Ghost Stories

The Best I've seen

I'm a medium, and I always say not like the bs you see on tv, but a real 5th generation person who talks with the dead. That said, I have been contacted by two different networks to do a tv show, so soon someone will be making fun of me too. In doing research for the show I was contacted by a guy living in a small town in Kansas who claimed he had ghosts in his barn. Living about 6 hours away, I decided to go check it out for myself. I don't believe in most ghost stories, but for some reason this guy seemed really credible. He sent me some photos that had amazing details of ghosts, and said he sees them all the time, and so do others. I drove all day and got to my hotel, had some dinner, called Rick (the homeowner with the ghosts) and went to see these ghosts. When I first arrived he, his wife, and his daughter greeted me at their large 100yr old farm house that looked right out of a movie. They invited me inside and were very hospitable like most country folks (I grew up in the country and I felt like home), and seemd really at ease with the whole ghost thing. As a medium, I felt nothing in the house, but after we got to know eachoter over some coffe that all changed when we started walking toward the barn.

Out of nowhere, I saw a strange movement inside the large door of the barn, and got a really nearvous stomach at the prospect of this actually being real. I looked at Rick and his wife Maggie, and they smiled and said "see, I told you there were ghosts in the barn". Still skeptical and a bit unsure I walked into the dimly lit barn. It was just like any other barn, smelly full of hay and equipment, a few horses in the back and an old truck, and some tack on the walls. There were two lights in the very top that swung gradually in the drafty old barn and it seemed that their movement might have cause the optical illusion that I thought was a ghost.

I aske Rick what we should do to make them show up, and he said, "just wait and have some conversation and they'll eventually show". So that's what we did. Then out of one of the back horse stalls I saw what looked like a man with a straw hat walk out and cross through the middle section of the barn and disappear into the wall. I was shocked and really put on edge. It was the clearest ghost I'd ever seen. Then it hit me. This is some type of trick. These simple farmers have rigged this place to project images that look like ghosts. So I decided to walk through the barn to put an end to this silliness. I looked at every little corner of that barn and found nothing. Rick and Maggie thought it was funny. Then Maggie told me if I stopped moving around so much they will come out again. We waited and waited, but nothing. then just as we were about to leave I smelled a sickeningly sweet perfume and instinctively turned to look to see where it was coming from. The image of a very thin woman that looked like she was dressed up in the 1920's moved toward me from where the rusty old truck rested in the center of the barn. Now I have been on a lot of ghost hunts, and have talked to a lot of dead people and ghosts, but nothing has ever been this clear. The streangth of the image shook me to the core. I was actually scared to death. As the image moved toward me I forgot all about being a medium and trying to contact this spirit, and I just wanted to run. Just then, Rick said that is Miss Hays. The sound of his voice startled me, but jolted me out of the terror I was in. I said out loud, "hello Miss Hays" because I didn't know what else to do. The ghost standing only ten feet from me now stopped and didn't do anything. She just looked at me Motionless. Then she turned her head to the left and and vanished. I was shaking and felt very cold, and thought I might have a panic attack.

Now my skeptical mind started looking and thinking how this could have been done by Rick and his wife to fool me, and there is just no explanation except that it was real. Still stunned, amazed and still kind of shaking Maggie said maybe we can call the boys in. With my mind still racing, I didn't know what she was talking about. I turned to her and in a confused state I said, "who are the boys". She said they are the twins that drowned in the pond in 1965. She also said that sometimes they show up in their clothing, and sometimes in their underwear soaking wet just like the day they died. I really had had enough. I needed a break for a moment to figure this whole thing out. I sat down on the railing behind me and began to ask questions about the ghosts when I heard laughing from the rafters of the barn. It was coming from right above me. There was nothing there. Then Maggie said, "there they are. They are my favorite".. The twins as she called them just appeared behind and to the left of Rick and he smiled and looked over his shoulder. They were five feet from me, and actually looked wet. They were somewhat transparent, but somewhat solid. They were wispering to eachother and looked frightened of me. Rick and Maggie both told them that I came to see them, and I was a good person and not to be afraid. Then one of the twins looked at me and said, "Pat". That my name, and I felt like I was going to pass out. In my mind as a medium I told him that I was a little afraid and I needed to walk out, but I wanted to talk to him another time. I HAD to leave. I was overwhelmed and over emtional, and I couldn't take it any more.

We went back into the house and talked for about four hours. I spent two more days at the farm and investigated every thing I possible could including ruling out that this was some kind of hoax. I assure you it is not, and it will be televised as soon as the producers come out to film the farm. I don't know why they show up in that barn, and I don't know why they are so easy to see. I don't believe in this, but it seems like it is some type of porthole, or vortex, or something that these spirits can come to and be seen and communicate. Other poeple have experienced seeing passed loved ones at the barn, and ghosts that have haunted them as children. There are all kinds of great stories coming out of there and soon everyone will know about it via the tv show. Rick maggie, and Jenn their daughter have become friends since, and we talk about once a week. Our joke now is we call the barn the field of dreams.
But like I said, soon you will know about this amazing place.