Ghost Stories

Strange bathroom incident

Hi Everyone!

I read a post on here the other day involving a strange/scary experience in a bathroom. I believe it was posted by "andhow5." I also have been reading posts on here about mirrors, and how they can be portals for spirits. Well, this experience involves both things - a bathroom AND a mirror.

When I got to work this past Monday, I was the first to arrive here, like always. When I get here, I'm alone, and I lock the office door behind me so no one can get in. If someone arrives and wants in, they have to call me, so I can unlock the door (unless they have a key to the building, and there aren't many people who have one). Well, around 7 that morning, I went to unlock the door to let a co-worker in the building. I sat over at her desk and talked to her for a few minutes, and then I needed to use the bathroom, so I got up. Well, our restroom is very much like one you would see in a department store (or a factory for that matter LOL). There are 3 stalls - 2 regular and 1 handicapped. I went into one of the regular stalls, closed the door behind me, and then turned the little circular lock thingy. The stalls are made of metal, and I'm sure you know what it sounds like when you close one of these doors behind you - how it makes a "thump" noise. Well, as soon as I closed and locked the door, I heard one of the other stall doors close also. It happened probably a second or two after I had already closed my door, so I'm sure it wasn't an echo, either. Here's the thing: there were only 2 people in the building, me and the co-worker I let in. When you enter the bathroom, the door makes a noise, so you can hear it when it opens. You can also hear a person's footsteps as they walk across the tiled floor. I heard nothing: no door opening, and no footsteps. I was alone in there! So, as soon as I hear one of the other stall doors close, I literally stood there a second and thought to myself, "Did I just hear that??" I was sure I heard it, but when something like that happens, you tend to question yourself (or at least I do LOL). So I finish my business and open the stall door - gotta go to the sink and wash my hands. We have 2 mirrors in our bathroom also. One smaller mirror, right above the sink, and then a full-size mirror facing it on the opposite wall. As I finish washing my hands, I get a paper towel to dry them off, and as I do, I decide to peak down the little aisle where the stalls are. All 3 stall doors were WIDE OPEN. (I knew the one I had just been in would be) It totally freaked me out, as you can imagine! It was like, "Ok, I know I heard one of those other stall doors close, now why are they wide open??" LOL The building isn't haunted, from what I can tell. The only history I know about it, is that in the 60's, it used to be a restaurant/nightclub. Our company purchased it in 1970, remodeled it, and turned it into an office. I have seen what I think are shadows around here, and a few other friends here at work have seen them too. They are sometimes afraid to be here alone (like if they come in to do some work on Saturdays). It doesn't bother me, BUT I have felt someone standing behind me, or next to me while I sit here at my desk. I think this is my friend who died a few months back though....It's strange, but when I got back to my desk after using the restroom, I sat here, and I asked my friend in my mind if it was her who played the "trick" on me in the bathroom. I could hear the words "was here" in my head - it was so weird! I wonder if it was her? If it was, I wonder why she waited 'til I was in the bathroom to make herself known?? lol I sorta chuckled as I just typed that, but I think you can see how the whole thing was funny, freaky and just weird at the same time! :-)

One of the posts about mirrors I read, said something about when 2 mirrors face each other. I now find it kinda ironic that this happened in the restroom (of all places LOL), and that we indeed have 2 mirrors that face each other. What do you all think?? Any suggestions??