Ghost Stories

Strange events in new members life.

Hiya i've been snooping around these boards for a week or two reading everyones stories and reading the threads and responses, the time has come to add some of the strange events that have happened to me and those cloesest to me.

When my mother was small about 15 years old she was helpng my grandmother clean a house in the village she grew up in the south of england. My nan left the house to quiclky go back to there small cottage leaving my mother to clean some brass trophies my mum swears blind she was alone in that house, suddenly something gripped her shoulder she spun around to find the room emptry then fled the house in tears.

The house itself is kinda creepy when i walked past it as a kid you would always get a funny feeling. During power cuts the whole village would be in darkness but people kept seeing color'd lights flying around the house even when the house was empty. Radios would switch on and off all by themselves and objects would be seen floating in the window at first glance but when you looked back there be nothing there.

The village itself has many ghosts, in the hills around it is a ancient burial site for roman legions where people pratice thing they should'nt and strange cries have been heard at night.

A monk is seen walking around the village at certain times of year, and sometimes dozens of chickens would turn up dead in fields with no marks on them.

Just before my nan died of cancer she saw a lone figure standing outside her window on a field across from her, looking at her from under his cloak she told my mum she saw death that night, three months later she passed away with cancer of the lung and brain. (2 years ago this xmas). If you walked up stairs i my nans house wou would always get a feeling something was watching you. My youngs cousins who both lived next door at the time, one day turned around and told the mum that a old women would come into there rooms and take them to the toliet..once the fridge flew open right infront of us.

Funny thing is the house always had a warm feeling apart from the upstairs, down stairs always felt nice you always felt protected i've always put a reason for that being that my grand farther past away in that house 30 years before i was born.

In my old house at the age of three i to can barely remember a eldery figure taking me to the toliet, my mum would find me in there with the light on...a light whos switch was about 4 foot from the ground and not eaisly grabbed by a small child.

My mother when very ill had a vision of things coming out of the walls and trying to grab her she started praying and suddenyl she saw a vision of a angelic creature tellin her her time was not over, she recovered soon afterwards. But strangly a picture that was on the wall at the end of her bed began to change before our eyes, skulls and skeletons suddenly appeared in the picture..the picture was on the same wall from whcih she saw the things coming out of.

my sister would always complain of things under her bed one day she drew a picture of a cute looking big eared thing with big eyes and a gummy mouth, she said it would come and ask her to play with it or it would threaten to set fire to things. She also complained about seeing things in mirrors faces and thing appearing and vanishing.

The day my grandfarther died i was outside playing football with a friend and we both heard a male voice call my name, ten minutes later my mum came out with a phone in her hands crying saying my gandfarther had died.

I have a horrible memory of one night, the house was banging and things being thrown about all i can remember was my dad and mum dragging me and my sister in there bed, my mum will never talk about that night but strangly we had a visit from a preist some days afterwards.

We moved house about 4 years ago, after a year i was awoken by my sister screaming , we burst into her bedroom and found her sobbing she said that some kind of massive dark figure was standing over her when she awoke. two years later i went through the most scary experiance of my life in that room.

I had been up late after finishingwork my sister had just moved to life with her boyfriend so i had been upgraded to her room. I went to sleep at about 1 o'clock. I awoke at 3 am and could here something moving around my room and whispering, i was scared stiff i dared not move i was so scraed, i had this hugh feeling of fear and evil. This was noa sleep disorder as i could move but dared not to as i could here something right by my bed, after about 3minutes the fear became more then i could with, i peaked over my duvet and was met with my room being in pure darkness i could not see beyond my nose. the first thing i noticed was that something had closed my curtains, i never close my curtains when i goto sleep. I knew something was in the room with something welled up inside and made a jump for my lamp leeping in a combat stance from my karate training and flicking on the ligthswitch.

Nothing, the room was empty but the feeling of fear was still there my mum bolted in the door, i told her what had happened and she had a worried look on her face. She calmed me down but my attention was drawn to one corner of my room i felt like something was watching me. I have never felt anything like it pure evil was in that room with me. I now have a old bible by my bed and always say a little pray before i goto bed. Strange thing is i suddenly gained a scar on my left shoulder that stayed there upto about last month and only now is fading, it looked like something had ran sharp nails across about 4 inch's on my skin. ( i have no nails i bite them:) )Even more strange i can remember the dream i had before i woke up i was fighting somthing all i can remeber was that it was super bendy had eyes like spiderman was dark in color and was'nt best pleased .

The day my nan died i was walking down the street, it being a cold december day just before christmas 2002 i suddenly felt very warm and felt a realy warm loving presence by my side, a couple of seconds later my mobile went off i knew what it was about the second i picked it up my dad told me my nan had died.
Sometimes in my house we smell her perfume and we also get the smell of tobacco which my dads farther used to smoke before he died.

many other strange thing have happened like something following me home on a icey night when i could here ice crunching behind me but nothing was to be seen. I've had a strange experiance in my sisters house which was givne to her by her boyfriends grandmother for them to live in. I always get a strange feeling when i walked up there stairs, my sister asked me why i looked so freaked out i told her i could feel something watching me she then told me that her bf's grandmother had been found dead at the bottom of the stairs she introduced me out loud and the feeling stopped. She often says that the grandmoother can been seen after argument in the house or when someone is upset.

Well thats it for the moment. more later

I apologise about any spelling mistakes and grammer..i'm at work typing this out while the phone keeps going and the boss keeps walking past.