly a size 8-10 if not than smaller. It had burns on it and blood stains, I can not tap into what may have happened but as a sensitive I can almost see what had happened and my feels may be way off base however I can almost see the little girl frightened as her skirt started going up in flames and she pulled it off quickly and ran towards daddy in complete confusion, daddy took the little girl and rushed her back to the fire and threw her in and he forgot to toss her skirt in. Some how and somewhere along the line the father had the boulders placed on top of all 3 children's remains or the remains of only the little girl and while trying to hide his deep dark mystery he remembered to hide the skirt that I found, here is some photos of the skirt and the changes of my photos while taking pictures of the skirt.Second to the bottom looks like an arm bone and hand, the second I am speechless, some have said to see 3 anomalies in it

This pointed out to me but still rather confusing. After taking these photos we started packing up, I had already packed up my monitor and then the bulk head doors slammed closed on us again scaring the crap out of us, we tried to open the doors pushing up we did get it after several attempts, I grabbed my stuff leaving a few things behind to pick up the following day we just wanted out. Once I returned back home I was very tired but wanted to see what I had for evidence so I started to pull out my monitor and low and behold there was the skirt on the bottom of the bag, I had asked everyone if they had put it in the bag and they said no they did not want it removed from the basement. Things started up very bad at my home to the point of deciding to just delete any EVP's captured before even listening to them, I put everything away not wanting to look any longer. Day's went by and I only became more and more sick, completely drained of energy for about a two month period hardly able to get out of bed and making a few ER visits as well as doctor visits to find that the only thing they could come up with was my Potassium level was very low and I had been placed on Klor-con to increase my potassium which never really helped with my drained feelings.

Here is a posting I had posted on MySpace Blog

My house is going wild!!!! I don't know what the heck I am dealing with here, ahhhh something in a little girls voice just said "mom" This is the wildest it has ever been and started to happen a little after 8:00PM What ever this is followed me home after doing an investigation at a friends house which has been going on off and on for the past year. I never should have gone knowing I was drained from energy on the last night of my investigation which was our worst night. I have it all posted in my blogs and you can view pictures here :

I blessed myself with holy water,sage and strong prayers for protection from this thing, not know if some of it is with me or not because of my loss of energy and feeling as I no longer have an immune system as I am always getting sick now and I got worse after I started investigating her home.

What on earth is with me or in my home? When I was heading up to bed I decided to look at some photos on my daughters computer from a birthday party we had here Friday night, many of my daughters friends took photos and I have only in the 6 months that I have lived here found 1 orb, my basement was full of them everywhere and then when we took photos on the second floor orbs were all around us, then in my daughters bedroom her friends were taking pictures and her room was full of orbs and different colors and some shaped like a triangle.

Tonight as I viewed the pictures right after viewing them everything started, I heard my daughter and her boyfriend and my step daughter and her boyfriend call my name quietly, I listened to be sure it was them calling my name because I hear my name called in here often or mom . I then heard My daughters boyfriend "say no one is in the kitchen" then they called my name much louder so I came down, my cupboard doors and silverware draw was opening and closing in a smashing loud fast sound like someone was frustrated looking for something to do.

UGH I kept feeling like someone is watching me and we have a shadow man here that has been several people other than myself. I wish I had not stored my equipment in my bedroom because my boyfriend is sick and sleeping but I know I could find some activity on that monitor tonight!.

Anyway as I was saying my good-bye's to Daren's daughter and her boyfriend I was standing near my basement door and we all 3 heard the sound of someone playing pool on my pool table, only once we heard it such as two balls hitting one another. Oh my gosh I hear foot steps coming down or going up stairs right now! Sounds like it is upstairs as I can hear walking, I still hear it, now it's coming back down!

I got in bed but continued to hear noises so couldn't close my eye's and every sound I heard my dog heard too and continued to start barking and jumping off the bed. Then my daughter called from her cell to my cell phone and asked me if heard that, I said "what did you hear" I heard it but wanted to see if she heard the same noise and she did it was the banging of pot's and pan's.

