Ghost Stories

The Chelsea House....London,England.



The House was a Two Story plus Basement Semi-Detatched Home in Chelsea ,London, England right in the Artist District... Among several Art Gallery's and coffee Houses. Nestled in a quiet street Not far from the bright HIGH STREET Lights. It was built around 1920. And had at some time been a Boarding House (In the 1940's and early 1950's). In 1962 a fire damaged the front rooms which were rebuilt. (fire caused by some Hippies squatting in the room at the time while the house was empty after the Boarding House owner died in 1958). Typical looking home of its time. Looking identical to the Ten or so homes around it. White walls, Brown Tiled roof. Red Brick 3 Car Garage and a Decent sized Back garden full of very old and very productive fruit trees. THe front yard was small with an ancient Apple tree being the main feature. And a Bricked path that led to an inclosed glass Front Porch where the Windows were Orange!! Scary in its self. INSIDE: The re-vamped Front Rooms were Bedroom on the Left and A Lounge/Dine On the Right. The Lounge led to a Open Plan Kitchen on to the Downstairs Bath and Laundry. Behind the Front Bedroom was another Bedroom we used as a Study and a Third bedroom my Housemates Daughter Salinta lived in. THe Front bedroom Keith and his wife Judith lived in . Upstairs (Half way down the fron hall) And there was my Bedroom at the Front, A second Bathroom and a Seperate Toilet , Another Smallish Bedroom (Used for Guests) and a inclosed Balcony Room which we used a a Second lounge room with another pull out Lounge/Sofa Bed....In those early racing days Keith and I (as Teamates in Formula Ford at the time used to on the weekends enterain alot of guests and we needed all the beds we could get). THE HOUSE : Was fairly nice inside it had been re-vamped with new Kitchen and all the Bathrooms and Toilets had been re-fitted. The only thing we didnt like much was the hidious LEMON YELLOW and ORANGE Paint!! Inside!! Bad if you had a Hang over. WE HAD RENTED IT CHEAPLY FOR 6 MTHS : (THE FORMULA FORD ENGLISH SEASON ) FROM A OLD LADY AND HER HUSBAND : For $500 a Mounth. Very Cheaply for a Nice Area like Chelsea. So we werent going to complain. Especially when it was fully furnished with really comfortable and neat clean Furniture. ( WE HAD NO CAUSE TO HAVE OUR OWN WHEN WE ONLY LIVED THERE PART OF THE YEAR). It was a nice place. And from the beginning it looked like the ideal Place for some young and relitivly broke Racing Drivers to live. And with cheap resteraunts near by we were in heaven.......OR SO WE THOUGHT!!


Keith and I had been away to Bruxton Park Raceway for the Race Weekend the first weekend after we had moved in leaving Keiths preganant wife Judith (7mths gone) and Daughter Salinta (Nearly 11) home as both of them had colds at the time and didnt feel up to the 4 hr drive each way. And our old Van didnt like having alot of people in it at the best of times. It had been my first raceweekend in England.... Keith's 5th Season in Fomula Ford...My First in the UK Formula Ford...2nd in the USA. After the two of us had a good race weekend (Finishing 1st (Myself) and 3rd (Keith)) We were looking forward to a nice relaxing night in front of the TV. Boy did we have some other thoughts coming!!

When we pulled up in the driveway both Judith and Salinta were sitting out the front on the Porch steps. Both looking as white as Ghosts. Thinking it was because they were sick we both ushered them inside and asked them what was going on..... Why were they sitting outside in the cold when they were both sick? And at 9pm at night?

JUDITH AND SALINTA BOTH TOLD US WHY .......AND THIS STILL FREAKS ME OUT: Judith was in the Kitchen cooking a late night meal...Knowing Keith and I would be home soon (We had rang her at a Petrol stop saying we werent far a Hour Previous) and Salinta had been in her room doing some Homework. When they both had heard a car (That sounded like our van) Pull up in the driveway.......Thinking we had gotten home early they both had rushed into the front lounge to suprise us on our way in....When they heard the car doors shut and footsteps going up the path Judith had gone to the front door to open it and help us in with our bags.......WHEN SHE GOT TO THE FRONT DOOR....There had been a Knock...Thinking we had as usual forgotten our keys she opened the door expecting to see both of us looking sheepishly at her having forgot our keys.......INSTEAD; She looked out seeing no-one there....Frightened by noone coming in Salinta had gone to her Mom. Asking "What the?" . Ad they looked out the noticed their was Also NO CAR IN THE DRIVEWAY!! ........None in the Neighbours yard either so they couldnt have heard other neighbours coming home. ............. Soon as Judith had shut the door. Salinta had said what was going on... Judith had said... "Oh its probably someone across the way. And they had knocked loud making us think it was on our door." Not believing her own story.

