Ghost Stories

The Apparition in My House [TRUE]

Ever since I can remember, I always felt that there was a ghost, spirit, apparition (whatever you want to call it) in my house. When I was younger (I am 16 now), I always used to cast away experiences I've had in my home blaiming it on me seeing things, and that they weren't real. But, now I'm starting to look back on them and the ones I am having nowadays, and I can't cast them aside any longer, so I look to this forum as a place to tell my encounters, and maybe recieve feedback about what I have seen and heard.

Up until last year, my room was located upstairs. I always used to sleep with the door open, until I started seeing things. I used to see the shadowy figure of a man standing in the hallway, peering into my room. Pretty much everynight I'd see him peeking his head into my doorway staring at me. Then I started to close my door when I slept. One night I was laying in bed trying to sleep when I felt a huge hand grab my right leg really hard until I started screaming. Of course my dad came in, checked the room, told me I was imagining things and to go to bed.

It wasn't until I moved into my basement that weirder things started to seem to happen. I've always been creeped out about my basement, so I try not to let my paranoia get in way of my judgement about things that seem to happen down there.

I usually wake up around 6:00 AM for school, by means of my mom coming downstairs and turning all the lights on. So one morning I woke up to the voice of what seemed an old mans whispering "Wake up." in my ear. Not 30 seconds later my mom came downstairs to wake me up (it was 5:58 AM).

The next thing has happened to me on two seperate occasions. Both times I was watching The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I'd be watching the show when all of a sudden the TV would shut off. I'd turn it back on, it'd shut right back off. This happened about two more times until I changed the channel and it stopped.

Another time this summer I was home alone making a sandwhich in the kitchen. My dog was with me because wherever there is food, she will be there. All of a sudden the hutch behind me started to shake, and my dog ran downstairs. Now, from what I have read and seen, whenever a dog is scared of something invisible to the human eye, it's a good sign to get out, so I ran downstairs and stayed there until my parents got home.

The PC here is in my family room, right next to the stairs leading up into the kitchen. Often times at night I see something walk buy in the kitchen. I can clearly see the phone on the kitchen wall from here and sometimes I see the light on the phone disspear for an instance suggesting something has walked by it. Also, when I used to sleep on the third floor at night I could hear plates and and bowls in the cabinets clang together making noises when no one was up.

So today I stayed home sick from school, and I was [i]trying[/i] to sleep in my room when something interrupted my rest. I was laying in bed and I kept seeing this light about a foot wide and 2 inches tall zooming back in forth in the air to the right of my bed. I knew it couldn't be light because I turned all the lights off and there are no windows down there for outside light to come into the room. Later that day I was in the other room in the basement looking for an old movie we put away when I look over at the light bulb across the room. The string connected to it was swinging around in a circle as if someone was touching it, although I haven't even gone to that side of the room.

Anyways, I was just curcious about what you guys think this may be. Am I just imagining things, or is there really a ghost in my house?

Also, what would be a good (relatively cheap) way to prove there is a ghost in my house? I was thinking about buying an EVP.