My EVP recorder is recording now and I have yet to listen to it but will tomorrow, however in past recordings what ever this thing is say's my name over and over at my friends house, why dose it only call my name? This thing growl's too and loves the F word.

I want to set up my equipment but it seem's to be moving all around this house unless there are more living it up with them.
Why was I so foolish to go there sick and drained of energy, I never thought and just packed up my equipment and ran fast as they needed help quick. What type of spirit or evil am I dealing with? This has done it tonight as to putting fear into my daughter big time out of everything that has happened here this one night has her very scared. Please read my blogs to get an idea of this and also to view my findings at the house I investigated and this was the last time, I am not returning back with my guard down as it will make me sicker and more drained.

Friday, April 13, 2007

There back!!!!!!!!!!

I had a strong feeling it would be tonight but after 9:00PM I felt maybe I was wrong if it did not start tonight it was going to tomorrow night for sure. Well my first feeling was right, as soon as I got into bed Daren's daughter Ashley and her boyfriend Travis were the only one's down stairs, Ashley called my cell phone and said " It's happening again " I said "what is happening again?" she said the "cupboard doors and draws are slamming real hard !" as I was on the phone with her I could hear it, I got up and as I started heading towards my door and opened it both Daren and I could hear it. What the heck are these things doing? Why dose it stop when I come down stairs?. I have 2 EVP recorders now and placed in separate rooms, the one in the kitchen I listened to as there was so much noise from the teen's going to bed. It said " were back!" the other EVP recorder is in the computer room with me and I swear I just heard it whisper my daughters name it whispered "Amanda". I have my monitor set up in the living room facing the stairs where the black shadow person has been seen and my in fared camera is set up to the monitor. My video camera is set up in the kitchen with the cellar door open which will capture my kitchen, the basement stairs and my hallway. I am now going to go take some photos and see if I can capture anything, I think I'll start down in the basement and work my way up. I can still hear little noises but it's so hard to tell if it could be one of my cat's or not. While I go to take photos I am going to start another set of Evp recordings as it is now quiet from all teens. Also my EMF reader had certain spots that were very cold and my cell sensor was going wild??
I'm off to investigate......

Friday April 13th...........Friday the 13th. My feelings are much stronger tonight that things are going to act up and all my equipment is out and ready set up differently than last night. My in fared camera and monitor is set up in the kitchen just incase the kitchen draws and cupboard doors start smashing around. As Daren's daughter Ashley was coming in the house from the garage Travis her b/f was behind her and she was literally shoved in smashing her leg, arm and head into the counter top. Her b/f is so loving to her and never would have ever tried to scare her by pushing her. Ashley has also been very drained of energy all day since last night and she is the only one who this thing attacks as far as pushing her. Will keep you posted

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ok this has done me in no more ghost hunting for me!!!!!
Current mood: irritated

Many of you already know about my saga and getting way over my head in paranormal investigating and that I turned into a ghost magnet instead of an investigator. My story is way to long to go into detail about and I can explain to anyone who wishes to know just write me but right now I am scared to death after what I witnessed last night. Please excuse my spelling etc. My nerves are completely shot right now.

Despite my last two attempts of cleansing my home from this evil entity or entity's it has only made it quiet down playing it's game to make me believe it had left but I have know and felt very strong it is still here just waiting for our guard down or for any negative energy to happen in our home. The past two week's the negativity has been high and my mental state not very stable. Things started happening again slowly such as the kitchen light's turning on and off, my bedroom door which was latched open, also when my computer room is vacant and the computer goes into stand by, it appears as someone is moving the mouse to turn the computer back out of stand by. This is nothing compared to what happened last night.

