Ghost Stories

The Donovan House

When I first came on here I posted about my experiences at the transitional housing place that my children and I were placed in called the Donvoan House by Catholic Social Services, and I would like to post about it again, since I think it got deleted with the new site and for anyone who is new.

Back in 2005 my family (my hubby, 4 kids and I) became homeless and were living in a motel room for about 3 weeks, until our time was up, we had no where to go so we headed to Catholic Social Services to see if they could help us with finding a place to stay. The director said the only place available was a place called the Donovan House, but could only take me and my kids and not my hubby had some major drug issues, and at that point and time I was fed up and said.."we'll go", leaving my hubby to deal with his own issues...

It wasn't until a few months later that I noticed things, strange things happening there and would later find out I was not going crazy, not only did I experience strange things, but other mothers and their children did as well.

Halloween Night 05 at 4:30am...everyone in the house is asleep, everyone had to be in their rooms(we had our own rooms) at 9pm and children had to be sleeping by 10pm, so no one was up. Outside of my room was the intercom we had one on each floor, there were 3 floors, and the office down stairs, so if someone during the day in the office they would just do it by the intercom. Well, at 4:30am on Halloween, the intercom decided to go crazy. It started with soft static and got louder and louder, until it woke me and my oldest up, and also the girl across from my room, she was brave enough to come out of her room to un plug it and run back quickly, and it would sound like someone was pressing the button, that little noise, as if someone was holding the button then letting go and press it again. NO ONE was up at that time.

after that incident, another strange occurance happened, one of a few. A few families, myself and children included where down on the lower level which had the commune kitchen, living room and play area for the kids. I had been in the kitchen with my good friend Maggie(since passed) and her grand kids and my kids. She said she was going to the store and asked if I needed anything, I told her yes, and gave her a few bucks and off upstairs she headed. A few minutes later I heard distinctly my name being called, but in a wierd tone, and thought it was my friend Maggie being funny, so I figured she needed me for something and ran upstairs to the main level and saw no one, and asked the director of the Donovan House if she saw Maggie, and she said that she had already left. I went downstairs and thought nothing of it, until I got to the bottom of the stairs and saw my daughter looking scared and asked her what was wrong, and she said "I just heard someone call my name", and told her I heard someone calling my name too. so we headed back to our rooms which was on the second level, upon arriving, we met one of the boys that stayed there sitting on the steps outside of my room, and I said.."Hi" and he looked at me and just said.."I'm scared". I asked him why and he said.."I heard someone calling me, but no one is up here".

a few weeks have passed, there is alot of tension in the Donovan House because we are all suppose to be doing our chores, but nothing is getting done, and the place is looking trashy. I am on my way downstairs from the second level, this is about 10:30 in the morning, no one is in the office and the "MOm" of the house is in her room( mom meaning she is the one that sleeps overnight when the director and case workers go home at 5pm)..I see that the chore board(which is a board with our names on it, and what chores we had for that week) which is attached to the front of the office door starting to swing, very slowly, as I am watching this, it swings back and forth harder and harder, and then just stops altogether.

My daughter would be in the bathroom, and said that she on more than one occasion would see something pass her in the hallway, and when she would check, nothing would be there, no one, but she could see the reflection of someone going pass the doorway through the mirror.

In my room, my daughter was given a rose in one of those tear shaped glasses with the wooden vase with water inside, she placed in on her bearu in the back against the wall, there was another thing in front of it, she came out of the room(we had 3 rooms, a living area and 2 bedrooms) and then we heard a crash, we went to her bedroom and found that the rose with the glass that she placed on her bearu slide off, but how when something was in front of it, and that didn't get knocked out of place?

I was going upstairs one day, at the base of the landing is a huge window, and then you walk up about four more steps to get to the second floor hallway, as I was looking directly at the window, looking outside, I saw the reflection of a child run pass, I could have sworn it was my daughter, she seemed to be headed to our room in that direction, so I went up and went in my room only to find no one there, but as I came out, I saw my daughter walking towards me from the other direction(at the Donovan house they had the right side stairs and the left side stairs), she couldn't have done it, but the child I saw through the reflection was that of a little girl with blonde hair, and my kids where the only ones with blonde hair.

This one made me have goose bumps, and still do...It was around 10:30pm, all kids where in the rooms sleeping, except for the girl that had her room at the other end of the hallway, her son was 3 and although he was in his room, he wasn't sleeping, but relaxing watching t.v., while his mom had a cigarette outside in the back yard. She came back upstairs and said that someone was playing with his toys in his room, and his mother asked him who? He said it was a lady and a little girl, and they were playing with his cars, he didn't say anything to them, which is unusal because this little boy didn't like having anyone touch his stuff. He told his mom that it looked like me and Sara, so she asked me if I was in her room with Sara playing with Max's toys, and I assured her it wasn't us, Sara had been sleeping for about an 1hr and a half, and I was in my room watching t.v.

I brought this to the attention of the director of the Donovan House, and she proceeded to tell me that since the Donovan House is a converted Convent, that she had been in her office alone one night, late at night, as she had some work she had to finish up on, she looked up and in the doorway stood a NUN, and she vanished before her eyes after a few seconds, Everything that was happening started making sense to me. I truly believe it was the nun, especially with the chore board swinging, I believe she was not happy with the way people were not cleaning and doing a good job at keeping house at the Donovan, and she was saying.."hey, do your chores!".

As for the child that looks like my daughter, I am not sure about that, but I know I saw her and so did Max..I tend to believe that this child and NUN are together, perhaps on the other side this NUN helps this little girl in someway, and is with her.

well, thanks for letting me share this again.