Ghost Stories

The activity in my house now - 18 months

We rent our house. This house was bought two years or so ago by a group of guys on the east coast of Florida who have a real estate partnership thing going on. We've got, like, five landlords.

I've got the skinny on the property, from all the previous owners to their birth/death histories (my geneology account came in very handy!). No one died in the house and a few of the previous owners are still alive.

My guy has seen an apparition twice of a middle-aged woman, has heard a woman's voice, has been touched (with pressure), and has seen a 7-foot shadow person.

I have heard a woman's voice and a man's voice as personal experience and on evps, have seen a volleyball sized orb in the garage that I couldn't debunk for all my trying, and have seen shadows: one the size of two baseballs in a sock rolling one over the other at three-foot height towards my bedroom door and a faint figure moving towards the garage door (the one that links the garage to the house). I might also be getting touched because I often feel like a feather is brushing over my skin and I never had that feeling so often before.

The only hostile incident happened to me. For some reason, I dropped a bowl of macaroni and cheese in the kitchen. The bowl shattered and hot mac & cheese went EVERYWHERE. I couldn't deal with it. I was upset about somethings happening in my life and was fighting depression. My schedule was tight that day so I left the mess and did what I had to do. I had a few moment in between things to stop at home, refill the baby's bottle, change my shirt, and head off to my future in-laws' house. When I got in the house, I felt watched and anger. I'd never felt anything like that before. In fact, I barely feel that when someone living is watching me and angry with me! But, man, I felt it. I brushed my teeth and changed my shirt and the feeling never went away, so I b*tched it right back. "Who do you think you are!" kind of speech. I made the bottle and left just as angry! When I got home from the in-laws', the feeling was gone, and I cleaned the mess. The only time I've heard the woman's voice (outside of EVP) was when she told me, "Clean off the table" while I was in the kitchen on last Halloween. I was heading off to bed and going to deal with it in the morning. Apparently, she disagreed. No televisions were on and my guy verified that he didn't say anything to me - even though there's a clear difference between the two voices. So, I think she was enraged with me for leaving such a mess on the kitchen floor. I can't blame her, but she was still out of line.

We also have "problems" with the garage door opening and closing that can't be debunked by air and humidity. Sometimes it pops open, just when the rug is in the way or it's not latched and the a/c kicks on. Other times, it swings open after I knew it was latched. I'd hear the handle jiggle but assumed it must not have been latched, even though I knew it was, and the jiggling was from the door moving, until I watched it happen. I was preparing laundry outside the door and saw the handle jiggle. I grabbed my son's baseball bat because someone was breaking in! The door swung open... ... ... no one. I slammed it shut!

I left for a trip the next day and while I was gone, my guy had left that door open while he was doing laundry. He was home alone. He walked into the bedroom and the door SLAMMED! It had never closed on us before and definitely not slammed, and I'd left it open for entire days before, too! I was in Chicago and he called me immediately to tell me what happened. I laughed! He knew about the door opening like that but I didn't tell them that I'd slammed it shut.

My son and I heard a man's voice yesterday. We were outside but I heard it in my head and near me, like how I've heard those voices before. "Hey!" I looked around and there was no one. I couldn't even debunk it by saying a neighbour was outside three doors down and it just happened to sound next to me. I was going to ignore it but my six year old son said, "A man said 'hey'." I asked if he saw a man. "No. I don't know who said it." he told me. I shrugged it off.

We've captured no photos of consequence, just mist and orbs - which can be easily dismissed. My middle son caught a very peculiar photograph. But there was so much warping and blurring that it's a false positive disney land! None of that removes the point that there's a strange human figure in the photo who wasn't there. I may post that in the right section one day.

I've lived with paranormal activity before in my parents' house and this is, by far, much friendlier and easier to live with. While I can live with it, there's still an element of unpredictability to it, and I have kids, so that's a risk I don't like. We're house hunting now to buy, and, in addition to my walk-throughs, I take a digital recorder and lots of pictures.