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Spirits in my apartment? (UPDATED AGAIN)

Well, hello everyone, I know I haven't posted much lately, but I have been reading the stories. I have a couple for you that are new. We moved to a new place about 4 months ago, and now live about 20 minutes from where we used to live. We live in an apartment complex next to the water. Well of course I brought some of my stuff with me here to the new place, and one item in particular is the painting I have of a bouquet of white roses. It hangs in my livingroom. Now this painting is really pretty, but one day while at the other house, I noticed something unusual. I could plainly see the face of a person in the painting. I think it is a woman, but not sure. Now I know I mentioned this before and someone said something about the mind doing something called matrixing, which I guess is possible. But the thing is, she's not always there. My son can see the face too, and so can some other people, but not everyone sees it. And one night, I saw about five other people in the painting as well. That has only happened once and it happened here in my new apartment. Now for quite some time, this face kind of gave me the shivers, but I started telling it to leave me alone and let me sleep, and it really hasn't given me that creepy feeliing much anymore. Now here's where things get strange.

One morning, I was getting ready for work, my roommate was already gone to work, and my son was asleep on the couch. I was in the bathroom putting on my makeup when I saw someone go past the bedroom door, like in my peripheral vision. It was white and kind of bobbed up and down. Thinking it was my son, looking for me, I checked the bedroom that this went towards and no one was there, so I went to the livingroom. My son was still asleep on the couch. Nothing much else happened for several months. Roommate moves out, new one moves in. I also now have my new little grandson living with me, and he's 8 1/2 weeks old. I have a couple of things for him in my bedroom, like a walker and a jumper thing. Sometimes, I would be in my room watching tv, and I would look from the bed to the tv, and as I was looking up to the tv, I saw the sillouette of a man sitting on the baby's walker with his legs crossed. Very plainly I saw this man, but only for a second. He was all black, no color, like a shadow being or something. I've seen him at least 3 times sitting on that walker in the same position. The first time it happened I was really startled. The next, not as startled and so on. Then a week or so ago, the baby woke in the middle of the night for a feeding and I got up to make him a bottle. He was crying and I was fumbling around in the kitchen making his bottle, when I saw my roommate walk past the kitchen towards the baby's bed. I said, "It's ok, I got him*. And looked where my roommate should have been. He was not there. The being that walked past the kitchen walked just like my roommate, who is also my ex-husband. Just like him, but he was sillouette. But it was so real, I really thougth it was my ex, and when i realized it wasn't I kind of freaked for a minute. These spirits really don't seem harmfull here in this apartment, and I think maybe the last one wanted to help with the baby or something because he seemed in a rush to get to him. Or maybe he wanted to get out of the apartment because he couldn't stand the crying...I don't know. I was just wondering if you guys had any thoughts on this. Why is one white, and one black? And do you think they're spirits/ghosts? Thanks for your help....I'm really more curious than anything.


I'm trying to add the photos of the painting right now. I'm not sure if it will work.

I am adding one more link to the painting picture, with the face outlined as closely to what we see as I can get it. It will be down there at the bottom of the rest of the pics I suppose. I hope it helps for those of you who don't see it.