My daughter Amanda 18 next month, her boyfriend Jared, a friend Jennifer and the friend of Amanda's, Joseph (aka Jofi) all slept in Amanda's room last night as they all had to be up at 6:00AM to go out of town for an event my daughter had to attend. I was still Simi awake as I had napped too long during the day when my daughter Amanda came to the bedroom door knocking in hysterics, I said come in and she was freaking out stating something was happening to Jen, I asked what it was and Amanda replied back that Jen had woken up and looked at Jofi and started talking about her grandmother saying her grandmother hated her, then Jen's eye's closed, they assumed that Jen was sleep talking until then she opened her eye's again and started to growl and hiss the same growling and hissing I caught on my EVP recorder and the same growling and hissing that my cell phone did while it was not on then she started to pull at her hair growling and hissing the whole time, then she turned to Jofi and started scratching the crap out of him, when I entered the room Jen was being held down by Jared and Jofi trying to stop her from pulling out her hair and from scratching the crap out of Jofi. I had them hold her down and I ran to her side knowing that she was being possessed, I started screaming her name and to look at me, she opened her eye's and looked at me and her eye's were so evil looking, the white's of her eyes were all red like very blood shot, they were very glossy looking and her pupils very small. I started screaming for what ever was doing this to her to get the hell out of her body now, when I did so we had Jen in an upright position and her head just fell forward. I told the guys to lay her back down. As soon as we laid her back down her eye's remained closed for a few seconds, then her eye's opened, I said " Jennifer Hun do you know where you are and tell me who is with us in the room, she said in her own very weak frail voice " Sheryl" then her head turned up towards Jofi who had to stay above her to hold down her hand when she lost control, she stared at him and her eye's were that creepy looking again then her head turned towards me and she stared me down, then her eye's closed her fist's tightened up she started to growl and hiss again and then in her own voice but more so like she was a man she said "I am going to Fu_king kill her!" and she was fighting us stating to get away and all we could do was hold her and she had lot's of strength as she was much stronger than ever imagined. My daughter Amanda stood there watching scared to move and cried she knew what was happening and then she said mom I can not watch this, I told her she had to leave the room she should not be watching this happen to her best friend. Amanda waited in the hallway. Jen became more hostile and violent and then she collapsed once I demanded it to leave her body at once. At that time I told the guy's to get her down stairs we had to get her out of this house. Jofi carried her down the stairs as her body was limp and she appeared to be passed out, when Jofi was on the bottom stair Jen started back in and he had to lay her on the hall way floor again with help restraining her. I told My daughter Amanda to open the door so we could get her out side, it was raining and the ground soaked, we had no choice but to lay her down on the soaked ground. With in a matter of seconds Jen came to but she could not stand on her own and we made her lay for a few more seconds then we stood her up and grabbed a comforter to wrap her in. She was so weak and so frail and she just started bawling. it was about 3:00ish in the morning and we called our friend how is psychic and could give us some guidance, she said we all had to leave the house and not to go back in especially the younger one's to find them a place to stay. They were way to scared to come back in the house so I got them all comforters to stay warm in and as they called Jared's mom they stayed at his sisters house and her husband tried I believe to comfort the girls stating he has had this happen to them several times and it is not an evil entity but a shadow person, I pray he was only trying to comfort them as no shadow person has the capability to possess. I need help here and fast advice any please, I am a very strong person and nothing scares me but this is bad and this is the second time I am scared to be in my own home, I am with Daren who has a strong religious background and is very strong that we will be ok. Butt this evil thing or things wants me dead for trying to uncover a murder mystery in a very haunted home and I almost got there until things got so bad and I knew not to return back there as several times the evp recorder I heard the growling and hissing as well it saying my name over and over. I know i have god in my corner, I know I have my guardian angels and spirit guides and all god can give me, I can pray up a storm but it is not making me feel good at all, I am scared and scared very bad, what do I do, I can not get any paranormal team to help me in Maine, what ever I am dealing with evil possibly demonic and I honestly feel it wants me dead. Help me please!!!!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's getting much worse around here!!!!!!
Current mood: drained

