Ghost Stories

Strange Old Home & Pub: Sylive's Story (My Partner):



When Sylvie was 14 she and her family (She was born in Spain) moved from Spain to England for her Father Erik's Work (Father is Hungarian her mother is Spanish). Sylvie's Mother Jyana and Sylvie's siblings Armand (17) and Nadine (11) the time stayed with Jyana's sister Mya in London while Erik had the house they were moving into get ready for them (It had to be partially fixed due to age It hd been empty for 10yrs at the time he bought it .He is a Historian and loves to buy and fix up old and or abandoned homes if he can. He's done alot over the years. ). Sylvie who spoke the Best English out of the Family at the time fit in well. Her brother Armand would go back to SPain a year later (He didnt like the English Weather or that he had to leave a Girlfriend behind). So she was the one who helped with her aunt to tech her Mamma and Sister Nadine English alot better.

They had been in London for 4mths when they moved to their new home a little Thatched style Home (Part of a Pub too that Erik re-opened too) the Home was Behind the Pub. The Pub was over 300 yrs old. The Home was about 250. The pub had been open all the time up to when Erik bought the Home and Pub he then restored both and re-opened the pub. (Its called the Blck Badger for those who would like to Visit it Erik still owns it even though they no longer live in the house behind (Read on to find Why)....The House was later turned into a Bed N Breakfast. Erik and Jyana now live in a Bigger home not far from the Pub. Soon as Sylvie moved in she liked the Home but thought there was something odd in the top floors......She was soon to find out her thoughts of odd goings on were more than her imagination.

Sylvie and Nadine decided to turn the two Big but Low Roofed Bedrooms in the Attic and the Smaller Room (Their Lounge. Hangout etc) and a full Bathroom with Shower & Bath & Toilet Etc. (So they wouldnt have to rush downstairsfor anything to be their own rooms when they were asked to pick their rooms.
Erik was worried that the girls would be too far awy from them if they needed them as the home had 4 floors and the Parents Room was on the Ground floor. But the Girls assured them they being together were ok. And being old enough they need their own special space so Erik agreed.

At the time it seemed a good Idea.....And for a few weeks the Girls were ok. But 3 weeks after moving in Strange things started to happen.

Firstly it was only small things... Books were moved from shelves to the desk in the lounge room (Where they did their homework) when the sisters knew they'd put them up. Pens being found in the Bathroom Sink....When they had been on the Bookcase in a CLOSED Jar (Whoever had done it had opened the Jar taken out the pens and closed and returned the jar to the shelf). The girls put it down to maybe they had forgotten theyd moved them or doing it while asleep (Nadine used to be a cronic sleepwalker).

But then it got worse .... A tennis Ball Nadine Had left on the Lampstand next to her bed was put on the Desk.... The next night the girls were woken by someone or something moving about in their Lounge..... Then for 2 hrs they heard the tennis ball Being BOUNCED!! against the floor by someone who wasnt there.... When they went into the lounge to see if Armand (Who is a Prectical Joker) was playing one of his tricks. But no again the tennis ball was sitting still in the middle of the desk..... Cold to touch. Everynight for the next week the same thing would happen. Everytime they'd go back in.... the Ball would be in the same place.... And always cold to touch.

The next thing that happened was the Landing door to their rooms would Bang open and Bang shut 3 times..... Again nothing was there when they checked. When the door was locked with a DEADBOLT......The door was RIPPED OFF ITS HINGES!!.......Thats when the Girls went to tell their parents.

Parents thinking it was a joke ... TOld them to stop cusing mischif and damaging the new door....Even though it was a solid OAK door that there was NO WAY They could have done that damage to.


Three Weeks later Nadine and a School Friend were upstairs watching tv... And Jyana came up to bring them a drink nd some snacks..... As she entered the louge room door ..... A Book Flew off the shelf and smashed into her chest. Both Nadine and her friend saw it. Her freind ran out and refused to come back in and went home. Jyana's Injury was bad enough to leave a Massive Bruise on her chest!!

Needless to say the Girls were moved out of the attic and given 3 Rooms & Bathroom on the next floor down for their use. A hall to them selves excatly. The Attic Rooms were locked and bolted shut. But the girls soon heard a now NON EXISTANT Tennis Ball Bouncing in the middle of the night!!.

The family had alot of other odd things happen to them in the next 6mths they lived there until they sold the home and moved to the House that Erik and Jyana still live in now near the Pub.


1/ Several Times the Door to the Basement Which linked the Pub and the House By a Small Tiled and Bricked Tunned and another door that opened to the Pub Office......Would swing back and forth by itself and then after swing by its self for about 10mins it would then CRASH Shut like someone really P** Off had slammed it shut when in rage.

2/ The Front Hall Lights would flicker on and off all day and night and new bulbs would bust in a matter of days of being replaced. They went through over 50 Bulbs in 4mths.

3/ The Tv, Oven and Dryer would all at different times would turn themselves on and sometimes off again..... Except the Oven which being gass nearly killed them once when it was left on overnight and was getting ready to be light for breakfast... Thankfully Jyana smelled the Gas.

5/ Several Shadow like people shapes were seen in different parts of the house. Always in the late night. Always just before something like listed above would happen. Sylvie told me once that atleast one of the Shadow people walked right through her in the downstairs rec room. When it Happened to her Dad. Three weeks later they moved out.

6/ THE LAST STRAW WAS WHEN : Erik had 3 Rabbits (Pets) in a Cage in the Garden .... One morning he went out to feed and pet them when he found the door of the cage RIPPED OFF ITS HINGES........And the Rabbits Strung up on the outside of their Cage.... Skinned and Gutted like Prepared for food. Now no-one could get into the garden except throught the house of Pub.... It was surrounded with a over 30 Foot Wall of SOLID BRICK!! And the Pub Access was VIa the Private Lounge (Not accessble to the Public) and it was locked and the Back House door had 3 DEADBOLTS Which he hd just unlocked on it to get out into the garden. And no-one had been out their before him only his footprints were in the morning Dew on the Grass.

What do you think???......................:eek: