Ghost Stories

That girl from my dreams

Hello! :D It's been a while sense I posted so I thought it would be nice to post something every now and then. I finally have a new 'ghost story' to share. I put that in quotations because I'm not exactly sure that is the right title for this, but it could be paranormal.

I'm sure I've mentioned before here that when I was smaller, I use to dream of future events before they happened. It could be small things, like a bad hair day or something big, like suffocating on the smoke during a panic attack the day before the twin towers fell. So I am a ferm believer that some dreams tell key elements of the future for some people. But this wasn't my dream I'm going to be telling you guys about.

I live in a small spiral of apartments that are more like connected houses with an upstairs, two bathrooms and a balcony. Plenty of room for bigger families and depending if you want a basement, garage or attic the price goes up. School let out recently here and children came to visit family members that lived next to us from all over the state.

A few weeks ago a little boy constantly riding a tricycle showed up. He always seemed to be holding something in his hand while trying to steer. A toy car, a juice box, his shoe, ect. I've seen him a couple times out of my window while I drew but he never paid much attention to the other houses, he is just very content with life riding up and down the sidewalk on his tricycle.

I was coming home one night after hanging out with a few friends at a near by club and I was just hitting the buzzed fuzzy feeling while coming home. (Note: I don't go further than tipsy in public because of safety reasons) My keys dropped and made a chime on the front step before the doors that parted the apartments, I giggled at my clutzness and bent to pick them up and tiny little blue shoes stepped into my vision. I picked up the keys and met eyes with this little boy, he must have been about seven. I recognized him from being outside all the time on the tricycle. "Why are you out so late, hun? The sun is down. your going to worry your parents" He didn't say anything and I rubbed the back of my head unsure what to do. I'm not the type of person to talk to other peoples children unless I know the parents. "uhm...where do you live? Are you lost?" He shook his head. "I wanted to see you" I blinked and squat down to his level. "But you shouldn't be out at night, its dangerous. Always have a parent with you ok?" His face twisted in an annoyed expression mixed with confusion "But. You will keep me safe. I know you will. I dreamed of you." He let out the biggest most happy smile I've ever seen on a child and giggled. "You smell like peaches" He snorted.

I chucked and stood up "I do? Oh my. Aren't you sleepy?" He seemed to think for a second then nodded. "Yeah. But. I wanted to see you. I know it hasn't come yet but your that girl from my dream so I know your nice. I want to say thank you for finding my mommy" About this time, I was completely boggled. He started to walk away and I followed behind him to make sure he got home safe. "You are going home...right?" "Yup!" he said with a pop of his lips without turning around. He made it a few doors down and slid in, but was caught by his mom. "What were you doing outside? It's dark do you know what could have happened?" "I was ok momma! I just wanted to see the nice lady from my dream." Her face went pale and she peeked out at me "I am so sorry ma'am. Did he come into your house?" I shook my head. "No miss, he walked up to me while I was walking home." She seemed a bit relieved and closed the door. Still confused, I walked home.

A few weeks passed and I forgot about the incident because it didn't seem like something worth really pondering. Children are odd and they always do things like that...don't they? One morning I got up super early, drank some coffee, watched an infomercial about an indestructible pan, then decided to check the mail. Living in apartments like ours, you begin to recognize and memorize the faces of the neighbors. I had noticed a red mustang slowly weaving our road on and off for the past few days. The same mustang again was on our road, but it was parked. The guy was crouched over, peeking through the window of the apartment the little boy went in. I checked my mail and kept watching him. The door opened of the apartment and he scampered away quickly to not be caught by the window. The little boys mom peeked out and looked around, locking eyes with me. "Did you just..." I pointed at the scampering man, she gasp and slammed the door shut, and called the authorities. I don't know if she knew the guy, or if the boy did. I just knew this mustang meant that the boy was in danger. I made a mental note to watch the car if I ever seen it again.

Another week or two passed and then the little boys dream happened. For me it was in slow motion. I walked outside to make sure a pizza guy didn't miss the stop and the mustang pulled along side the little boy on his tricycles. My breath caught. My legs started to move before I knew what was happening. The man had pulled the boy in on his lap and slammed the door shut, he was getting ready to pull away and my first reaction to the crying boy and the frightening scene was to punch the glass of his window. "I remember you (profanity)! Let him go" The little boy was thrashing and screaming, I punched the window again, making my hand bleed a bit. The mans grip slipped on the kid and he darted out the passenger door. I ran around the car, scooped up the boy and ran toward his house. "Hey! Hey!" I thought he was chasing me, but he decided speeding off would be the better option. I pushed the door to the boys house open and tripped over the front step (always graceful me). I face planted in the carpet of the living room of his house and his mom ran from the kitchen "Oh my god what is happening?!" she squealed. I rubbed my face and explained to her what happened. The boy was drying his tears and had a smug look on his face the whole time. His mother looked down at him "and your happy why?" He let out a big smile and said "told ya I was safe with the girl from my dreams". Every time he sees me outside I get a bounce and a hug before he runs off to go play somewhere else.

Out of all of this, I'm happy that the mom didn't think I was the attacker of her son and poured boiling water on me or something. I'm glad only my knuckles and cheek got hurt, and I'm glad what ever that man had planned didn't happen. But it also makes me want to move oh so much more.

Have any of you had a dream that seemed eerily close to reality? I know, I've had plenty.