Ghost Stories

Story from my past part I.

This happend a long time ago, but I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

My friends and I were making a bike trip and started to chat, as anyone else would do during a bike trip. One of my friends, who was on our trip with us was bragging about his parents being into the paranormal, and how he was given their talents when he was born and how great he was blablabla. So The other friend and myself decided to play a prank on him.

The idea was that my friend would hide behind some build in cabinets, There was an area in my room that held 2 cabinets (approx 50 to 60 centimeters high) and was completely enclosed. There was however an area behind it where a person could lie down and never be detected since it was all build in. Another build in cabinet had a fake wall that could slide open to grant access to the area behind the small build in cabinets so it was the perfect place for our plan and undetectable unless you knew it was there.

I told the "Friend to be fooled" that I thought I had a spirit in my room, and that I accidentally summoned it (remember, this happened a very long time ago, I think I was 14 or 15 at the time). I had some knowledge about those things because a good friend of my mother was very much into the paranormal (she even took me to several seances, but that is a story for another time) and that friend gave all her monthly "Paranormal Magazines" to me after she read em. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, the magazines were lame, but they did provide me with a crude perception about those things.

So, the bait was placed and now it was time to set up the trap. A few hours before our "Friend to be fooled" was supposed to come around, my good friend "The fake ghost friend" and I began to lay down some fishwire that went almost around the room, covering up behind wooden pannels etc, all near the ground, since that friend was going to have to lie down in the "secret area". I had some identical posters and one of the plans was to have it tear by attaching it to the fishwire, then after I would replace it with the other intact one.

So after some preperation, the trap was set and the time for our "Friend to be fooled" arrival was nearing. My "The fake ghost friend" crawled into the "secret area" and grabbed hold of the fish wires, all was perfect, the wires were undetecable (to the eyes of a 14 year old that is) and I prepared my tape recorder. I read about EVP and decided in the name of science to record the event just in case some voices would say something.

After some waiting the "Friend to be fooled" arrived and we went up to my room. Our house is pretty wide, so my mother was working at the far side of the house, noone would disturb us. We sat down on the table and he started to lay down the rules to me, he approved of the tape recoder since he also knew about EVP and after a few minutes of preparation he began his "seance".

Now, you must know, those magazines combined with movies gave me some good information about seances and I had told my " The fake ghost friend" that he should not act in the first few minutes, I told him what he had to do, like let our "Friend to be fooled" build op some atmosphere, react only through small knocks, after a while go nuts with bumping, do this when I say that etc..

The tape recorder was turned on and "The friend to be fooled" started to put on a fake show, he probably thought he could fool me, but it was as fake as the face of Micheal Jackson (no offence intended to die hard MJ fans, but come on, you must admit to that) Anyway, he's there putting op a show for me with his head bowed down and eyes closed rambeling about whatever when at that moment I used a lightning reflex to press the "stop" button on the tape recorder (it stood like 30 centimeters from me so wooo at lightning reflex)

From that exact moment, when I saw "The friend to be fooled" his face... the mood was absolutely perfect. My "The fake ghost friend" started to pull the fish wires and although they were supposed to tear the poster, they did not. Instead they, since they were all around the room, made this terrible growing crunching, cracking, stretching sound that traveled around the room and that finally resulted in a short but potent breaking noise since the fishwire gave up on us, the sound effects would make George Lucas and his THX proud at me.

My "The friend to be fooled" his face went white but he deserves some credit for not fleeing. He stated that we had made contact (duh) and he proceeded to ask the most stupid questions you could imagine, my "The fake ghost friend" reacted with knocks of different volume. This went on for like 10 minutes, also note that it was summer and pretty hot in the room, so you could imagine what my friend in the secret area was going through. After the 10 minutes he had enough and started to give us a tribal performance on my wall.

"The friend to be fooled" his nerves were at the brink of collapse and I reached for the stereo remote that was on the seat next to me and pressed the volume button, it was a stereo wher you could see the volume button move. Now at that moment, I called to "The friend to be fooled" and he looked at the moving volume button. He snapped, he fled the room screaming, I went after him, my "The fake ghost friend" crawled out of the secret area and we both started to laugh when we saw him run home.

My friend kept watching him while I went back inside to turn off the tape recorder. Now, the next thing that happened is 100% true I swear on all that is dear to me. I went back upstairs and turned the tape recoder off, I planned to go back outside to my friend and at the moment I exited the room, I heard a man's voice mumbeling something that I can only recall as "Don't do this to me" but then in dutch (my own language).

The sensation I felt then, I can not discribe, I felt myself turn white and soft in the legs. I ran outside, scared as hell and bumped in my 2 friends, the "Friend to be fooled" had returned and was already told it was a fake. Unfortunately, the voice I heard, and I can still recall the sound of it, was not.

"The friend to be fooled" was sour for a few hours, but was lauging with us when we replayed the tape, there was nothing special to hear on the tape, only the "fake seance and the fantastic fishwire sound effect"


- There is a graveyard right behind our house, when I look outside my bedroom window, I see the graveyard.

- I never heard the voice again, so far.

- I still have the tape recording.