THinking it was the end of it......No .... In the short space of the hour in which we took to get home......IT HAD HAPPENED 3 TIMES!! Each Time both Judith and Salinta heard a car pull up....Footsteps up the path and a Knock on the door.......Each time thinking it was us again they had gone to answer it........Each time nothing had been there. AFTER THE THRID TIME: They decided to wait outside for us to come home because it was freaking them both out.

FUNNY THING WAS SIMILAR THINGS ALWAYS HAPPENED...........When Keith and I were away for the Race Weekend and both Judith and Salinta (later also Baby Brooke ) were home alone. NEVER WHEN : Keith and I were home. OR WHEN ONLY ONE OF US : Keith or I were out at a race. ........ IT WAS ALWAYS AN HOUR BEFORE WE GOT HOME THAT IT STARTED........In the end Judith and the Kids used to ignore it... JUDITH Thought (Being Irish born) That it was a Kind of PRE-Warning from the Spirit World........That indeed we were on our way home and Safe.........FREAKY......:eek:



This occourance used to happen alot more often than most. Usually after one of our post race weekend parties would stir up a very odd ghost indeed.

You would think if any ghost in its right mind would make an appearance it would be during a party.... I would if I was a ghost. But no this one particualr ghost would turn up after.... Not as a late guest. But to clean up the mess left behind.


Three months into our First year of the two we spent in the house on Season. We had just won a very prestigious race in Brands Hatch.... A Formula Ford version of the Daytona 500. Having decidily gone mad and invited half the team back to our House to celebrate.... Sunday and Monday both Day and Night after the race , 30 People besides Keith , Myself, Judith and even Salinta had been celebrating our First major win of the season.

After 1 Day and almost 2 nights party of food, fun and lots of loud music..... We had all found places to crash around the house. I was upstairs in my room with a friend called Emily on the floor of my room where my two engineers Eric and Taylor. And Eric's Wife Deb was on the Couch in my room. While the rest of the House every comfortable space was taken up by various other snoring Team Members and their better halves. Inculing my Team Manager Kurt Terriotter who was fast asleep on our Dining Room Table amongst the empty Drink Bottles and Take Away containers. (Funny sight in itself). We had all decided to have a bit of a rest before most of the guests had to head off home and to sleep off our bad party hangovers.

Sometime during our sleep and everyone in the house denies knowlege of having anything to do with this........All the rubbish (Takeway containers , Empty Bottles, Crisp Packets etc) had been cleaned up, put into rubbish bags and taken out (Through a LOCKED Front door which only I and Keith had keys too that were with us all the time) to the front curb to wait for Bin Man collection the following Morning. The bottles were sorted into seperate Bags. The containers had been flattened.... Like it was done by someone with knowlege of recycling required in our Area.

When we got up Tuesday morning to let everyone leave to go to their prespective homes... Keith, Judith and I thinking we would have at least a full days cleanup ahead of us........Found a house CLEAN besides only needing a light vaccum!!......After questioning all the guests EVERYONE looked puzzled... Theyd been asleep since the night before.. To Tired for any of them to have done it... AND THE FRONT DOOR WAS STILL LOCKED....So they couldnt have got out anyway!!. And there was the bags at the curb for the Collection... With ALL HOUSE DOORS LOCKED!!.

We shrugged it off as Judith used to sleep clean... Thinking that she had done it and had no idea about it then. She also used to sleep cook and sleep sew while in that house.... very strange.... She swears to us all that she hadnt done it before or since.... Only in that house.


Several times including after July 4th Party.... (Most of our Team were from the USA so we celebrated it to the annoyance of the neighbours). The Christmas Dinner and Party we had a week before Christmas.... Our Actual Christmas Day Dinner. The following Years Championship Win Party, Easter, Another July 4th Party and Our Going Home Party in November all were cleaned up by a Mysterious Housemate........Who never once woke us while they were cleaning........But we are so very ever grateful of their help during our time in the house.

We were slobs... And proud of it sadly... And this kind spirit helped us a little along the way. We wernt to complain after all this person or persons did a very good job. And we send our THANKS!