Ghost Stories

Summer Vacation

When I was a young girl my parents would take us to Texas on school break in the Summer. Some of my parent's family still lived there, so we would visit once a year. It is a small town of maybe 2,000 people at the time. This would have been about 1979/1980. I will tell you that I have not been back to this town since but it wasn't because of this experience that I am about to share. My parents go 2-3 times a year still. Every year we had the chore of packing for the 2 week trip, so I went to my room and began getting my things together. I had a tapestry on the wall hung up by 4 thumbtacks. I sat on the floor putting my things in a suitcase and I was very frightened but I didn't really know why. I had the window open part way and I felt a light gust of wind come through the window directly in front of me, the tapestry was hung just above that window very high up. Then I saw it begin to come off of the wall and land on the floor in front of me perfectly flat. The first thing I found strange was how 4 tacks could come out of the wall by a light wind.

Even if the wind had been heavy I am not convinced that could happen. It was firmly placed into that wall, 4 tacks out of a wall, all at once is a bit amazing. Also, how was it that the tapestry landed completely flat, not a crease. A tapestry is made out of material, for those not familiar. I packed as fast as I could and left my room. I wouldn't sleep there and we were leaving in less than 10 hours. I told my parents and they said not to be afraid. I slept in another bedroom that evening and I will tell you this, that ghost really enjoyed frightening me that evening. As I lay in bed, still scared , I only had a bedside lamp on and I was reading. I felt a presence at the door, then it began to open, creaking, and opening so slowly. I remember just looking up from the book and watching the door come open so slow. It was like time was standing still. I could just see the dark hallway beyond the door. I jumped out of the bed and went to my parent's room and by this time they kind of thought my imagination was running wild. I was young but it wasn't the first time I felt these types of feelings and they knew that.This spirit wanted me to know it was there and that it would be there for along time to come. Many of the stories that I will share with you center around this home. After we got older, my parents bought a new house but the activity followed. We feel it's the same ghosts. The home was destroyed, why would they want to stay where there is no one? They didn't, they came with us. Where that house sat is now a parking lot.

After we got to Texas, we always stayed at my aunt's home, my mother's older sister. One evening we were all sitting around the table, about 6 of us talking about certain subjects. I was young and pretty much just listening, they were debating. I was facing a door that only myself and one of my aunts could see from a side view but no one else would be able to see. Something drew me to this door and as I looked at it, the knob began to turn slowly to the right, then to the left, then to the right again, then it was pulled open slowly. The conversation immediately stopped, it must have been the look on my face. I asked if anyone else had just seen that door open, and my aunt, said she had. We all went in there and there was no one in that room or in that house but us that were at the table. I was so afraid that night that I could not sleep, it was avery traumatic experience. This Summer changed my life and I knew that ghosts would always be a part of my existence, and they have been. I found it interesting that both times I was frightened a door was involved, something very specific, the same experience just 2,300 miles away within days of eachother. Very coinicidental. I will add this, after time you kind of get a feel for what these ghosts are like. When you are sensitive you really can distinguish the mischevious ones from the one's who are more cruel and want to frighten you.