Ghost Stories

The Doll's House.

Hello, everyone. I'm new here and thought I'd share my experiences. It's too early in the morning for someone to be awake and yet here I am. It isn't unusual to see me wide awake at night. I sleep more comfortably in the day time. Without further sleepless rambling I'll begin my story..

Again I've had the nightmares and again I've woken up, shaken. I didn't go to the doctor for that reason. He did ask me if anything out of the ordinary has occurred since he had last seen me and I told him. It has been going on for weeks straight. Most of the time I'm too afraid of the darkness in my own room to even shut my eyes and attempt a good night's sleep. My doctor tells me it could be something I had eaten but I know better.

It all started last month. I had finally gotten enough money to live on my own for a while. I was ecstatic. A few of my friends and I had found a perfect little house up north, well away from the problem town from whence I came. It was sold at a very low price, we thought. I didn't think twice about taking advantage of it before someone else did and I didn't question anything of it. People tell me the house is much like a doll house. It's very small, freshly painted, and has a wild garden adorning its entrance.

I entered the house first on the day I moved in. It was eerily quiet-- almost unnerving. While walking into the room in which I would be staying the night, I heard whispers above me. Illegible whispers. Some sighs. I didn't jump to conclusions. It's an old house; maybe the air-conditioning needs some grease. I looked up and saw no vents but walked on.

I didn't have many things to unpack. After we had drunk our beer to celebrate my new house we said our goodbyes and I returned to my room. The horrid silence was back and made me feel uncomfortable so I turned on the radio. Promptly after hearing a few songs, it turned off. I looked up from my futon to the table where it sat and waited for it to make a sound. When it didn't I reached over to inspect the power cord. It was securely fastened to the outlet. That's odd, I thought. My radio had never done that before. I switched it off and inspected it further. Then I switched it on again and it worked just fine. I shook my head, turned the volume up, and collapsed again onto my futon when I saw clearly a bluish mist at my feet rise and disappear into thin air. I stayed dead still for what seemed to me like an hour at the least.

After several tests to make absolute sure I was awake, I remembered what I had seen on TV show once. It's called ectoplasm, if I remember correctly. It's usually captured in photographs and I have never heard of anyone actually seeing it with the naked eye... but nothing else fit the description of what I saw.

It didn't end there.

Maybe a week after I saw the mist, even stranger things had been happening. There are magnets placed on my ice box that pin a heavy calendar up. Many times I've found them neatly placed all the way at the bottom of the ice box almost touching the floor with the calendar still attached. My friends and I have also heard odd sounds at the same time. Most of them sound like sighs or bumps.

A program called Ghost Hunters gave me the idea of trying to capture an electronic voice phenomenon. I purchased a tape recorder and invited a few friends promptly afterward. We asked many basic questions like: What is your name? How old are you?
Then we strayed toward other things like: How many are there besides you? Why are you here?

When we played it back that same night, we were scared out of our wits and we left the house until morning.

We liked playing it back as long as we weren't there. I remember it so clearly... The house was dimly lit by the moonlight. We had just finished our interrogation.

"It would be an honor." My good friend Kid held the recorder in his hand as the four of us gathered around anxiously. He pressed play.

At around the middle of our questioning, Adam had asked: "Is something keeping you from leaving this house?" then a rasped whisper followed with what sounded to like a "Noooo..."

It sounded like a crappy horror movie ghost but this was real. The tape couldn't have been tampered with so soon. Besides, there were no women or children amongst us that evening. Following the voice were many sighs we did not hear at the time we were asking the questions. The last find was toward the end of tape after I spoke out: "We're going to stop recording soon. Is there anything else you'd want us to know?"

A playful hum overlapped my voice in the middle of the question. It sounds like a child singing softly but fades to silence indicating to us that it left the room for now. There where a few questions after mine but they were left unanswered.