Ghost Stories


After wrtiting yesterday I remembered somthing that had happened to myself and 2 friends about 4 yrs ago. I never had given much though about it but maybe some research is in order.

Well my two friends Sonny and Brandon convinced me to take off work for a late weekend trip on friday night. We all love to go quading, riding in the desert. So around 9pm we headed out to a riding place that i hadnt been before. Ironically it is called superstition, many may know this place if you live in southern california. Well none of us relaly knew how to get there but we did ask alocal for directions. It being about 1130 at night now we found ourselves on some dark country roads with little to no signs of life or directional signs. Well apparently we missed the one sign that we should of seen to turn into this riding site. But we thought we had seen a truck that turned off the main road along what i think was a tree farm as it had tall trees alongside this road that leaded into the desert. Now we rode ina truck a 4by2 but from experience gettign to the riding sights has never required us to have 4by4. Well we turn down this so called small trail and as we went forward id say about 3/4 mile fromt eh road it appeared the vehicle ahead of us disapeared and we soon realized that we werent on a roda butalong what looked like the marks of a dunebuggy. Right about that time the truck sank into the sand.

We all got out relizing the truck was up tot eh frame almost past teh door in sand. We quickly checked cell phones, no reception of course. We unloaded our cargo two quads and some camping gear. We tried digging it out and placing rocks under a tire and deflating the tires and even trying to help pull the truck out with the quads. At about 1 am we decided we were stuck and sneeded help.

Sonny knowing from personal experience said his triple a would come out but charge alot just to look at the situation. I said well i have my cell lets ride on a quad back to eh road and along it to find somone or till i get a signal. I had no intention of going up to anyones door at 1 am and asking to use a phone in the middle of nowhere. It was decided that Brandon would stay witht eh trucka nd myself and sonny would take one quad to find help. We went down to the rode and continued on it for about 5 miles, i yelled stop i got a signal. I imdetiatly dialed 411 asking for a tow company indicative to the area. I was patched through to a old fellow that asked our locationa dn we described it very easily to him.

Sonny left me where i was on the main road near an address so the help could find me. Now keep in mind that town is about 45 minutes from us but after sonny left it seemed that in 5 minutes there was an old ford bronco 4x4 pulling up the road towards me. It stopped and an old guy opened the door and said TOny? Relieved it wasnt some wacko i said yes. Now some things i noticed were that this guy was old and scary like out of a meant rucker flick. He also was drinking a beer,,or one was int eh cup holder of the bronco. As we had little options i got in and directed him back to our location.

We found brandon and sonny and we all started to hook up the broncos winch to the truck so we could get pulled out. Once the wench started *snap* it broke offf the bronco. we all sat down and said damn we are really stuck. We then hooked up chains derectly tot he bronco and he moved us a little bit but soon after the 4by4 bronco got stuck. We spent some time digging it out and then finally we got our truck out and down tot he road.

Now when the guy picked me up and saw the truck he said nothing about how much wed owe him or whatnot. I thought that was strange but thena gain its a small town adn 1 am. Once reloaded with our cago and ready to leave the driver asked how we wanted to pay for our 500$ bill. I was flaberghasted. Sonny since it was his truck told him his address and gave him some info from his dl so they could bill us. After that the driver stormed away ina hurry.

Now the weird thing is that 1 month went by and no bill was sent. So I called my cell phone company to get the number i was patched through to. Well i recieved the number the company had no record of the name of the company. I called the number and there was the message that the number didnt exist. Very strange if you ask me.

Makes me think what happened that night.