Ghost Stories

The beginning of a new life

Hey, i'm new to this awesome site and i just thought i'd post the first encounter i've had with a ghost, or in this case poltergeist. It happened like 3-4months after i got back home from the hospital from my coma. I still remember how I felt, it's hard for me to forget any details of the experience.

It all started that morning, when for the first time in my life i had felt something that was a stranger to me, anxiousness. Anxious for the day to be over with. I had no idea why i felt the way i did but i knew it was for no good reason, at first i thought it was knowing i'd be starting school for the "first time" to me, but later in the day I knew that not to be true. I spent most of the day inside drawing a picture for my brother as he watched me in amazement (for some reason, he always seems to do that). As I got the finishing touches on the picture done, me and my brother froze. We had both heard something with paws running across the kitchen floor behind us, knowing full well it was too large to be our cat, and our recent dog had been buried in the city pet-cemetery last month. as we turned around, nothing was there. So our first reaction was to run to our mom in the living room where we felt it was safe.

"What's the matter you two?" my mom's first question whenever we run towards her like we did then. "We heard something run across the kitchen, mom... but we didnt see anything!" I was the only one willing to reply, thinking my mom would know all about it like she knew about most things. So she went into the kitchen inspecting all the cupboards and under the sink and sighed, "It was just your imaginations".

The rest of the day me and my brother, Spencer stayed close to each other scared, but feeling adventuresome, looking for areas of the house we had never dared enter, such as the depths of our parents' closet! Anywho, finally we ended up in bed, no longer afraid of what we had heard earlier. Spencer fell right to sleep and i stayed awake trying to find images in the ceiling.

I had started to feel odd as normally I'd fall asleep within 15 minutes of staring at the ceiling, and it had been nearly 2 hours and i had not gotten the least bit tired so far. Another hour passed as i listened to the wind howling outside my window, when suddenly i heard Shadow, my cat come into my room and under my brothers bed where she usually was found in the mornings.

I looked under the bed ready to pull the cat out to pet and hold close till i fell asleep, only to realize I had been staring straight into 2 Yellow eyes glaring back at me and shining silver teeth hissing at me. My cat was ****ed, even worse was, her eyes had changed colors somehow, normally they were green! I immediately sat up and looked for my glasses to make sure i wasnt hallucinating, which was impossible because I could still hear hissing. As I reached for my glasses, the cat leaped at me from under the bed, clawing at me and biting at me. All i could do was try to block her attacks as much as I could, fearing if I fought back, I'd hurt the only being I truely remembered the most in my life.

After about 3 minutes of me looking for things to fend her off I decided she could not be helped, and threw her to the floor! Just as she landed (on her feet somehow) i noticed something different. I noticed that there werent 2 eyes, there were 4! It was hard to tell, but the eyes were blurred as if half-fused together, green and yellow eyes. Not knowing what else to do, I yelled for my parents, and just as my dad ran in, I could see a sort of silvery mist vaporing out of my cat. My dad only noticed Shadow go from hissing, to collapsing to the floor unconscious in the blink of an eye!

Sorry if this was a bit long, i'll try to keep my next posts short ><; i'm kinda new to posting and get carried away XD sorry...