Ghost Stories

Spinning Eyes

Have you ever had the feeling that you were being watched? Have you ever woken up from a dead sleep and felt the prescence of something that shouldn't be there?

Late last year a friend of mine who has had more than her fair share of paranormal experiences stayed in a hotel/tavern on the outskirts of the York River, in Yorktown Virginia.

Its a truely beautiful little tavern that dates back to the Civil War Era. Its been reputed to be haunted. Guests see and have conversations with people who are there one minute and then gone the next. A Little girl who skips down the hall ways between rooms, and later no little girl is to be found. A woman who you can see from the outside window sitting a her lonely table, but when you come in she is no where to be found. A bar keep who can serve you drinks right to your table, only to have your real waitress show up with your drinks in confusion.

Not all the ghosts are playful or quite as these at the little tavern by the river. Some are malevolent.

These guys are said to bang on the doors of your rooms at night. Some people wake up at night by the sound of a fight occuring, and then a loud bang (what sounds to be gun shot) and its over. When the place is searched inside and out no one is hurt, and nothing is disturbed. In the mens bathroom upstairs near the guests rooms there have been many reports of hearing a man start to weap and then begin to scream at something. But when investigated nothing is found.

There is one more spirit that haunts the house a man that had been hung there during the civil war days. He had been a african american slave most of his life, but when he came to work for the tavern's owner and wife, they treated him like family not a slave. He worked right along with them, and led a wonderful life. During the war, the tavern was frequented by many men. Some came there to hide, some came to seek medical attention, others came to drink and forget their woes. The tavern stood in the middle of an encampment. Hence the number of ghosts. One night as the tavern was closing its doors when two men came in and shot the tavern owner...The wife ran to his aid but he was already too far gone. She ran to the back of the bar scrambling for her husbands gun when the 2 men grabbed her. The laid her on a table and were about to have their way with her...when the slave came upon them and pulled them off of her. One man held her back while the other had it out with the slave. The fight went on, until the man stabbed the slave in the back with a knife. Then hung him from the ceiling. What happened to the woman is unknown, but the next day men from the encampment found the remains of the husband and the slave. Eventually someone else took over the tavern and business continued to this day in fact.

My friends story begins when she first came to the tavern with her family to stay. They were touring Virginia which if you love ghost stories thats the place you want to be. I have lived there for 4 years and its full of history. friend and her family came to stay there one night while touring Yorktown. Now, in her case she and her family were not out for ghosts they were merely there to tour Virginia. They were from Texas. They were having an excellent trip so far. Like I said I don't know if my friend is just sensitive when it comes to ghosts, or paranormal activity but she always seems to have weird and unwelcomed experiences such as this one.

They had spent the whole day touring and tired they came back to the tavern had dinner, and then went to bed.

My friend said her room was located next to the stairwell and she could see out her door directly down to the tavern restaurant. She could see half the room and the part of the bar from where she slept. She remembers she left her door open that night because she wanted her little sistor to be able to reach her incase she didn't want to sleep alone.
She fell asleep and remembers waking up straight out of a dead sleep and being wide awake and scared. She looked straight out the door and saw 2 red lights that looked to be blinking on and off.

She thought this was maybe an alarm system. So she tried to go back to sleep but she couldn't something was making her feel very uneasy. When she open her eyes again the lights seemed closer...still blinking on and off. When she started to really look at them she said they almost looked like they were moving in a horizontal circle, as if they were spinning around, and around. (Keep in mind my friend had no knowledge of the history on the place until after these events) Well we all know that our eyes adjust after a while to the dark, and when she started to really look she realized that the lights were eyes, and that a large mass was connected to them. She said it looked like a body was hanging there and the red lights were its eyes.

She felt very uneasy at this point but was curious and got her little sistor up and went to the stairwell and turn on the lights. When they did nothing was there...not even a source for the blinking red lights. Nothing to show something was there, but nothing to prove that it wasn't what she thought she had seen.

So she went back to sleep. Still feeling uncomfortable. She said when she opened her eyes though the lights were back only this time they were staring right at her. They were no longer swinging from side to side.

She said she felt very frightened and remembered that she felt as though she couldn't move. She covered her head up and being the catholic that she is...she said a prayer to make it go away. When she uncovered her face and looked it was gone.

Then she started to drift off to sleep again when she felt really cold and uncomfortable again...
When she opened her eyes there at the foot of the bed was a man hanging from the ceiling and when his face spun around she said his eyes were glowing red.

She screamed after that and people from all over the floor came running in there and saw nothing. She couldn't go to sleep after that and made her sistor keep her company the rest of the night.

When everyone got up for breakfast the next day...she inquired to the tavern owner about what she saw.

"You saw the hanging man." she said. "He was a local man who was once a slave, but bought his way out and found himself working here. He was well respected by the community but one night in an effort
to protect the previous tavern owner and his wife, he was murdered and hung. They said when they found his body his eyes were full of blood."