I'm not to sure how much more I can take, Friday August 2nd it went pretty wild, I am not sure what set it off possibly my grief of having to lay my dog to RIP July 31st and it fed off my grief, there are many reason's why it could have set it off, it love's company also and my cousin and her two boy's were here from California and we decided to have a little party before she left. It had also been a very long day, our kids had been in a car accident and thank god no one was hurt but very traumatized so we also decided with the day it would be good to not only have a party to say good bye but also to relax from the very stressful day. We all hung out in our basement, played pool and sang karoke. Daren my Boyfriend dose not drink or any drugs, I only drink budweiser. A few had some pot which I was unsure of due to we kept smelling it coming in from the out side windows. Once everyone was in the boy I took in which I call my son and his nickname is Jofi. Jofi, Daren and I heard the door to our garage open and close and then there was a knock on the door, it was not a knuckle knock but a fist knock, we instantly thought it was the police because Daren and I both fired up our Harley's. Only the 3 of us heard it and once we said it's the police everyone who had any pot tried hiding what they had or them selves. Daren told us all to stay in the basement and he went up to answer the door only to find it was no body. It seemed to go around the room in groups of 3's that would hear the knock and others would not hear it. As the night grew into early morning because we all stayed up listening to foot steps walking around up stairs and other noises we finally had all gone to bed about 2:30AM Daren and I went right to sleep as well as my cousin and her boy's, my daughter had gone away for the night because it was scaring her too much. Daren's daughter Ashley and her boyfriend Travis slept on an air mattress in the basement as they let my cousin's son sleep down there on the couch. Ashley and Travis could not fall asleep as they hear a little girl crying up stairs which would have been in the living room, then they could hear a man telling her to shut up and asking her what was her problem in a very mean mean voice, the little girl continued to cry and say "please help me!" this went on for sometime and once it stopped the blanket's were being pulled from Ashley and Travis from the feet downward and they continued to pull them back up, what ever it was did not fight them to hard to get the blanket's off, why I have no idea possibly just to let them know it was there. They also heard loud walking around up stairs like a man in very heavy boots. When I woke up the next morning I found they never slept at all and they told what had happened. They returned home to get some sleep. At 9:00AM my daughter Amanda returned home and went to lay down, since I am keeping a journal of everything that happens here and who ever it happens to has to write it down, there are Amanda's words : Aug 3rd I was laying down to take a nap and while I was still awake all of a sudden I felt like something really heavy was on me, I couldn't open my eye's, speak or move my body, I felt my whole body had been taken over but I could think normal, once it stopped I fell asleep and it happened again which awoke me and I told my mom, this is the 3rd time thins has happened to me.

Yesterday Aug 7 I brought my god daughter here who just turned 6, she has been away for awhile so I bought her some toy's for us to play with, I pulled my SUV into the garage once her feet touched the garage floor she said " I don't have a good feeling" I asked why and she replied there are bad spirits here and good spirits, one is a little girl. She then said she did not feel comfortable bringing in her new toy's because the bad spirit will take her toys. I comforted her by telling her all we have to do is tell it to leave us alone which she felt we had to do after a few of her dolls shoe's went missing, then she felt something tickling her legs and she has bug bits on her legs and it made her bits itch bad. I told her there is one more thing I can do so I brought out my sage and only walked around the living room saying a prayer, she and I walked together and she repeated the prayer as I said it. I told her it would keep any bad spirits out of the living room. As we played Kati then said "look see the little girl coming down the stairs" I said "no sorry hun I don't " she said "she is wearing a blue dress almost the same color as mine" I asked her if she saw the color of her hair,she replied back that all she saw was the body but never saw the head.

Out side of that since Friday night it has been doing to me what it had in the past, draining my energy so bad all I can do is sleep, in the past it had me bed ridden for about 2 months sleeping and only staying awake to go the doctors or the ER. Now it is not only draining my energy but Daren's too only it is taking more of mine.

I am trying to get strong and I will, nothing evil will with my faith in god will help me come back around and hopefully the paranormal team I have coming will be here ASAP however at this time I can not talk about who is coming while a few things have to be worked out. Please pray I get my strength back and have the power to quiet it down until the team comes.