Ghost Stories

strange but true and long

in july of 2000 me and my husband went to stay at my husbands brothers house for the night just to goof off and have a little fun.

Hubbys brother and his gf wanted to play ouija board so me and chris (brothers gf ) went to my place to get the ouija board and brought it back there.

~~~Just to give you an idea of the setting they lived in an old victorian house the house being well over a hundred years old which is owned by a motel /property management which hubby and brothers parents managed and me and hubby were applying for the position to take over managment of~~~

Ok well me hubby and chris started playing with the ouija board and chad (hubbys bro) was laying on the couch cause he wanted to astro project . We asked if anyone was there and got a responce he said his name was Sal. We asked Sal if he was there in the house and he said no but proceeded to tell us he was in the back yard of the home so we asked what he was doing back there. He told us he was running we asked him how old he was and he told us he was 9.

We continued to question him and what we got out of him was that he was running from his dad who was chasing him with a knife and he kept asking us to help him because his dad was gonna hurt him because his dad already hurt mom and little sister. We asked him how we could help and he said you have to find my mom. Well we asked him where his mom was and he stated that she was buried in the bacement of the house.

Then all of a sudden he went to goodbye and was gone. At the same time as he said goodbye Chad got up off the couch and looked really confused and suddenly started heading for the door. We asked where he was going and he didnt answer, so we sent my hubby to go after him. About a half hour later they returned we asked what the hell happened. Chad didnt seem to know but my hubby said he followed Chad about 8-9 blocks to where he went to a church, climbed the stairs of the church, grabbed the door handle and then fainted falling backwards. We were all a little freaked by this and decided we would end for the night and go to bed.

The next day me and hubby were offered the position to take over the motel/property management and started a week later. Chad and Chris moved out of town leaving the victorian house vacant, which was becoming run down and owner did not have the money to fix up, so it sat unrented.

About 3 months after taking over we decided to host a murder mystery party and had 5 friends over for the party. After we were all done we got to talking about what happened that night and it was requested that we bring out the ouija board, so we did. We got Sal again and he told us pretty much the same thing, but we went further into discussion with him and found out he thought it was 1932. He told us his dad killed him and his mom and sister buried them all in the basement of the victorian house, and that his dad built himself into a brick room above their graves, with no door or windows, and that he died there. He said a few years after they were all found but not his mom and for some reason he kept reliving his dad chasing him in the back yard. One of the friends who was playing with us was going to school to be an archeologist and he thought it would be cool to go dig in the basement of the victorian house.

We all set off to do. We dug for about and hour and found some very interesting things. We found an old shoe, some pieces of what seemed to be a shirt and some bones, though we were unsure of what kind of bones, and some other odds and ends. We found this very intreaging and really made us wonder, but we decided that we didnt want to go dig anymore, not knowing what we would actually find... as we didnt want to dig up a skull or something.

On monday curiousity had really gotten the best of us so me and hubby went to the court house annex to see if we could dig up any info on the house. We searched for about two hours and we were about to give up and go when I decided to try one more book and found that in 1927 the house was bought by family by the name of Salverson and was sold on auction in 1933 by the city. Sal-----salverson it was close enough to give me chills and not to mention the dates and the fact that it was sold by the city.

Yeah it wierded me out ....... well this story does have a little more to it but i am gonna hold off on telling you that as it gets a little wierder and and i'd like to see your comments on this first