Ghost Stories

The ceramic Gnome in my garden- WITH RESPONSES

I recently acquired a ceramic Gnome that a recently deceased neighbor's daughter had made for her, and was placed in her front garden. For the past five years that I have lived in my home, I have commented to people that he was there to protect our neighborhood from evil spirits. One day after I had not seen her walking her dog, I was informed that she had succombed to her 10 year bout with cancer. I asked her daughter since I had strong feelings about the Gnomes presence, could I place him in my garden so that he could continue his work and she very happily obliged.

A little bit of my background. I was born in New Orleans and my Mom is, as a psychic put it, "Grounded". She has demonstrated great skills and has passed this on to me. When the deceased visit me they appear as "blurs". I pick-up more from their Karma and intent. I demonstrated my skills to a group in San Fransisco, and was labeled as being very gifted.

Back to my topic. The night before last, I was awakened by a presence in our bedroom trying to either get through the bathroom door, which was closed, or just looking around. He was non-threatening and appeared to be a leprechaun. Most visits I experience are evil and very upsetting to me and one of my cats can also sense these things. I went back to sleep and didn't think anymore of it until mid-day yesterday when a visible form ran pass the outside of my master bedroom, into the guest bathroom. It was so defined that for a moment I thought someone had come in the house. Again, once I realized what it was and its intent was non-threatening, I quickly moved on to other matters. Later that night, I was awakened by a virtue "ghost convention". They were very defined and appeared that they were eventually gathering in the Master Bathroom. They would come and look at us and our possesions with great curiosity, eventually this made sense because they were dressed in turn of the century clothing. This went on for about and hour and no matter what room I moved to, I would find some of them there exploring. I went back to bed and informed my wife of what was going on and let her know she had two ladies looking and extending their hands at that very moment, as if they were trying to touch her. My wife totally believes me and has heard from other people of my picking up on some of our community ghost that inhabit public places.

I finally told everyone they needed to quiet done and they quickly disappeared. I was awakened a short time later by the cat I mentioned earlier, and followed her to the Family room. I settled on the couch and she sat on the back of the sofa. Within minutes I could see a very ominous and threatening presence outside on the the deck, looking in through the glass on the backdoor. Our shades obscure the view and it was very agitated, going from window to window and back to the door. It disappeared within minutes. This was truly a frightening, evil, presence.

In conclusion, as I right this, my cat ran up the stairs and a blur went into the room behind me. It disappeared into the closet and she is sitting at the door, meowing in a deep, growl-like, manner.

I am no expert, but I would hazard to guess that the Gnome and the Leprechaun are working together to assist these seemingly gentle souls with escape from the evil that is in pursuit of them. I say that cautiously. since I do not know much of the relationship, if any, between them. More importantly, although I do not mind helping out, but there are too many of them, and their curiousity is making it hard for me to get to sleep.

Does anyone have any feedback...

Much Thanks


I thought it would be better to respond to all replies here so that all can see my response to your questions:

Annagain: I have lived here for 6 yrs. I have had a number of visits, mostly from an evil one, as I have come to call it. I usually wake up just as it enters, in a very upset state, it covers me like a blanket and I start to have a mild anxiety attack. This usually last for two or three nights in a row, without any significant trigger mechanism. I have had only one or two visits that were non-threatening, most times being awakened by either my cat "Munchie", who cries out and takes me to a room in the house where she growls at what I can't see at that moment but what latter comes to my room- always the threatening one. My other cat,
"Pizza", who I rescued from a storm drain, wakes me when the non-threatening ones come.
She usually sits on my chest and follows it as it moves around the room. A third cat, Missy,
sleeps in a cat bed at the front door where she can see out to the front garden. She has done this everynight for the two years that we have had her but after I put the gnome in the garden she sits up all night in the window looking at him and crying constantly. I turned off the light outside and put a bed in a another spot and that is where she sleeps if I leave the light outside on. All of them at one point or another sleep in our bed, except during this current visit and all vacated shortly before things got crazy and would not return until the morning.

I have lived in three Countries and numerous cities in the USA and have had visits everywhere except in the foreign Countries. All I have shared with neighbors only to find out that other people had told them th same exact story when they lived there before me.

Kadara- (what a wonderful name): A traditional Leprechaun, but larger in size than the one used as the cereal character (Lucky Charms). The gnome is a grandfatherly type, very pleasant, pushing a wheel barrow and pointing forward, away from the house. P.S. I have a very thick skin, so dont worry about my being offended, thanks for the concern though.

Shade- Hopefully I answered the description question above. There was only a small hint of doubt that I would believed, since there was so much to this my first time communicating with this group. I have never made it a practice to talk about these things to anyone who does not know me. Even the "non-believers" who happen to be present when I do, become open minded because of my ability of having people and animals gravitate to me by just entering the room.

Fullmoondolphin- ( I once had a house on a cliff over the ocean in California and would awake the morning to the dolphins playing in the cove below. We developed quite a relationship in the year that I lived there) Again I hope I answered the question on description above. As for the gnome, it was my belief at first that he was there to protect, but now I am starting to think that he is there to mark a location and possibly both since the evil presence did not, or could not enter. Maybe they picked my house as a safe-harbor because he was there.

Thanks for all of your comments and patience...