Ghost Stories

The face of 'Evil'!

Here follows a true story I was once told while on holiday. Guaranteed to send a shiver up the spine! Father Sebastian was travelling one weekend somewhere in Wales. He was due to connect trains at a small station but weather halted the connecting train. He was stranded in a tiny Hamlet, but realising one of his students lived close by decided to telephone asnd ask to stay for an evening till he could sort out more transport. There was a house-party in the students house but nevertheless he had a single room that was never used that could be given to the Father as he was desparate.

The room was sparsely furnished but had been used, at one time, by some guests of importance. There was a large four-poster bed surrounded by curtains; opposite a second door led to a smaller bedroom....unoccupied and unfurnished. The door between the two was closed; between the two was a large window.

After dressing for dinner and spending a few hours with the other guests, Father Seb soon got tired and decided to withdraw to his room. On arrival he found that the window had been opened and the fire almost dead. He blamed the negligent servants and closed the window and hurried to bed such was the cold. (Here we go, the scary part!)

Sometime in the early hours of the morning he woike with a start. He could absolutely nothing within the confines of bed curtains, but he clearly heard a door creaking open. To his great alarm it was the door opposite his bed, which he had previously locked the night before. He lay frozen to his bed as slow footsteps walked across the room and approached the bed steadily, but stealthily.

Next came a gentle rustling of curtains at his feet. Father Seb sat bolt upright. Transfixed with fear he peered into the gloom. As the curtains divded the white light of a silver moon flooded from the window and clearly illuminated the head of a man gazing fixedly at the priest. Father Sebs descriptions of the face are stilted, but he managed to explain it as:

"Evil! The face I saw was the personification of evil! The eyes carried a message of hate that I have never before or sincve seen in mortal eyes. All I then remember was the weight of a hand on the foot of the bed"

He later awoke in the morning with sunlight filling the room. His only thought was that he must've fainted as the apparition made it's way towords him from the foot of the bed. Throwing open the curtains he saw the door to the ante-room had been opened and so had the window.

On questioning his host it was discovered that some time ago his grand father had had a house party like the one taking place and after the first night, on the morn a horrific sight met the eyes of those enering the room and the grounds. Two lovers were found strangled to death in their bed and a third person was found on the ground below the top foor window also dead. Apparently the bachelor who threw himself out of the window had long since held in infatuation for the dead girl. the parents did not like him and forbade seeing her and did not tell him of the marriage to her lover. The shock of discovery and finding himself in the adjacent room had turned his mind. He crept into their room in the ealry morn and killed them with the utmost ferocity and thrown himself from the bedroom window too. The night the priest stayed there the act was being repeated and the priest seemed to be the one on the killer's mind!

A chilling tale for late night parties!

"How can you see into my eyes, like open doors? :)